Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Cut and Run” Review (Major Spoilers)

The second episode of The Bad Batch offers a glimpse into life after the Empire’s hostile takeover of the Republic, as the Bad Batch reels from Crosshair’s betrayal and Hunter grapples with the role he now has in Omega’s life. 

Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Cut and Run” Review (Major Spoilers)

Picking up immediately after “Aftermath,” the Bad Batch arrives on Saleucami to find their old friend Cut, a fellow clone and deserter who has made a home on Saleucami with his wife Suu and their kids Shaeeah and Jek. Cut and his family previously appeared in “The Deserter,” the tenth episode of the second season of The Clone Wars

Cut and Suu were the perfect characters to be reintroduced in The Bad Batch, especially as Hunter navigates the idea of being a fatherly figure in Omega’s life. There are many sweet moments of Hunter watching Omega getting to be a child and play with Shaeeah and Jek, instead of serving as a medical assistant to the Kaminoans. 

Early on in the episode, there’s a very sweet moment where Omega experiences the great outdoors and she even marvels at the existence of dirt. We’ve seen it before with characters who have lived in isolation, but the orchestration by Kevin Kiner and Kiner Brothers Music adds the perfect amount of emotion to the moment. 

Hunter reveals to Cut that Omega is just like them — a defective clone. This sets up a fresh line of questioning about the character which is only brushed over in the episode. All clones —  even defective ones — have a purpose. So what was Omega’s purpose? Why did the Kaminoans help her escape with the Bad Batch? Why is she such a good shot if she’s never used a blaster? Why are Omega and Hunter so drawn to each other? Hopefully, these are questions that are answered in The Bad Batch

Cut and Hunter venture into town to try to book Cut’s family a transport off of Saleucami and it’s then that we get our first full look into the Galactic Empire’s power seizure. No one is allowed to travel freely — ships are being seized, they’re forcing everyone to register with chain codes, their credits no longer have value. It’s very eerie to see how quickly the galaxy succumbs to the Empire’s control. 

The series has not yet convinced me of Hunter’s newfound fatherly role, but it was nice to see him trying to make decisions to protect her. It’s clear that they’re setting up a dynamic not dissimilar to what we see in The Mandalorian, but the emotional stakes aren’t there yet. 

Omega definitely has her place among the Bad Batch. In both “Aftermath” and “Cut and Run” Omega’s size has proven helpful in getting out of tricky situations. In the second episode, she helps get the chain codes to Cut and his family, while Tech and Wrecker hold off the clones. 

In very typical Clone Wars fashion, The Bad Batch follows a similar structure. The characters are presented with a problem and, by the end of the episode, they complete the task and set up for the next episode. These thirty-minute episodes are the perfect way to start off our Fridays and fill the hole left by The Clone Wars

One interesting element of “Cut and Run” is a conversation with Cut, where we learn that Rex passed through the area yesterday. As the Bad Batch finds their place in the galaxy, is it possible that they will cross paths with Rex? It would make sense for the show to give us more snapshots into the lives of characters that we love. 

There’s a lot of room for The Bad Batch to expand on the stories that we have only ever heard about before. 

Memorable Quotes: 

  • “I think it’s a good plan, Tech.” 
  • “Battling droids was easy compared to raising a child.” 
  • “Uncle Wrecker!” 
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