The Wisdom of Aging: 14 Beliefs That Bent to Experience

Have you ever had a firmly held belief that drastically changed as you got older? I'll go first; for the longest time, I thought adults were perfect and could never make a mistake. I held my parents to an unrealistic standard, but now I realize they're human beings with flaws and shortcomings. After someone posted this same question in an online community, here are the answers they got.

1. That We Know What We're Talking About

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We always think we know what we're talking about, right? However, as one member got older, they said they realized that that wasn't quite the truth. 

2. Hard Work Will Get You Ahead

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It's true that working hard can get you ahead, but not always. Sometimes, you need a whole lot of luck and the perfect timing. Other times, the work will get you there. 

3. We Can Rely on The Government

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I remember the false sense of security when I thought the government always sought our best interests. One person mentions that governments are dysfunctional and no one should rely on them.

4. Book-Smart Is Life-Smart

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Are you book-smart or life-smart? A contributor suggests there's a vast difference between the two. They went to school with book-smart nurses who could not function when required to do direct patient care.

5. Things Always Work Out

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This may be hard to hear, but a responder writes that not everyone gets a happy ending. Things work out how they're supposed to, different from how you expect them to.

6. Good Things Happen To Good People

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The world doesn't have to reward you just because you're a good person. Somebody says nature is indifferent and good people can experience bad things. It's up to us to set things straight.

7. People Are Together Because of Love

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Do you believe there is a divine power that chooses people who are suited for each other? If that power is proximity and convenience, then you may be right. An individual states that many people are together because of favorable circumstances.

8. Hard Work Pays

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Just because you work hard doesn't mean you'll get ahead. One responds that you need friends in the right places and a lot of luck to succeed. If you do not work hard, you can still be successful if you're lucky. Hard work only assures you a ten percent success rate.

9. Everyone Can Succeed

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Not everyone has the privilege of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps to succeed. A commenter shares that some people are born into a system that doesn't let them have good boots. They're trying to find a balance between not being angry at the world and connecting with people who don't understand this.

10. Friendships Are Forever

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You'll have different friends for different seasons of your life. A person shares that friendships go along with the chapters of life. You're fortunate if you have some that withstand the waves.

11. People Think About Others

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Many agree that everyone is too engrossed in their lives to care about yours. Nobody cares about what you wear, do, or look like. They're all focused on their interests, comfort, and well-being.

12. Money Is Everything

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Can money buy happiness? A person declares that being around family and people who support you is more important.

13. Love Conquers All

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Love is only a fraction of what it takes to have a successful relationship. A forum member explains that two people could love each other so much, but it only counts if they work to make the relationship work. Resentment will set in, and things will fall apart.

14. Failure Is Permanent

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Finally, a user affirms that you can always grow, learn, and change. Goals may look unachievable, but if you practice consistently, you can do anything. Failure is a temporary state that you can change.

Source: Reddit.