10 Breakup Stories Will Make You Want to Stay Single Forever

Sure, people break up all the time and not every relationship is built to last. They break up over reasons ranging from “irreconcilable differences”, to cheating, to the feeling that they're bringing more to the table, even though a relationship is hardly ever 50/50 .

But has someone ever broken up with you for a really weird or silly reason and you just couldn't understand why they would do that? Well, it happens to the best of us. These Redditors share their worst experiences and unbelievable reasons why their partner left them.

1. He “Breached” Her Trust

u/AgreeableShark56 shared his story:

“She had been cheating on me for a while with a couple of guys and she hid it from me. So when she confessed, I mentioned that I needed a cigarette. And so she berated me for smoking and broke up with me because I ‘breached her trust' by smoking cigarettes when I had told her previously that I didn't smoke. It caught me so off guard that I actually started to feel bad. Until I hung up the phone and realized what had just happened.

“That excuse still makes me think, “wut?”, to this day.”

Many users concluded that it was a classic case of gaslighting and that she just needed a reason to break up with him.

2. He Refused To Take Her to a Party

This user explained: “My gran was dying of cancer and had literally days left. She (gf) wanted me to take her to a party instead. She wasn't happy at all when I said I needed to be with the family, so she broke up with me with ‘Maybe I'll find someone who values me more.'”

3. She Liked Him Too Much

This user seemed confused on why this would be a reason for anyone to break up, so he asked for more enlightenment, and someone explained:

“I’ve known women who did this. They had horrible self esteem issues and they broke up with men who didn’t make them feel bad about themselves. I think they just felt like the whole thing was temporary or bound to fail because inside, they felt like they were garbage so it was inevitable. It’s like the cognitive dissonance broke their brain.”

4. He Dreamt She Cheated

“He had a dream that I cheated on him,” a Redditor said.

“It's insane. He started giving me the silent treatment one morning for no obvious reason. I kept asking him what his problem was and it took him 2 days to tell me. I laughed at him once he finally told me, which made him even more angry. It was another week before he started talking to me again, but that contributed to our breakup not long after.”

5. He Was Close to Her Daughter

“So get this…. she had a daughter and before we stated dating, I got along very well with the daughter. That, according to her, was among the reasons she wanted me in their (not just her, both of them) lives. Finally she had found a man that can be an example of good men in the world for her daughter,” u/Jurtaani wrote.

“Now, when we broke up I just could not get a straight answer from her about what I did wrong”…”I wanted to know what it is that I did wrong and I refused to accept the usual ‘It's not you, it's me' speech. So I finally got the answer. Basically she was jealous because I had such a strong connection with her daughter. Which I always thought was the big thing that kept us together.”

6. She Thought He Was Poor

u/raceAround126 said, “She broke it off with me saying that she didn't think I could help raise a family (first I'd heard of a family) with her.

“Someone let her in on the fact that I owned my own property and knew other bits about me. She was mad because she had broken up with me not knowing that I was an OK deal and figured I owed her another shot because I kept that from her, etc. I didn't get it but I was done with that silliness.”

7. She Was “Stingy”

 “It might have been valid because am not taking up your bills three weeks after we have met,” this user said.

u/bullwinkle8088 commented, “That has become more common in recent years. Many who act like that have more than one person paying bills for them, so you may have dodged a bullet.”

8. Astrology

u/aksh_079 said, “Because our horoscopes did not match.”

Another Redditor replied, “My horoscopes did match but I let her go because I can't take anyone who believes in astrology seriously.”

9. He Didn't Inspire Her Aesthetically

“Lack of tattoos and long hair, brown eyes not blue or green, didn't inspire her artistically,” u/DriftingPsycho shared.

To this, u/CrossSnuggie said, “Anyone that uses “their art” as an explanation for anything, is insufferable. Always. And, generally, not that good at art!

u/cmd_iii joked, “Maybe she wanted him to pose in the nude for a painting? Sounds like a signal that was missed bigly.”

10. Religion

u/antoine-sama shared, “In high school I had a gf for 3 months, after that she told me she wanted to focus on her religion more (Jehova's Witness).”

u/cbcking said, “You were not ready to knock on doors with her?”

And the former Redditor said, “Well she didn't really give me much of a choice, she was literally like: so I'm breaking up with you because I want to focus on my religion more.”

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