12 Netflix Shows That Should Do a Crossover With Stranger Things

Redditor u/Bendy4848 posed, “If Stranger Things did a crossover with any other NETFLIX series, which one would you pick and why?” Redditors chose these top shows they wanted to see team up with Stranger Things

1. Dark

HiddenNinja5199 admitted, “Hehehe, I was thinking the same thing. It would be pretty weird, though. For example, imagine Eleven being Mike's aunt or something!”

Little_Consequence added, “I always thought that young Aleksander and Jonathan looked like they could be siblings. So there you go: Jonathan and Will's long-lost brother fled Hawkins and traveled to Germany in 1986.”

2. Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai Season 5 is Easily the Best Season Yet
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Bendy4848 asked, “Why can I just hear the Demogorgon roaring and screaming getting muffled out with the sound of kicking and pummeling?” Xeillan added, “Or Johnny yelling “QUIET!”

JugglingJabroni confessed, “I really like this one, and all the possibilities of having kids from '80s show somehow meet the kids from Hawkins (CGI or similar looking characters) and interact with them in 1-2 minutes scenes as extras.”

3. I Am Not Okay With This

Redditor imqueeeeeeeeer admitted, “I was going to say. I think the same people produced it.” TwistingSerpent93 stated, “This is probably the best answer- I could see it being an actual spin-off/expansion of the Stranger Things universe. PlumTop129 confessed, “I'd love to see it, honestly! Two of my favs seem like a dream, to be honest. 

4. Fear Street

Bendy4848 answered, “I was honestly waiting for someone to say Fear Street. This would be perfect. They both already have Sadie Sink and Maya Hawke in them!” Someone joked, “Stranger Street.”

VeXeD222 said, “It would work SO well since technically her character is grown so that it wouldn't be all like ‘aye why does Ziggy/Max look so familiar' while leaving room for some jokes about how ‘they look the same.' And they are in relatively the same timeline, so it could work!”

5. The Umbrella Academy

MadisonL119 said, “The Umbrella Academy since they also have powers, and I think it'll be cool to see how it plays out.” Renodemisec speculated, “Luther and Steve talk about hair. Diego goes hunting in The Upside Down. Allison hears a rumor that Billy is a good dude who isn't racist. Klaus talks to Will about his sexuality.”

They elaborated, “Five tries to travel back in time to kill Henry, negating the entire plot of the first four seasons. Sparrow Ben follows Diego into the Upside Down, thinking it's like Hotel Oblivion.

They continued, “Viktor tries to mind his own business but is captured by the government, blows up a building, and causes a war with The USSR due to his suspected Russian ties.”

They concluded, “Reggie tries to adopt Eleven and gets her hooked on Clever Crisp cereal instead of Eggos. Grace gives Karen Wheeler tips on how to be a housewife. Pogo trains Murray in martial arts.”

6. Locke & Key

Redditor vivavivaviavi stated, “You guys are so dumb!' The Stranger Things Squad would throw it out a lot. And I think they will have more fun with the keys.”

Wriphrav confessed, “I'm so glad this is what other people think as well. I started watching the show a few months ago, and I just got so angry at how stupid the characters decided that I had to take a break. However, I'll continue watching again whenever I have the patience. Do they eventually get smarter?”

7. Squid Game

Image from the show Squid Game
Image Credit: Netflix.

Reddit user douggoodie420 stated, “Vecna and the evil billionaires join forces to create Squid Game 2: The Upside Down.” _Captain_Maverick_ said, “Well, Squid Game shows that the games have been going on for decades, starting in 1988, so it is possible.”

8. Supernatural

LunaKBN voted, “Supernatural. It would be fun to see the Winchester brothers fight the eldritch horrors. And I think Dean would be nerding out over Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and would have a great time babysitting in Steve's place.”

Apprehensive-Net2687 said, “Even better if Charlie is in it. Of course, we all know she's a D&D nerd.” Finally, notjewel said, “Yup, this was my vote. Castiel vs. Vecna: heaven vs. the upside down. It works.”

9. Tiger King

Pitbullpandemonium nominated, “Tiger King. I don't have a reason other than morbid curiosity. Another user, hadapurpura, joked, “Carol Baskin fed her husband to the Demogorgon.”

10. The Sandman

PballQhead agreed, “The Sandman is my choice too, but you gotta admit Dream (or any other Endless) versus Vecna would be a very, very lopsided battle. But, mind you, I'd love to see it.'

They elaborated, “Just thinking about Tom Sturridge asking Jaime Campbell Bower, ‘What are you hoping to do to humans?' makes me tingly. It would be like the diner scene in Sandman where he finally confronts John Dee but ten times better.”

11. Love, Death & Robots

Right_Tumbleweed392 voted, “Love, Death & Robots!! Imagine a series of animated shorts that take place in the ST universe. That'd be so cool!”

Bendy4848 replied, “THANK GOD someone said this. I had many ideas for this, like The three robots encountering The Stranger Thing squad, a post-apocalypse ST universe, and Vecna possessing Max and making an alternate of her.”

12. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Lucimon stated, “If Vecna doesn't move fast enough, he gets shredded. Any of the four Spellmans would mess him up as soon as they know him. And that's not even bringing in Lilith, Lucifer, and Hecate.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this list right, or are there better series to crossover the Stranger Things gang?

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