30 Strongest Naruto Characters

I do not think I should properly explain what Naruto is. Even non anime fans should have heard this title at the very very least once. And for anime fans, it might actually be among their favorite anime of all time. That is totally fine knowing how big of an influence Naruto actually is to the anime industry. 

Strongest Naruto Characters

And with that being said, I would love to write about 30 strongest Naruto characters throughout the series. And I immediately regret my decision because although I do not dislike the anime in general, there is one thing that made Naruto “less enjoyable” at the end of the series (a highly personal opinion that was. Just hear me out until the end): power creep. 

Back in the 4th Ninja War arc, literally dozens of new characters were introduced, and almost every single one of them are basically shinobi Gods who are able to wipe out hundreds of basic ninjas. And that creates a problem because some characters who we used to love, barely got any screen time. 

And with that being said, this list is basically filled with those shinobi Gods with some others who are slightly stronger than strong ninjas. I personally am kind of sad because I could not put some of my favorite characters because of how big the power creep actually is (Shikamaru and Kisame are some of my favorites and they are not as strong as these ninjas). 

But that does not make me want to stop writing this article. In fact, I have found rather amusing facts about some of these characters while making the list. So I think my regrets are slowly faded because it turns out that this list is more interesting than I initially thought. 

So before jumping into the list, I need to warn you that because of power creep, even some of the strongest characters did not make it into the list because they are that strong. And just because these characters are placed higher or lower than a certain character, it does not mean that they are either weaker or stronger. The difference between their power level is so thin and some of them do not look that apparent. 

With that in mind, we are going straight to our number 30

30. Uchiha Obito

Strongest Naruto Characters: Uchiha Obito

Yep. The power creep even makes him one of the strongest Uchiha being so low on the list (I need to remind you that Obito has beaten other characters to be on the list. So he is the weakest among the strongest and that is fine). Obito's main skill is Kamui that is able to move beyond space. And of course it is complimented by signature Uchiha jutsu and most importantly, his Rinnegan. 

29. Hatake Kakashi

Strongest Naruto Characters: Hatake Kakashi

Kakashi is one of the most talented ninjas on the show. But he is arguably among the weakest Kage in Konoha. His Sharingan is one trait that makes him stronger because he is able to copy other Jutsu (even though he only uses like 5 at max). Most of the time, he only uses his Lightning Blade to finish the battle quickly. Other than that, Kakashi is also known for his incredible senses and also among the smartest ninja in the series. 

28. Might Gai

Strongest Naruto Characters: Might Gai

The Gai who was recognized by Madara to be “the strongest”. Gai is placed higher than Kakashi because he has shown his superb ability. Even more amazing is that he uses Taijutsu most of the time. But I could not put him higher than this because Gai is that strong when he is willing to sacrifice himself. Unlike other characters who can go all out without needing to put themselves in danger. 

27. Rasa

Strongest Naruto Characters: Rasa

The 4th Kazekage is known among the fans as the worst father in the Naruto series. But as a Kage, his power is well. Okay, I guess. Rasa is able to summon Gold Dust, having a similar particle with Iron Sand of 3rd Kazekage. But still, his ability is pretty much pale compared to other Kage. And also he got killed by Orochimaru rather easily, thus decreasing his ranking even further. 

26. Yagura Karatachi

Strongest Naruto Characters: Yagura Karatachi

And here we have the 4th Mizukage and our 2nd Jinchuriki (Obito was Juubi's Jinchuriki but I do not want to talk about it because it is kind of bs). He was able to control Isobu well, and since he was a Kage, of course he is considered as a strong shinobi. But the fact that he lost to Tobito and Nagapain made me unable to put him higher on the list. 

25. Terumi Mei

Strongest Naruto Characters: Terumi Mei

Mei is included as a sad case where she was introduced among the juggernauts. Her lava style is honestly really cool. But she was only able to showcase it when she fought Sasuke and then we rarely saw it. Even worse, she then needed to fight the Madara Uchiha, making her even look weaker than she should. There is no saving her after that. 

24. 3rd Kazekage

Strongest Naruto Characters: 3rd Kazekage

It is said that the 3rd Kazekage is the strongest Kazekage that Suna Village ever had. His Iron Sand did prove to be a nuisance when Chiyo and Sakura fought him as Sasori's doll. But even though he is regarded as the strongest ninja back in his glorious day, the fact that a “mere” Sasori kidnapped and killed him, made you wonder if he truly is a strong ninja or not. 

23. Onoki

Strongest Naruto Characters: Onoki

Perhaps old age made Onoki's skill rusty. His Dust Particles technique is considered as the one of the most dangerous jutsu in the series. But just like Mei, it is unfortunate that he was introduced just before crazier godlike characters also made their appearance. The only thing that made him listed higher than Mei is that he showcased his skills more than Mei. But when you compare him with Madara or Hashirama, again, there is no saving him from it. 

22. Mu

Strongest Naruto Characters: Mu

He is the 2nd Tsuchikage and Onoki's teacher. So just like Onoki, he is able to release that Dust Particles technique. What made him slightly better than Onoki is that he is also a sensory ninja, thus making him able to detect other's chakra far away. But yeah, it is quite pale compared to what comes next. Still, Mu is a great ninja. Otherwise he could not become a Kage. 

21.Sarutobi Hiruzen

Strongest Naruto Characters: Sarutobi Hiruzen

The 3rd Hokage gramps, just like a certain old character on the list, his skill is slowly getting faded. In 4th Ninja War, he did not show his ability that often, since there were 3 other Hokage with him. Hiruzen however, did fight with Orochimaru alongside with Hashirama and Tobirama. Even though they were not at their full power, the fact that he was able to keep up with them and even sealed Orochimaru's arms was enough to show that he is an amazing shinobi. 

20. Hozuki Gengetsu

Strongest Naruto Characters: Hozuki Gengetsu

The descendants of Mangetsu (or you might know him more as “Suigetsu”) were considered as the strongest Mizukage. Just like Suigetsu, he could transform himself into liquid. But unlike Suigetsu, he has the ability to use almost every element, and is even able to summon a giant clam and create an illusion. (At this point I am too tired to repeat the power creep thing, so let us just roll to the next character. That also applies to the next characters). 

19. Gaara

Strongest Naruto Characters: Gaara

Leaving the top 20, we have General Gaara. We know how strong his impenetrable sands actually are. Even after losing Shukaku his sands are still going strong as ever and even able to protect a lot of ninjas during the 4th ninja war. And we cannot forget that he became a Kage at a very young age, showing how powerful and respected Gaara is as a shinobi. 

18. Hanzo

Strongest Naruto Characters: Hanzo

The legendary ninja from Amegakure is definitely one of the most dangerous shinobi in the Naruto series. When he was resurrected by Kabuto, dozens of ninjas died because of his poison techniques, fitting his moniker as “Hanzo the Salamander”. The ninja alliance was extremely lucky because they got Mifune who understood Hanzo in and out. The battle would be more difficult if the samurai did not participate in the war. 

17. Tsunade

Strongest Naruto Characters: Tsunade

Our first Legendary Sannin is known to be the most gifted medical ninja who is able to cure almost everything. Tsunade's trademark jutsu is definitely her Creation Rebirth technique where she allows any kinds of wounds during the battle. The downside is that Tsunade would use up too much chakra making her revert to her old body, and even shorten her lifespan. A dangerous yet incredible jutsu. 

16. Orochimaru

Strongest Naruto Characters: Orochimaru

(At this point the difference of power between the number above and below is either that thin or that thick. Have a guess which one is which) Orochimaru is a creepy Legendary Sannin who seeks immortality. His techniques revolve around snakes, and he has a variation on doing it. Due to his sickness, Orochimaru's power got weaker and weaker, thus making Sasuke able to absorb him rather easily. 

15. Haruno Sakura

Strongest Naruto Characters: Haruno Sakura

“What? Sakura is number 15? How? Why?” Well, yeah. You might say Sakura is useless, but keep in mind that she is surrounded by the literal reincarnation of Ashura and Indra, and other demigods. Tsunade herself stated that Sakura is already stronger than her. She has mastered what Tsunade has learned in her entire life at a very young age. It is unfortunate that she is hindered by her godly circles and sometimes her indecisive nature. 

14. Killer Bee

Strongest Naruto Characters: Killer Bee

The weird rapper who is the Jinchuriki of Gyuki alias 8 tails. Even without Gyuki, Killer Bee is still a strong ninja, relying on his eccentric swordsmanship. But of course, Gyuki being on his side is proven many times to be Bee's greatest asset. And it is actually better than it looks, because since Gyuki befriended Bee, he is willing to help Bee anytime and anywhere, regardless of the opponents.

13. A (4th Raikage) 

Strongest Naruto Characters: A (4th Raikage)

(I looked it up and found out that is his real name. And that confused the hell out of me) Killer Bee's brother has shown many times that he is amongst the strongest current Kage. A has a durable body, speed, and technique. Not to mention that he has guts and no fears of death. One of his most notorious battles is when he fought the cocky Sasuke and beat him into the pulp just like that. 

12.Namikaze Minato

Strongest Naruto Characters: Namikaze Minato

Naruto's dad has the moniker “Yellow Flash from Konoha”. It is because of his signature technique, Flying Raijin. But Minato is not a one trick pony. He mastered a lot of jutsu, including his creation, Rasengan, and one technique that puts him on another level: Senjutsu. Minato is easily one of the strongest Hokage that Konoha ever had, and if he lived a long life, his potential may exceed our expectations. 

11. A (3rd Raikage) 

Strongest Naruto Characters: A (3rd Raikage)

(I promise that is his real name. Literally the same as the 4th Raikage) The 3rd Raikage was a monster who died in some battle. It is not explained how he died, but whoever killed him did a brilliant job because of how strong he is. We have seen him in 4th Ninja War wreak havoc with his incredible power. A is basically 4th Raikage with more speed, more power, and more durability hence making him a tough shinobi to crack. 

10. Jiraiya

Strongest Naruto Characters: Jiraiya

The top 10 is opened with the Pervy-Sage. Starting as a loser who barely has jutsu to master, Jiraiya became one one the most complete ninjas in the series. He has so many jutsu and can use them accordingly. Jiraiya even mastered the art of Senjutsu, which made him even stronger than before. If only he escaped from Nagato, Jiraiya could be the greatest asset that the Shinobi Alliance ever have. 

9. Uzumaki Nagato

Strongest Naruto Characters: Uzumaki Nagato

Nagato is the first ever character who has the legendary Rinnegan, making him literally untouchable at first. Rinnegan allows him to do different things, including controlling dead bodies to fight as “Pain”. And he divided the Pains with different techniques, making them absolutely difficult to defeat. And honestly his arc alone is enough to showcase how powerful Nagato actually is. 

8. Senju Tobirama

Strongest Naruto Characters: Senju Tobirama

As Hashirama's little brother, Tobirama has his own characteristics that differs him from his big brother. He is not as strong as him, yes, but Tobirama can fight toe to toe with opponents like Madara despite losing at the end of the day. He is known as the father of Jutsu, and has created some of iconic jutsu such as Minato's Flying Raijin and Naruto's Shadow Clone. 

7. Uchiha Itachi 

Strongest Naruto Characters: Uchiha Itachi

I honestly have no idea where to start about Itachi. We already know how strong he is, and some fans even argue that if Itachi is still alive alongside Jiraiya, Madara would not stand a chance to beat the Ninja Alliance. If that was not enough to persuade you on Itachi's strength, keep in mind that he needed to hold back for not killing Sasuke in that infamous fight. Itachi was also the one who broke the Edo Tensei. Itachi is so strong that words cannot explain it. 

6. Uchiha Madara

Strongest Naruto Characters: Uchiha Madara

(At this point I really have no clue on how I should start with every character. So I am simply going to explain why this character is so strong) Madara is the one who went head to head with The God of Shinobi many times in the past. He literally can do it all. Madara was also the one who managed to stay alive even after the Edo Tensei was removed. And then he got the Rinnegan that made him even stronger. Madara even managed to control Kurama for his own benefits. In conclusion: he is strong. 

5. Senju Hashirama

Strongest Naruto Characters: Senju Hashirama

The God of Shinobi who is known for his ability to manipulate woods. His cells are extracted and being used for many different things, proving that Hashirama is simply built differently. And frankly explaining Hashirama's skill would be pretty draining because just like Madara, he can do it all but even better. If he did not participate in the war, who knows if the alliance can win or not. 

4. Uchiha Sasuke

Strongest Naruto Characters: Uchiha Sasuke

At the end of the series, Sasuke proved to be the strongest Uchiha. He is quick to learn and able to use different kinds of techniques rather quickly after learning it. After mastering Sharingan, Sasuke slowly learned Chidori, controlling his cursed seal, and even awakened Mangekyou Sharingan. Explaining Sasuke's strength is pretty much mundane, especially after obtaining Rinnegan from Hagoromo. At that point, Sasuke is literally untouchable, except for one person. Just. One. 

3. Uzumaki Naruto

Strongest Naruto Characters: Uzumaki Naruto

Yes, he is the guy who can defeat Sasuke (duh, he is the main character). Naruto's growth is quite entertaining to watch. Starting as a simple Shadow Clone user, and now he is capable of using amazing techniques like Rasengan, Senjutsu, and even Six Paths. Just like Sasuke, after gaining that ability from Hagoromo, explaining why Naruto is so strong is pretty much useless because no one can come close to him. Except maybe Sasuke. 

2. Otsutsuki Kaguya

Strongest Naruto Characters: Otsutsuki Kaguya

She is the one who pulls the string behind everything. And her strength is no joke at all, I personally did not want to put her on the list because how bs that was. Kaguya was basically some sort of an alien who came from another world to earth. After consuming this weird fruit from “God Tree”, she literally became untouchable, being able to do literally anything she wanted to. As the results, she was sealed by her sons, Hagoromo and Hamura.

1. Otsutsuki Hagoromo

Strongest Naruto Characters: Otsutsuki Hagoromo

What can I say? He is called the Sage of The Six Paths and is regarded as the ancestor of Shinobi. Of course he is going to be placed first on the list. To keep it short, let me just tell you what he is capable of: Sharingan, Rinnegan, creating Bijuu, elemental release, Six Paths, sealing techniques, and many more. Surprised? Of course not (writer note: this is the part where I succumb into the darkness because how bs everything went at the end of Naruto. Even worse, I still love it no matter what).