25 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

I still remember back in 2015, the hype surrounding Tokyo Ghoul was massive. Knowing how popular this Ishida Sui's creation was, Studio Pierrot is expected to give the anime fans an adaptation that should be as good as the manga. And did they succeed? Well… Not really if I am being honest

But who cares, because today we are not going to talk about that. We are here to discuss about 25 strongest Tokyo Ghoul characters. And the reason why I want to talk about this topic is because I simply want to. That is it. No other reasons whatsoever. 

Just kidding, I have my own reason. The power scaling in this anime is kind of weird. Sometimes you would think that A is stronger than B, but when they battled it turns out that it actually is the contrary. But I think that makes sense, because for me, Tokyo Ghoul has never been a series that focused on power scaling. 

Still, I think that it would be nice to know which one is stronger than which. Here I tried to be as objective as possible. I did not even include some of the most popular characters. I might be wrong, I could be right, who knows. That is why you can feel free to correct me if I made a mistake. It is an open discussion after all. 

So, if that is clear, then I would not prolong these opening paragraphs. Let us begin from the number 25:

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters

25. Fueguchi Hinami 

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters:  Fueguchi Hinami

At a very young age she already became an SS class Ghoul. It is a statement on how powerful Hinami is as a Ghoul. If you remember back in the first season, she was the one who killed the lunatic Mado Kureo. Regrettably it was his own fault underestimating his opponent, but it was still a great achievement considering he was already a first class Ghoul Investigator. I can only imagine how powerful she would be if there is another season of Tokyo Ghoul that tells the story of the older version of these characters. 

24. Donato Porpora

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Donato Porpora

This creepy man caused a lot of children suffering before eventually he got caught and was sent into Cochlea. Honestly there is not much information related to Donato's strength apart from the fact that he is an SS rank Ghoul. We have seen him fight against Amon, and provided quite a difficulty for him. But he still lost at the end of the day. So yeah, that is not enough to put him higher despite his status. Regardless, CCG still thinks of him as a dangerous Ghoul and they are kind of right. 

23. Kamishiro Rize

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Kamishiro Rize

Putting Rize here might be an insult for her, but just hear me out. We have not seen her in an actual fight. That is it. That is the whole reason. What I can tell you is that Rize's Kagune is used so much that it would probably be the testament of her true ability when she is alive. But apart from that, I cannot really tell whether or not she is that powerful in battle. I can only assume that Rize is strong, but maybe not as powerful as other crazy characters in the series. 

22. Yakumo Oomori

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Yakumo Oomori

If you are not familiar with the name, you may know him as “Jason” or “Yamori”. From the appearance alone we can tell that Jason is a strong character. However, similar to Rize, we have not seen him in a real battle. I mean yeah sure he fought Ken in the end of the first season, but I would not really call it a fight because Jason immediately got wrecked. So of course I cannot use it to measure his true strength, because if I do, then Jason would not probably get into the list. 

21. Mado Akira

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Mado Akira

Just like her father, Kureo, it seems like Akira also possesses the grit of killing Ghouls. Considering she is still young, that is quite an amazing feat for her. I mean that does not mean that she becomes the most powerful Investigator, but she still is able to defend herself and her comrades when she needs to. However, I do still think that Akira is only considered to be “great” among all of those monsters, way above on this list. She still has quite a long way to go. 

20. Mutsuki Tooru

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Mutsuki Tooru

If you see the pattern in Tokyo Ghoul, you will realize that a character has become stronger when their hair is or turns white. And that is exactly what happened to this male looking female. But joke aside, those who have watched the series are supposed to know that Tooru has difficulty controlling her power. But as the series progresses, she becomes a lethal character who threatens not only Ghouls, but also her CCG comrades, to the point where she almost kills her dearest friends in the process. 

19. Kirishima Ayato

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Kirishima Ayato

Whether you like it or not, it is a fact that Ayato is a more powerful and perhaps more talented Ghoul rather than her sister. His skills are quite lethal and he has proven himself to be a Ghoul that CCG need to be wary of. But as the series goes on, a lot of other Ghouls are introduced and they all have these crazy powers and are incredibly dangerous, thus making Ayato look weaker than he should be, while in reality they are all just a tad bit more lunatic hence he got sidetracked. 

18. Washuu Kichimura

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Washuu Kichimura

Or Furuta, if you are not familiar with him. Honestly he is in a bizarre position in terms of strength. Well at least for me. I had the option not to put him on the list and choose other characters. Yet, I feel obligated to include him considering he is the final opponent and apparently the one who pulls the string. And also I cannot set aside the fact that Furuta did give Ken a hard time, even though Ken at that moment was already quite exhausted. So yeah, there you have it. I have no idea what to do with him. 

17. Urie Kuki

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Urie Kuki

I initially did not want to include Kuki and other Quinx members. But then I remember how Kuki and Tooru had amazing developments in terms of strength and personality. So that is a bit of background on why Kuki is on the list. On the real notes, he has quite a lot of potential as a Ghoul Investigator. At the beginning he had a bit of problems with his personality and mentality. Over the time Kuki has fixed it and as of right now he is one of the most dependable members of CCG. 

16. Amon Koutarou

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Amon Koutarou

Koutarou's story started from being one of the brightest members of CCG, but then he lost to Ken and was kidnapped to become a lab rat for Dr. Kanou. And now he has become what he hates the most: Ghoul. But if we see it from another perspective, perhaps this is a blessing for him because now Koutarou has an immense power combined from a Ghoul and years of training as a human. Not the strongest, but I can safely say that Koutarou can have an equal fight against some of the stronger characters on this list. 

15. Noro

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Noro

This freakish Ghoul honestly caused me a bit of eerie feelings because of his appearance and the fact that he barely talks at all. Not to mention that weird Kagune and that Kakuja. Speaking of Kakuja, a lot of previous characters also possess that kind of ultimate form. However, Noro stands out among them, having used it in a major battle, thus we can see how powerful this Aogiri member actually is. He lost for sure, but for me personally he did entertain us with quite a good showdown though. 

14. Tatara

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Tatara

See what I meant when I said white haired characters are some of the strongest characters in the series? But joke aside, Tatara's strength is no joke. This Chinese Ghoul actually has a Kakuja form. Just like Noro, while some of the previous characters also have one, Tatara is also the one who prominently used it, hence I could measure how strong this Ghoul actually is. And at this point, all of the characters can be considered as extremely powerful with some of them only having a tiny gap between their power to another. 

13. Uta

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Uta

Back in his younger days Uta was a dangerous Ghoul who was known for his sadistic behavior and crazy power. So powerful in fact, that he is considered to be an SS rank Ghoul by the CCG. Although now he seemingly has stopped doing that stuff, it turns out that Uta still has that muscle memory from back then when he used to rampage. We have seen some of his true strength when he fought against Renji in the season finale. He lost, but he did make Renji struggle, a testament on how strong Uta is. 

12. Yomo Renji 

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Yomo Renji

Similar to Uta, Renji was also a strong Ghoul and loved to murder people. The difference is that he stopped after he met Yoshimura. Fun fact, Yomo does not have any rank as a Ghoul. And yes, I have looked. Despite that, there is no doubt that Renji is a powerful character. Just in the previous list I have explained that he has managed to stop Uta even though Uta fights more than Renji at their adult age. So we can assume that if Renji is being ranked, it would be the same with Uta. 

11. Kamishiro Matasaka

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Kamishiro Matasaka

Or Shachi, if you do not know his real name. Despite getting weaker in the :re, Shachi, just like some other Ghouls here, was considered to be one of the deadliest Ghoul, and even said to be the most dangerous at some point. His main selling point apart from his Kagune and healing factor as a Ghoul, is definitely his knowledge about martial arts. That thing alone separates him from other Ghouls, and managed to become a differential that made him able to beat Ken one on one. 

10. Takizawa Seidou

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Takizawa Seidou

If it is not because he is turned into a Ghoul, Seidou will not be on this list. He was a weak crybaby who, for me, barely has any potential. However, after he became a Ghoul, he is considered among some of the most dangerous Ghoul, being an SS rank. I have no idea if it is a truly good thing or actually a bad thing for him. But the fact that he is almost unstoppable with his new power has shown that you only need a tiny change in your life to become an unstoppable force. 

9. Shinohara Yukinori

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Shinohara Yukinori

Among one of the most senior CCG and also a Special Class Investigator. That alone should explain why he is considered among the strongest Investigator, and maybe also the most powerful character in the series. If that was not enough, then I would like to remind you all that Yukinori is also the one who led the fight with Owl alongside Investigator Iwao. Sadly he was knocked out and went into a coma until the end of the series. But of course that does not define Yukinori's real power and ability as a CCG member. 

8. Kuroiwa Iwao

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Kuroiwa Iwao

Honestly there is not much to say about Iwao, because his case is rather similar to Investigator Yukinori, except he did not go into a coma at the end of the Owl battle. Iwao is also a Special Investigator, among the most senior ones in CCG, and he can use the same kind of Quinque that Yukinori used. So yeah, with that kind of similarities, I am now rather confused on what to tell you all about this stern looking man. He is strong, that is all I have to say, I guess. 

7. Kirishima Arata

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Kirishima Arata

A lot of people have forgotten the legendary Kirishima Arata, who rarely appeared in the series, let alone to have a memorable battle scene. So, why do I put him way above other characters who have similar cases? It is all because of the lore. You can check the complete explanation here, but to put it short, he is considered to be one of the most extreme Ghoul out there. Similar to Rize, his Kagune is harvested but this time, it is for the needs of CCG, and arguably the strongest Quinque they have ever made. 

6. Hoito Roma

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Hoito Roma

Remember back in the 2nd season when Roma was portrayed as a clumsy service lady who made a lot of mistakes and was often told being useless? And here we are, years after the anime finished, we have witnessed one of the deadliest Ghoul in the series. She is ranked SSS after all. And no, I kid you not, check out for yourself if you do not trust me. Luckily for them Kuki was there to kill her, or else she would be more of a nuisance and grow to be more difficult to deal with. 

5. Kaneki Ken

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Kaneki Ken

Nope, Ken is not the most powerful character in this series. He is really strong, but not enough to claim the title as the strongest. But hey, being able to beat other seemingly strong characters is already an amazing feat. Granted he is the main character so he needs to be strong, but Ken's strength is abnormally fluctuating depending on his sanity. He can be defeated easily against someone who looks weaker than him. On the other hand, Ken can put up a tough battle against someone who is supposedly stronger than him. 

4. Suzuya Juuzou

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Juuzou Suzuya

One reason to put Juuzou above Ken is because he did beat him and almost killed him. Ken did not die, but he suffered a fatal blow that leads to the infamous Dragon arc. That is it. No other reason. However, there are a lot of reasons why this trap is way above others, leaving them in the dust. I wondered whether he is a Ghoul or not, but it turns out Juuzou is a human being. But that kind of movement is inhumane thus it leads me to think of it that way. 

3. Yoshimura Eto

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Yoshimura Eto

If you are terrible at guessing some sort of twists in anime or basically other series, then I think you would never think that Eto was the mythical One-Eyed Owl. From the appearance alone, it was hard to think that Eto has some sort of crazy power, since she is a “mere” writer. We'll at least for me though. Just like her father, her strength is already renowned among those who are involved in the world of Ghoul. And honestly that is all to say about Eto's power. 

2. Yoshimura Kuzen

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Yoshimura Kuzen

Like daughter like father. It is the contrary I know, but I need to make an adjustment because of this list. But anyway, who would have thought this old Ghoul turns out to be the SSS class Ghoul. At least it fits the stereotype of “old people in anime being super strong” or whatever. I still remember how hard it was for the CCG to battle Kuzen. Not even 3 Special Investigators were sufficient to face him. And I do believe that sentence is more than enough to describe how powerful this legendary Ghoul is.

1. Arima Kishou

Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters: Arima Kishou

Let us face it. If you look objectively, there is no doubt that Kishou would be the number one for this list. I cannot think of anyone else who can replace his shoes. Maybe Juuzou or Ken have potential, but they are still nowhere near to the Grim Reaper of CCG. The evidence is literally there. Whenever Kishou makes an appearance, it almost always will be the end of the battle regardless of the opponents. Even when he eventually lost and died, it was on purpose to make Ken look strong.