Expert Mechanic Warns To Stop Wasting Money on Tire Rotation Maintenance

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In the world of automotive maintenance, there is a list of universal tasks that every car needs. Oil changes, air filters, tire pressure, and tire rotation also made the list, but this expert mechanic disagrees.

After an impressive 55 years of auto mechanic experience, Scotty Kilmer says that modern cars don’t need rotated tires and that you’re just wasting your money if you pay the auto shop to do it.

According to him, if you hate spending money, you should stop getting your tires rotated.

You can see his entire argument in his YouTube Short, or stay tuned and can explain it for you.

Are We Wasting Money on Tire Rotation?

Once upon a time, cars weren’t made as well as they are today, and as tires were driven on, they wore down unevenly. This happens if the tires are not perfectly rounded, your tire pressure isn’t properly inflated, or your car isn’t perfectly balanced.

In the old days, these things happened often since cars were not designed as well as they are today, and that’s why we were always told to get our tires rotated.

Kilmer claims that modern cars and tires are designed much better than they used to be, and since they are so much better, tires end up wearing down evenly all around, so there’s no reason to get your tires rotated anymore.

His Solid Reasoning

He argues that if your car is properly aligned and your tires are inflated, you should not need to rotate your tires at all.

Of course, take his advice with a grain of salt. If you have an older car, you may still need to get your tires regularly rotated. You can always take a look at your tires and see if they are wearing out unevenly and make the call for your situation.

As car design progresses, who knows how we will see the standard car maintenance list change? And if we all switch to EVs, we won’t need to get our oil changed, either.

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