20 Stay at Home Mom Jobs To Earn Money Online

profitable business ideas for stay at home moms

Attention all stay-at-home moms! Are you like a hobbit in the Shire, longing for more adventure and excitement? Well, it's time to grab your cloak and join the fellowship of work-from-home moms.

With a variety of jobs available, from virtual tutoring to freelance writing, there are many opportunities for moms to earn money while still being present with their families. So, whether or not you're a fan of Middle Earth, get ready to embark on a journey through the 20 best stay-at-home mom jobs and find the perfect job for you.

Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs To Earn Money Online

Whether a mom or stay-at-home parent, your job search is likely focused on options with flexible hours that fit your specific lifestyle. Are there excellent stay-at-home mom jobs out there? Absolutely.

While it may feel like joining a multi-level marketing company is your only option, it is not. There is a legitimate work-from-home job that will pay you real money to work from the comfort of your own home that is a perfect match for you; you just have to find it.

Best Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs

If you're searching for convenient, flexible jobs that allow you to set your own hours, join the club. This is the goal for so many new moms desperately seeking a way to stay home with their baby while still earning and stay-at-home moms who don't want to work a full-time job but are looking to make some extra money on the side.

Here are 20 of the best options for work-from-home jobs.

1. Participate in Market Research

This is a small side hustle, but you can consider it a leisurely stay-at-home mom job as you can do it on your phone while your kids nap since it only requires an internet connection.

You'll be doing tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, participating in polls, and testing products. The great thing about it is that you can hop on your phone and complete your tasks at any time of the day. Depending on how many jobs you do, you could make hundreds each month.

This is decent part-time work if you want to make extra income without hassle. 

Some reputable sites to try include: 

2. Pinterest Manager

Are you a Pinterest user? Aside from finding yummy recipes, Pinterest is also a platform many bloggers and large companies use to drive traffic to their websites.

It works by creating pretty Pinterest designs or pins, as they're called, and adding affiliate links or linking them to their website, online store, or YouTube channel. Pinterest users click the pins while scrolling Pinterest and are taken to the linked site.

While Pinterest is a great way for business owners to promote their blog posts or products, creating pins, pinning them on a daily basis, and managing a Pinterest account can be time-consuming.

As a Pinterest manager, you will create stunning graphics in Canva or Illustrator and handle your client's posting and analytics. According to Indeed, most Pinterest Account Managers are remote workers and earn around $45,000 a year.

3. Become a Coach

Online coaching has become a huge industry. Whether you are a fitness, business, or life coach, coaching is a great option for moms who love helping others and are good at motivating people.

If you want to pursue this online job, having some form of certification or prior experience in a specific area is best. For example, if you have been a Nutritionist, you can become a certified nutritionist coach to those wanting to start in this field.

As a coach, you can offer services such as:

  • Mentorship
  • Online classes
  • 1:1 Coaching sessions
  • Online group training

There's a great chance to make a steady income from becoming a coach as more and more people go online for advice and training.

4. Do Voiceovers

A robust and unique voice can make it far in the voiceover industry. You can work online as a voice actor, especially if you have previous acting experience.

Becoming a voice talent will vary from one company to another. Still, the main idea is to read various scripts and earn money.

Voice-over artists have a great opportunity to work a flexible schedule from their home studio. One of the best ways to make money is by narrating audiobooks. Many companies hire for these types of remote jobs.

A few places to look are:

  • Voice Jungle
  • Bodalgo
  • The Voice Realm
  • Spoken Realms
  • Mandy

Most companies allow you to work as a freelancer but require listing fees, so be on the lookout for that.

5. Offer Transcription Services

This is a good option if you can type fast. Transcription jobs also require you to have a good handle on spelling and grammar. As a transcriptionist, you will listen to audio files and convert the speech into text.

If you meet the requirements, it's easy to find work and is perfect for a stay-at-home mom. While you may have to meet deadlines, you can work at your own pace and can typically set your own schedule.

You can work in general, medical, and legal transcription fields. Moreover, you can do all of these roles from the comfort of your home, making it an ideal stay-at-home mom job.

Understand that not all transcription companies are equal, as some pay meager rates. Take a look at Rev and GoTranscript if you want to earn above-average rates for your first job.

6. Create and Sell Fonts

If you have calligraphy or hand-lettering skills, you can create and sell fonts in different styles. In this space, creativity is critical, and you can earn a steady income by selling your unique fonts online.

If you are a graphic designer, this is a no-brainer for you. With apps like Procreate, you can easily create and upload your lettering to an online marketplace. You can also purchase physical pens for lettering, create fonts, and scan them into your computer.

Once you have designed your fonts, you can sell them on Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, Design Bundles, and Etsy. If you browse these sites often, you will notice that hand-lettered fonts are very affordable. You can set your own pricing and choose to sell single fonts, bundles, or a mixture of both. Some font bundles sell for as much as $500!

7. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs (VA) have become some of the most in-demand jobs online, particularly for stay-at-home parents. That's because working as a VA is convenient, does not require specific experience (in most cases), and allows you to offer a wide variety of services to your clients.

Examples of tasks that can be handled by VAs include:

  • Administrative work
  • Making and receiving phone calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Sending emails
  • Creating social media posts
  • Creating video content
  • Managing social media platforms
  • Affiliate marketing
  • …and more.

Stay-at-home moms make the perfect VAs because you can work conveniently from your home office (or bed) and easily find part-time work if you prefer. If your kids are younger, give them a few fun activities to do while you work.

If you have other skills that an employer might find valuable, mention them when applying. For example, sometimes, companies need graphic designers and skilled editors to work for them. So, upsell your skills when seeking a VA job, as you could earn more money.

8. Remote Travel Agent

Did you know you can work from home as a travel agent? With the growth of flexible remote job opportunities, you definitely can. Working as a home-based travel agent is the perfect online job for moms who love traveling.

As a travel agent, you will help book flights, arrange vacations, and plan destination travel trips for customers. Your primary job will be to find the best deals and give travelers tips on great destination spots. Having patience and a pleasant rapport are necessary qualities for a travel agent.

As coordinating travel can sometimes be stressful, you will need to manage the issues that come with it and make the experience a good one for the customer. To start as a remote travel agent, you can look for jobs on Indeed or travel agencies like Outside or Travel Planners International.

9. Flea Market Flipper

If you love thrifting, flea market flipping would be a good option for you. It involves selling things you have at home or find at flea markets. You can also try thrift stores and other places that like to barter.

You'll want to find free or low-cost items to sell online to ensure profitability. Check yard sales, curbside, thrift shops, rummage sales, and Craigslist. You can find plenty of deals at these spots, and some items might bring you extra cash while others can amass hundreds of dollars. Every sale is different, which is part of the fun.

You can't just sell any old thing to be successful, though. Your flea market items should be clean and in relatively good condition.

A few profitable items to sell are:

  • Couches/Sofas
  • Antiques
  • Gym equipment
  • Handbags
  • Jewelry
  • Clothing

You wouldn't make any money without a place to sell your stuff, right? Try listing your products on Facebook Marketplace, ThreadUp, eBay, OfferUp, and Amazon. You can do all your transactions online, which is convenient.

10. Social Media Manager

Another fantastic stay-at-home mom job is social media management. Social media managers manage the social media accounts for businesses. They usually create social media posts, write engaging content, research hashtags, schedule content, and interact with fans or followers.

This can be a tedious job if you don't like social media. But if you're a mom who loves using her phone and enjoys spending time on social media, this may be a great job for you. You can work at various hours of the day – even at night while your kids are asleep.

If you have marketing experience, that's a significant plus. You can often find these jobs on remote job boards or advertised on local company websites.

11. Online ESL Tutor

Do you have tutoring experience and genuinely enjoy teaching kids? Becoming a tutor is now easier than ever as students worldwide seek online lessons for their studies.

Several companies now offer jobs to people who want to earn money by tutoring. It could be in subjects like English, Math, Music, or a foreign language.

One of the most popular ways to tutor is by teaching children in China the English language. These jobs often require you to work early in the morning because that's when children can attend classes. If you're ready to start your tutoring side hustle, check out Cambly and VIPKid. In some cases, you are required to have a Bachelor's degree and possibly a background check.

12. Proofread at Home

If you're a grammar buff and enjoy reading, you could work from home as a freelance proofreader. Proofreaders review content for books, articles, manuscripts, and more. They are the final step to reviewing content before it's published online.

While you don't need a degree to work as a proofreader, taking an online course is a good idea. You will read and edit various types of content and correct grammatical errors and spelling. As a proofreader, you must pay close attention to ensure the final copy does not include any mistakes. Proofreading jobs pay well; you can earn around 59k per year.

13. Sell Printables Online

I can't think of a better way to earn money online than selling something you already use. Printables come in all shapes and sizes, and moms love them!

Before you start jotting down ideas, you must consider who you'll sell to; narrowing down your audience will help you be more profitable. You can make more money this way instead of creating an assortment of products that no one will buy.

One of the best places to sell your printables is on Etsy. Millions of people use the marketplace monthly and will likely come across your products.

If you need a little inspiration, here are a few printable ideas to get started with:

  • Checklists
  • Planners
  • Chore charts
  • Invitations
  • Wall art

Creating digital products is a simple process – Canva makes it easy to create printables. Be sure to check Canvas licensing terms first to be safe.

14. Data Entry Clerk

This is another work-from-home job for moms with good typing skills. Data entry clerks work for businesses such as hospitals, law offices, and clinics by entering client or patient data into their computer systems.

Your job as a data entry clerk is to keep a company's data organized. The information you enter must be precise, so good proofreading skills and attention to detail are important. It can be a repetitive job, but it is convenient when you can do it at home.

Other data entry clerk tasks include:

  • Monitoring information in the system
  • Periodically access the accuracy of data
  • Review the information in a database

This job does not require a degree; each company will conduct training sessions. The average salary of data entry clerks is approximately $34,000 annually

15. Become a Moderator

Would you like a job where you chat with people all day? Moderators work for various companies or websites by sharing content, approving posts, talking with members, promoting content, and ensuring things run smoothly.

This is a fantastic way for moms to earn an income if they like engaging with others. If you're interested in this job, you can find positions by checking job boards online.

Real-world examples of being a moderator are: you would find yourself moderating

  • Facebook Groups moderators
  • Webinars moderators
  • Business forums moderators

Most moderators earn about $15 an hour or more, depending on the company. 

16. Pet Sitting

Do you love cats, dogs, and other furry or scaly creatures? If you do, pet sitting can make you some extra money and eventually become a side hustle.

Some duties may include:

  • Giving food and water
  • Brushing fur
  • Giving medication when necessary
  • Cleaning their teeth
  • Regular walks
  • Cleaning litter boxes

Places like Rover hire pet sitters to work from home. You get to set your rates and choose your schedule as well. Having experience with caring for animals or previous pet-sitting work is a bonus.

17. Be a Freelance Writer

One of the most popular ways to make money online is by writing. Writing is an excellent skill you can use in multiple ways.

You can offer services freelance writing services online in these areas:

  • Technical writing
  • Resume writing
  • Freelance writing
  • Content writing

Another fun way to earn money from this skill is by writing poems for greeting card companies and short articles for blogs. Look for writing gigs on Fiverr or openings on Indeed. You can even start your own blog, write content, and earn money.

18. Virtual Organizer

Some people are just extra organized by nature. If that sounds like you, virtual organizing could be right up your alley. A virtual organizer uses technology to organize someone's home or lifestyle. You can help your clients' bring their vision to life and lead them in the right direction when managing their clutter or other needs around their home or business.

As expected, everything is handled virtually over the phone or Zoom.

You're probably good for this side gig if you're:

  • Good with technology
  • Super organized
  • Knowledge of video conferencing
  • Ability to work alone

Working as a Virtual Organizer allows you to book clients and work when you choose.

19. Tech Support Agent

You can get hired to work as a tech support agent and work from home. Most of these jobs require you to assist customers via phone, email, or chat.

That is the perfect opportunity to work remotely if you have good problem-solving skills, the ability to explain things, and the capability to help people troubleshoot. However, this job requires ongoing interaction, so be aware before applying online.

One of the best places to work as a Tech Support Agent is Apple. They even have chat support roles if you're more comfortable with that.

20. Low Content Publishing

Did you know you can make books without any content and sell them online? It's been around for a while, but low-content publishing is growing in popularity. Examples of low-content books are diaries, notebooks, planners, sketchbooks, and trackers.

Making these books is convenient because they are in high demand and easy to create. You can sign up for an Amazon KDP account, create your book, and upload it to Amazon to sell. Be sure to research low-content book niches and which are most popular.

Where To Find Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs

Finding the right work-from-home mom job requires looking in the right places and researching the requirements.

A few legitimate places you can try are:

If you want to do writing, proofreading, and other freelance positions full-time, it's a good idea to create a portfolio of your work to provide if requested.

Some of the jobs on this list require you to promote yourself. As a Pinterest manager or virtual organizer, you may not be able to find jobs so readily. Building an online presence on social media platforms like Instagram or a Facebook page can help you connect and network with potential clients.

You can also call local businesses to see if they're hiring. 

Start a Stay at Home Mom Job Today

In the wise words of Gandalf, “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” And as stay-at-home moms, we are given the gift of time, albeit sometimes in short supply. But fear not, because, with the abundance of stay-at-home mom jobs available, you can turn that time into extra money – or, in some cases, a full-time monthly income – all while maintaining a work-life balance.

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