Stay At Home Dad Jobs – Top 16 Easy And Practical Things To Do

Are you a dad who is looking for stay at home jobs?

Perhaps you are taking care of your kids and need to stay home

Or you are working but still seek an extra income

Anyway you need job as a dad that can let you stay at home

At the same time, earn a part time income that can be turned into full time

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stay at home dad jobs

Now it is time to list all dad jobs so I will start with


Blogging as a career is really a controversial topic

It is well known job for dads who are staying homes

So many who are about to start blogging wonder if it is worth or not

Trust me it is hard to answer this question as you have to try it yourself

I am not afraid of losing your investment because blogging is very cheap investment

You just need a reliable webhosting which costs around $15 on hosting like Siteground

The only concern is time and energy you have to put for your blog to be profitable

Time can range from one year to many years according to many factors

Most important factor is ability to keep learning

Applying the correct steps while correcting your existing work


Flipper is a term of buying thing from cheap location and selling them for high

This flipping job is good for dads staying at homes

Although it looks like an easy work but there are so many hidden work

Where to find your cheap products and where and when to sell them

I know someone named Rob with his wife they make $100,000 a year from flipping

That's why they decided to teach their business in flipping course

Real estate virtual assistant jobs

There is a job called real estate virtual assistant

It is a job that doesn't require any qualifications and it is a good fit for any dad working from home

If you search job sites you'll find lot of jobs asking for real estate virtual assistant with an average pay of $20 to $25 an hour

The job below is taken from

Real estate virtual assistants

Video games tester

Do you like playing video games by testing new games as a video games tester?

Who doesn't like this job especially dads playing with their kids at home

video games tester is a job you work alone

It is a fun job especially you can engage your kids with you

If you are interested in testing video games as a job then sign up to the below

WorldWinner from GSN
Second Life
Paid Game Player
PCH Games

Professional sleeper

Yes there is a job called professional sleeper who get paid for sleeping

It is funny but true as some mattress companies look to test their mattresses

professional sleeper works alone

This job most of the times is on a temporary basis for 3 to 6 months

I see this job a good fit for dads who are staying homes with the kids

Sit with dogs and pets

Being a dad and staying home with the kids you need a pet to charm the kids

Sometimes while staying home you can sit with a pet if a family is going to be away for vacation

It's a nice job also pays well

With Rover, fetchpetcare and you can easily find users to hire you


I was hesitant to list babysitting as a dad's job who are staying home

But I saw few dads managed to make it

Usually families feel safe keeping their kids with females

That doesn't mean that fathers cannot work as babysitters

They just need to advertise it the right way like mentioning you are already babysitting your kids and you can accept one or two more kids

With you can advertise for your babysitting service

Data entry

Data entry job requires to use computer to enter data into specific program or database

It is really a good fit for dads who are staying home with their kids

The good thing is you can find tons of listed jobs on all recruitment websites

Freelance Writer

Have you experimented your writing skills?

May be you are a talented writer and you don't know it

Freelance writing has a huge demand on the internet

Especially for bloggers who are looking for articles on their blogs

You can be a great writer especially if you write about your interest and passion

The good thing about writing as a freelancer is that it is one of the virtual jobs that you can do it anywhere

Especially for dads looking for jobs to stay home with their kids

Virtual assistant jobs

Similar to freelance writing you can do so many virtual things on the internet

Writing is one of the tasks you can work it as a virtual assistant but also you can do

Freelance writing – discussed above
Graphic design
Data entry
Virtual assistant
Customer Service
Voice over – reading articles using your voice
Logo designers
Web designers
Web Developer
SEO consultant
Android developer
IOS developer

If you are not into writing you can sign up below for other tasks to work on

Free Lancer

Virtual Bookkeeping

Due to the huge demand for companies looking for Accountants

Some companies started to hire Accountants online as a virtual bookkeepers

This is a good job to fit dads staying at home

Also you can attend this course on virtual bookkeeping business

My point is if you have an accounting degree or experience working as an Accountant

You can sign below to find things to do in your accounting career

Accounting Department

Websites builder

Nowadays building websites are not like old days

You don't need to learn many things like CSS and HTML before

To build your own website you can use WordPress and master it to build for others

This is a good job for dads staying home and also a way to make more money

You can charge your customer something between $2,500 to $3,000

Websites Tester

Testing websites is one of the easiest thing to work on in all IT jobs

You don't need an IT background as most testing tasks require you to follow certain steps and to report your findings

This website testing jobs requires paying attention to details and try things differently

Testing in IT comes by time and you start to build your own testing experience

If you are interested in this job you can try to sign up below

User Testing
User Feel

Social Media manager

Being a dad who is looking for a job to work on from home you have social media manager job

You represent a company or a blogger who needs someone to take care of his social media profiles like Instagram and Pinterest

Don't worry there is no manual work you only use automation tools like TailWindPro where you post all your pins automatically on Pinterest for months in advance


If you are able to convert audio and video recordings into writing by typing them

It is an easy job but requires good typing speed and working under pressure to meet deadlines and deliver accurate text

Also you should have good command of English language

If you are interested you can apply to the below sites

Daily Transcription
GMR Transcription
Neal R. Gross
Transcriptions ‘N’ Translations
3Play Media

Scoping jobs

Courts create a draft of transcript for official proceedings

This draft needs someone called scopist to edit it fixing grammar and spelling mistakes

You need to work under pressure and possess a good command of English

If you're interested in scoping jobs take this scoping course to help you work this job

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