The Best Stay at Home Jobs in 2020 (And How To Get Started)

Since the pandemic and lockdown began, millions of people in the United States were sent to work from home.

Millions of others lost their jobs and have been searching for the best stay at home jobs to help them stay financially secure. Work from home jobs can be full-time or part-time, and both are great ways to make money. If you’re just starting to figure out how to work from home or looking for a career shift, we’ve laid out some of our favorite work from home opportunities.

Working for a Company

If you are more comfortable as a W2 employee, many companies are hiring people to work remotely in positions such as telecommuting roles, as there is a ton of job listings and work available. Many companies, including Twitter and Square, have announced that they are giving many of their employees a ‘work from home forever’ option. These are legitimate work-at-home jobs, and you may feel like home-based jobs are worth that forever option! Here are other jobs that you can do remotely.

Virtual Assistant

Pay: $20-150 per hour

Whether you’d like to be an executive assistant to a corporate employee or help an entrepreneur streamline their workflows, virtual assistant (VA) job listings are on the rise in its national average for full-time remote job workers.

VAs typically do work that is time-consuming for their boss. Everyday tasks they complete are social media management with social media accounts, administrative duties, scheduling, email management, and more. The higher-paid VAs often offer to code, web development, graphic design, and more in their service offerings. If you find being a social media manager, social media specialist, or search engine evaluator to be fun work full-time, then you may be in line with services that virtual assistants provide.

English Teacher

Pay: $18-50 per hour

As schools shut down physically, parents around the world are looking for ways to educate their kids online, and this is a gateway for a work-from-home job. Some online schools such as VIPKid and Whales English exclusively have native English speakers teach Chinese kids.

Other companies, such as English First, allow native English speakers to teach adults online. If you are a native English speaker, there are ample opportunities available to you.


Pay: $10-60 per hour

If you speak more than one language, you might be able to do online translation work or help via phone, as there is a ton of work available to make money online. It’s like remote customer service where people get help!

Many bloggers, companies, and web designers need help ensuring that web copy, documents, and books are translated correctly. Additionally, there are phone-based services in which people need a translator to help them make calls or conduct business.


Web Developer

Pay: $50+ per hour, the typical annual salary starts at $60,000

Web-based companies are almost always looking for skilled developers to join their teams. While developers and programmers need a background in their field, the pay is quite high, and as more companies build their online services, the demand for developers continues to increase.

If you can build websites and prefer not to work for a company, you might be able to find freelance clients to help as well. Make sure to check out employment websites for any offers!

Travel Agent

Pay: $20 per hour or about $40,000 per year

While the demand for travel agents is changing, people are still looking for travel guides, especially as the travel industry evolves post-Coronavirus.

About 10% of travel agents are self-employed, and many work through a travel arrangement agency. You do not need a degree or certificate to start working as a travel agent, and many companies offer on the job training.

Graphic Designer

$25-200 per hour

As businesses continue to grow their online and social media presence, they have a growing need for quality graphics.

Therefore, many companies are looking for people who can create social media images, website graphics, and pictures to use on websites, infographics, and internal presentations. While some jobs call for a degree, many simply need proof of experience.

You can use tools like Canva and PicMonkey to create quality graphics without having to pay for expensive programs.

Data Entry Specialist

$15-35 per hour

Data entry is a quick skill to pick up and is also one of the oldest online jobs. While AI is making data entry automated, there are some tasks that machine learning can’t handle.

Therefore, data entry specialists are needed to digitize old journals, PDFs, and other physical items. The data entry job field is a competitive one, but you can typically find these jobs easily on online job boards.


Customer Service Representative

Pay: $15-45 per hour

Have you ever called a company and wondered where the person who picked up the phone is? It turns out that a person might be in their home office.

Companies like Amazon, Hilton, and Apple all hire customer service agents to answer customer calls from the comfort of their homes. Training typically happens online, and the hours are typically regular and prescheduled.

Chat Agent

Pay: $10-25 per hour

If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, but you love customer service, you may be able to find a job as a chat agent. The requirements for this job are typically the ability to type quickly and to have a good grasp of the English language.

Social Media Marketer

Pay: $25 to $45 per hour

Nearly every business has social media. Managing social media can be very time consuming for business owners and marketing teams, so they often hire experts to manage it.

This is an essential way for businesses and brands to connect with their audience, so they typically want to hire people with a proven track record of creating an engaged audience.

Working for Yourself

If you’d rather work for yourself, there are plenty of ways to earn money from home. Although it may take a bit more effort to find consistent work, there are plenty of benefits to being a W9 employee.


If you have an area of expertise, you might consider becoming a blogger. Bloggers earn money through affiliate links, advertising, selling products and courses, and sponsored posts.

Most bloggers have a specific niche that they attract so that their audience is interested in the ads and products that they see on a blogger’s site.

While it can take up to a few years to get a blog off the ground, many people can earn their first blogging dollars after a few weeks of operating the website. While you may make money blogging later in your time as a blogger, it doesn’t require a steep learning curve for beginning your site, and as long as you have experience with social media platforms, you’ll be in great shape!

Freelance Writer

If you love writing, but blogging isn’t for you, you might want to consider becoming a freelance writer or proofreader. Freelance writers are often hired to write content, copy, blog posts, newsletters, and more for businesses.

You can search for one-time gigs or find a couple of companies that want to keep you on retainer for freelance writing.


Dropshipping and fulfillment by Amazon are two ways in which you can earn money selling items without having to carry stock.

You can open an online store and sell stock straight from the supplier. Each platform charges a different amount, so it is essential to do your research before trying to create a drop shipping passive income business.


Selling on Etsy

If you have a product that you can create, you may be able to sell it on Etsy. From creating Instagram cover photos online to making something out of craft materials at your house, you can create an online store and start earning money right away.

Where To Find Remote Work

If these ideas sound attractive to you and you want to pursue working online further, then there are plenty of websites that can help connect you with companies to work for.

Amazon, Square, and Others

If you are interested in working for a specific company, check out their ‘careers’ page on their website. They will often list ‘remote’ in the location field, and many websites allow you to search for jobs based on location.


Flexjobs is a website that helps to pair people who want to work remotely with companies that are hiring for specific jobs. It costs $14.95 to use, but hopefully, users find a job in the first month or two of using it, and that fee pays for itself. While many online job boards post a lot of scams, FlexJobs puts every job posting through a vetting process to help avoid this problem.

This website is a job board designed to help people find remote and online jobs. You can search for jobs by title, category, requirements, and more. Even if you don’t find the perfect job for you on this site, you can browse its blog articles and templates to help prepare you for online work.


Upwork is a website that pairs people who need jobs done with freelancers. Typically, these jobs are not very high-paying but can be a great way to bolster a portfolio if you’re just getting started in your field.


If you are a graphic designer, writer, or can deliver other one-off services, you might consider putting your work on Fiverr. While the starting fee for any job is $5, people who post skills with broader skillsets can charge a lot more for their talents.

The downside is that Fiverr projects are typically one-time-only but are a great way to build your profile if you’re just starting.

The Bottom Line

Whatever your reason for working from home, there are plenty of jobs available to you. You can use your unique skill sets with technology, language, or creating to pursue a career for yourself. You can work from home if you want to work for yourself or a company, and there are plenty of websites available to help you search for online employment.

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