Star Wars: The High Republic Launch Event Recap

Today's Star Wars: The High Republic digital launch event yielded so much exciting news about the upcoming Star Wars publishing initiative, so we decided to break it all down for you. 

If you weren't able to watch today's Star Wars: The High Republic launch, make sure to watch it on YouTube later. The event started with Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy, introducing viewers to the new publishing initiative and the new era of storytelling. You don't want to miss out on the captivating trailer featured during the event which showed off gorgeous artwork and chill-inducing narration and music.

The event was hosted by Kristin Baver, who was joined by Star Wars: The High Republic authors Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel José Older, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule.

Star Wars: The High Republic Launch Event Recap 

Michael Siglain, Lucasfilm Publishing's Creative Director, explained that this week's new releases are just the “tip of the iceberg” for the new era. Starting with the release of Light of the Jedi and A Test of Courage on January 5th, the first phrase “Light of the Jedi” will run until 2022. The following phases, “Quest of the Jedi” and “Trials of the Jedi” were not given specific dates.

In the upcoming issue of Star Wars Insider, fans can find the first piece of High Republic era short fiction, harkening back to the days when Star Wars Insider featured short stories. The first story, Starlight: Part One “Go Together” is written by Charles Soule and serves as “Chapter Zero” for Light of the Jedi. Subsequent short stories will be written by other High Republic authors like Cavan Scott and Justina Ireland.

During the event, several new books were also announced.

The Monster of Temple Peak


A graphic novel, written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Rachel Stott.

Out of the Shadows


A young adult novel, written by Justina Ireland.

The Edge of Balance


A manga, written by Justina Ireland.

Race to Crashpoint Tower


A middle-grade novel, written by Daniel José Older.

Claudia Gray also discussed an upcoming novel that she is working on, but couldn't reveal any details about. Cavan Scott's next book is entitled The Rising Storm and will focus on Stellan Gios, who is introduced in Light of the Jedi. His novel will also feature a new character, Ty Yorrick, a monster-hunter. Adding even further intrigue to the already thrilling High Republic era.


Kristin Baver also unveiled during the launch, that Star Wars: Squadrons players will be able to display a new Star Wars: The High Republic era lightsaber in the cockpit of their ships starting tomorrow.

For fans of Baver's weekly This Week in Star Wars show, one of the most exciting announcements was the brand-new show coming to the Star Wars YouTube channel!


If you're looking for something to keep you up-to-date with all of the exciting High Republic era news, Krystina Arielle will be hosting a bi-monthly series focused on Star Wars: The High Republic. You will be able to find the Star Wars: The High Republic Show streaming on YouTube and starting January 27th.

Overall, Star Wars: The High Republic is posed to give Star Wars fans a smorgasbord of new characters and stories to fall in love with. It was nice to hear Michael Siglain discuss how it doesn't matter whether you chose to only read the Del Rey books, the young adult books, or just the comics — you're still getting a full story. With the multi-year and multi-media publishing initiative, Star Wars is posed to have a plethora of new stories to keep fans engaged for a long time.

The first wave of Star Wars: The High Republic books arrive on January 5th. You can pick up Light of the Jedi, The Great Jedi Rescue, and A Test of Courage tomorrow. Look for Claudia Gray's Into the Dark to hit shelves on February 2nd. Be sure to check out to keep up with all of the Star Wars: The High Republic comic books too!

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