A $5,000 Star Wars Drink You Have To See Now, Twitter Is Furious

With inflation, drink prices have gone up across the board. But that has nothing on this luxury $5000 drink called the Kaiburr Crystal on the Disney Wish cruise ship. Dubbed The Most Expensive Drink in the Galaxy Twitter users are having an absolute fit about the drink.

Let's see how people are really feeling.

One user said he would never burn that kind of money.

Another said the empire isn't even that evil.

Zack said he would pay for the drink… only if George Lucas himself would serve the drink.

Jaklin says she is happy with her cute Star Wars drink that doesn't cost $5000.

According to BlogMickey.com Disney refuses to disclose what's in the drink.

Alicia claims she knows what is in the drink.

Disney Dan is crowdsourcing the drink price. Here's the deal, put in $20 and you get a sip of the drink.

And finally, we have one person who is honest and says they would buy the drink.

Is 5,000 Too Much?

Is Disney price gouging or is this all in good fun? Should the $5000 drink be a thing? Comment below!

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