25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece

Everybody knows One Piece. Whether you like manga/anime or not, this manga created by Eichiro Oda back in 1997 is arguably one of the most, if not the most popular manga series. Not only in Weekly Shonen Jump, but also in the manga industry in general. 

And in 1999, Toei Animation decided to adapt One Piece into anime. As it is right now, it is still going pretty strong, having 998 episodes in 22 years of airing. Within 2-3 weeks, One Piece will officially become the club of 1000 anime episodes. 

Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece

In this article, we are going to discuss about 25 Strongest Devil Fruits from One Piece, something that still ignites warm conversations (or sometimes, boiling debates) among One Piece fans. 

It is without a doubt one of main selling points in One Piece. What makes it more interesting is that these Devil Fruits are not the main factor of winning a battle. Most of the time, the users are the one who need to utilize the Devil Fruits and maximize its effects if they want to defeat their opponents. 

But still, there are some Devil Fruits that are crazy strong no matter how you see it (spoiler, almost all of Logia type of fruits have managed into the list). So, before the article started, I want to clarify some issues related to this article. One big issue, that might cause a heated argument. 

Since there are so many Devil Fruits throughout the series, and only 25 of them are the one that are going to be discussed, there is a huge chance that a lot of strong Devil Fruits are not going to make it into the list. Why, you may ask? A few reasons, actually. 

  1. There are stronger Devil Fruits;
  2. The user did not utilize their Devil Fruits well so that it does not look strong;
  3. The Devil Fruits have barely screen time so that it cannot be judged yet on how strong it is;
  4. The Devil Fruits have not appeared in anime so it will cause a spoiler for non-manga reader;
  5. Most important reason of them all, I completely forgot about it (I promise I did research to be able to make an accurate list. I apologize in advance.) 

So, without delaying further, starting from number 25.

25. Noro Noro no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Noro Noro no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 27

User: Foxy

Type: Paramecia

To think that this shady character (some fans even thought he is a filler character) has managed into the list. But real talk, being able to slow your opponents down using some kind of weird beam is quite useful in battle. 

Still, there are many other monstrous Devil Fruits later on. And in Foxy's case, when you get the knack about the Devil Fruit's ability, it is quite easy to dance around it. Besides, even if Foxy slows down his enemies, he could not do much to defeat them with his power level. 

24. Yomi Yomi no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Yomi Yomi no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 28

User: Brook

Type: Paramecia

We can say that Brook's ability is the mini version of Big Mom's Soru Soru no Mi, making it look far more inferior. But, since Brook is able to control his own soul, he is probably the only character whose soul cannot be stolen by Big Mom. 

And keep in mind that the main ability of this Devil Fruit is that the user can come back to life after being dead once. Only then the user will be able to manifest his/her soul freely. And that makes it less useful. It is still quite handy though. 

23. Gomu Gomu no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Gomu Gomu no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 29

User: Monkey D. Luffy

Type: Paramecia

Having the body turned into a rubber is definitely a benefit for Luffy. His already quite high durability is ridiculously increased because now, Luffy can no longer feel pain except for certain attacks. And yes, as it is right now you should know already that it can also stretch just like rubber. 

But imagine if the user is not someone called Monkey D. Luffy. It might be difficult for them to maximize the power of rubber because its power looks pretty limited. Luffy is able to utilize it well because his creative minds (only applies in battle). 

22. Netsu Netsu no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Netsu Netsu no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 30

User: Charlotte Oven

Type: Paramecia

An Oven that has the power of a real oven. With this, Oven can heat up his body and use it to attack his opponent. Not only that, he also demonstrated that he can also heat up the sea with his Devil Fruit power. 

As strong as it looks, we still need to admit that his power is still pretty inferior to Logia users like Sabo and Akainu. While they heat things up, their body will turn into a real source of heat. Nevertheless, Oven is a proof in the series that a seemingly normal Devil Fruit can be deadly on the right owner. 

21. Moku Moku no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Moku Moku no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 31

User: Smoker

Type: Logia

As I said earlier, Logia Devil Fruit users can transform their body similar to the nature of the fruit (if you are a One Piece fan you should know this already). And arguably the less powerful Logia fruit would be Smoker. 

It does not mean that you should underestimate Smoker. He is still a capable fighter and also knows his Devil Fruit's power really well. But in terms of power, we need to admit that it is not as strong as other fruits. It is in the list because of Smoker's skill. 

20. Suna Suna no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Suna Suna no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 32

User: Sir Crocodile

Type: Logia

Have you ever seen Sandman from Spiderman? Crocodile's Devil Fruit power is exactly the same as him, but in the anime version. Sir Crocodile can manipulate sands at his will, and even use it to suck dry his opponent's body liquid. 

Sadly this power can be countered rather easily with liquid, since when sands absorb liquid, it will harden. Luffy knew this and used it for his own benefit. In spite of that, Crocodile's Devil Fruit has a lot of potential, especially if it is combined with Haki. 

19. Mero Mero no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Mero Mero no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 33

User: Boa Hancock

Type: Paramecia

Mero Mero no Mi is only useful if the user is someone who is as pretty (or perhaps as handsome if he was a male) as Boa Hancock. Because without that, there is no way it can be used. 

This Devil Fruit is capable of turning other people into stone. But it can only occur if the person has a lust towards the user. Since Hancock is portrayed as the prettiest woman, only second to Shirahoshi, it is easy to use this power. But if someone like Buggy or Jango ate this Devil Fruit, I personally doubt that it will work. 

18. Suke Suke no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Suke Suke no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 34

User: Absalom (Former), Shiliew (Current) 

Type: Paramecia

If this fruit is still consumed by Absalom, I do not think that I can put it in number 18. But since the current user is Shiliew the Rain, things are now completely different. 

The main selling point of this Devil Fruit is that it can make the person and everything the user touched disappears. But that is it. It still can be countered with Observation Haki. Shiliew's strength is the only reason why it made Suke-Suke no Mi so dangerous. 

17. Gasu Gasu no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Gasu Gasu no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 35

User: Caesar Clown

Type: Logia

Thanks to this Devil Fruit, The Straw Hats had a difficult time in Punk Hazard. It even KO-ed Luffy before he realized what it can actually do. Caesar did a good job to control his power, considering he is not a fighter. 

But because of it, there is a chance that if it is used by combatant type characters, they might be able to use it better than Caesar. Luckily, he is a scientist who as we know, creates artificial Devil Fruits. So his knowledge is enough to utilize his Gasu Gasu no Mi. 

16. Doku Doku no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Doku Doku no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 36

User: Magellan

Type: Paramecia

Before Caesar existed, Magellan was the one who almost killed Luffy because of his Devil Fruit. Thanks to him, Luffy now has built up a good amount of resistance towards poisons (not immunity since he almost died eating that giant fish in Totto Land Arc). 

In spite of his amazing Devil Fruit, it is still able to be countered by Haki. This time, the user simply needs to cover his body part using an Armament Haki to at least reduce their physical contact to Magellan's poisonous body. But those who do not possess that kind of Haki, well, Hasta la Vista. 

15. Goro Goro no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Goro Goro no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 37

User: Enel

Type: Logia

This Devil Fruit is able to create lightning and thunder. This alone made Enel among one of the most dangerous villains. Oda himself has stated that Enel could have around 500 million berries if he is a wanted criminal in the blue sea. 

Of course there are many others who are more dangerous than Enel. But that does not mean he is weak. Enel himself was extremely unlucky finding his natural enemy like Luffy. Against others, he definitely has a chance to win or at least give a good fight. 

14. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Nikyu Nikyu no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 38

User: Bartholomew Kuma

Type: Paramecia

I am going to be honest with you guys. This has to be one of the least related Devil Fruit names and powers. But, considering how strong Kuma actually is, we should let this slide just for once. 

This Devil Fruit bestows the user to be able to repel everything using their paw (nikyu means paw in English). And not only physical things, it can also repel something like air, or even fatigues, as he showed back in Thriller Bark. 

13. Mochi Mochi no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Mochi Mochi no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 39

User: Charlotte Katakuri

Type: Logia

Mochi Mochi no Mi is a prime example of how a seemingly “okay” Devil Fruit can be lethal when the user knows how to use it. Katakuri made it arguably one of the most difficult Devil Fruits that Luffy ever faced. 

Mochi has a similar structure with rubber: chewy and stretchy. Moreover, Katakuri has awakened his Devil Fruit, making it able to change the floor surface into mochi. But like some other characters, the end product could be different if someone beside Katakuri uses this Devil Fruit. Compared to other Logia, it is certainly not as powerful as others. 

12. Hie Hie no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Hie Hie no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 40

User: Kuzan/Aokiji

Type: Logia

To sum it up, what is going to be explained about this Devil Fruit is almost the same as the previous one. The only difference is that ice is more powerful than mochi in general. 

And the user himself, Kuzan, well it is still debatable whether or not he is stronger than Katakuri. But considering his position as a former Navy Admiral, it is possible that he is as strong if not stronger than Katakuri. And he has shown himself capable of manipulating ice, and even almost defeated his “natural enemy”, Sakazuki. 

11. Mera Mera no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Mera Mera no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 41

User: Portgas D. Ace (Former) Sabo (Current) 

Type: Logia

(In my absolute humble opinion) It is wholesome to see that these brothers inherited the same Devil Fruit. To be honest, if you follow the series then you might be able to understand the power of this fruit already. 

It is quite straightforward: the capability to turn your body into fire. And the power of fire is also pretty easy to understand: to burn whatever on its path. Sabo and Ace did an amazing job using their Devil Fruit Power. But (again, only my humble opinion), Sabo did it slightly better because he combined his Haki with it. 

10. Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix

Strongest Devil Fruits: Tori Tori no Mi, Model Phoenix
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 42

User: Marco

Type: Mythical Zoan

In the myth (a cool way to say that I read Harry Potter for knowing this reference), Phoenix is able to heal others with their tears. And in Marco's case, he only needs the Phoenix's blue flame to heal wounds and sickness. 

And that is not even this Devil Fruit's main power. With its healing ability, Marco can shrug many hits from his opponents and strike back. It can fly (duh), and is also capable of lifting something heavier than his body. Marco had  the bad luck of getting locked into a seastone shackle back in Paramount War, or else he could wreck more havoc. 

9. Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu

Strongest Devil Fruits: Hito Hito no Mi, Model Daibutsu
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 43

User: Sengoku

Type: Mythical Zoan

At this point, we barely get enough information about what this Devil Fruit actually does besides dealing heavy damages to opponents. But, putting it at number 9 slot is pretty reasonable for one main reason: Sengoku. 

Sengoku is still a character who is shrouded in mystery. But we all can agree that there is no way he could get his position as the Fleet Admiral if not because of his power. One showcase back in Paramount War was enough to give us a glimpse on how powerful this Devil Fruit might be. 

8. Zushi Zushi no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Zushi Zushi no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 44

User: Issho/Fujitora

Type: Paramecia

Gravity in real life is already an overpowered force to be reckoned with. Imagine a Devil Fruit that grants you the ability to control gravity. Lucky for the Navy, this Devil Fruit belongs to Admiral Issho. If only a pirate managed to get it, they might be in huge trouble. 

Issho rarely purposely shows his power. But when he did, suddenly a meteor appeared out of nowhere. Or it started to rain rubbles. Issho could have destroyed a lot of places if he wanted to. Thank goodness he is the man who loves peace. 

7. Soru Soru no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Soru Soru no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 45

User: Charlotte Linlin/Big Mom

Type: Paramecia

I remember vaguely about a speculation that Big Mom is not as strong as other Emperors. Well… How wrong could they be. Apart from having almost an indestructible body just like Kaido, she also possesses a Devil Fruit that allows her to control soul. 

It is not an exaggeration if someone called her “Grim Reaper” or something. She can literally take souls from hundreds of people. Even though it is only applied to those who fear her, it is not a big deal since she can use her Supreme Haki to spread fear. Big Mom really knows her Devil Fruit stuff. 

06. Pika Pika no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Pika Pika no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 46

User: Borsalino/Kizaru

Type: Logia

Borsalino is depicted as a slow man who (this is a meme that has been lingering since this character is introduced) seemingly smokes weeds because of his calmness in every situation. Which is why people seems surprised when knowing this man can move as fast as light. Literally. 

Borsalino is extremely skilled in controlling his Devil Fruit power. He can do whatever he wants in battle using his Pika Pika no Mi. Having a Haki does not do much if the opponents cannot touch him because of how fast his movement is. Borsalino truly lived his reputation as an Admiral. 

5. Magu Magu no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Magu Magu no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 47

User: Sakazuki/Akainu

Type: Logia

The total opposite of the lax Borsalino and chill (no pun intended) Kuzan. Sakazuki is a hot-blooded (again, no pun intended) Fleet Admiral who sees pirates as an evil force and needs to be eradicated once and for all. And it seems like his Devil Fruit suits him rather well. 

Sakazuki has the power to control magma. Some fans even speculated that he had awakened his Devil Fruit. To explain how powerful he is, and why fans theorize such a thing, the main reason why Punk Hazard is divided is one because of Kuzan's ice, and the other part is because of Sakazuki's magma. That one story should be more than enough to describe Sakazuki's power.

4. Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu

Strongest Devil Fruits: Uo Uo no Mi, Model Seiryu
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 48

User: Kaido

Type: Mythical Zoan

Dragons, in any kind of lore, are depicted as powerful beings. One Piece is no different. In fact, Kaido is perhaps the strongest opponent that The Straw Hats ever faced. Partly because of his indestructible body, but mostly is because of his Devil Fruit. 

Combined with his durability alongside an ability to become a Chinese kind of dragon that is also capable of shooting fire breath, it looks like Luffy needs some time before eventually defeating Kaido. Will it ever happen? Only Oda knows it. 

3. Ope Ope no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Ope Ope no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 49

User: Trafalgar D. Water Law

Type: Paramecia

The ability to perform a surgery anywhere is not something that piques interest to some people. But imagine if the surgery can be as easy as possible without even trying hard. Just create a room and you can do whatever you want inside it. 

That is Trafalgar Law's Devil Fruit power. When he makes a room, anything can happen. Whether removing hearts, slicing bodies into pieces, and his most powerful ability of them all: he can make an eternal body by sacrificing his life. The last one is the main reason why Ope Ope no Mi is hunted by a lot of people.

2. Yami Yami no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Yami Yami no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 50

User: Marshall D. Teach/Blackbeard

Type: Logia

It is weird to think that we know everything about Blackbeard's Devil Fruit, when in reality it is still surrounded by mysteries. It somehow resembles the power of Issho's Devil Fruit, since it can manipulate gravity. It can also suck things with a black hole. 

One of the hottest topics about this Devil Fruit is whether or not it caused him to possess Whitebeard's Devil Fruit power. The main reason is that as I said, it sucks things. So could it be the reason? Who knows. All we know is that this Devil Fruit is strong enough to make him an Emperor of the sea. 

1. Gura Gura no Mi

Strongest Devil Fruits: Gura Gura no Mi
25 Strongest Devil Fruits From One Piece 51

User: Edward Newgate/Whitebeard

Type: Paramecia

Surprised? Of course not. Almost every One Piece fan will agree about Gura Gura no Mi being the strongest Devil Fruit in the series. For reference, “gura gura” is the sound of tremor or shaking in Japanese. So as the name said, it is capable of shaking. 

Not that easy cha-cha shake though. It is that tremor that may cause the end of the earth. He literally can flip a land upside down. And as it is right now, his power was stolen by his ex-subordinate, Blackbeard, making him one of the most dangerous pirates.