Don’t Miss These Subtle Signs Of Low Intelligence In People

It shouldn't come as a shock that the internet has plenty of opinions. Unsurprisingly, one of those opinions is about the overall intelligence of people.

A recent online discussion asks for ways to determine below-average signs of intelligence.

1. Believing Everything Found On Social Media

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According to countless people, there is a direct correlation between low intelligence and treating everything read on social media as fact. Sure, “fake news” is a real problem today. But unfortunately, too many people don't analyze what they read or view critically, leading them down a rabbit hole of misinformation. 

2. Lack of Curiosity

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As one enterprising woman explains, if you act like a human potato, you will be treated like a human potato. “Have you ever dealt with someone when every instruction needs to be laid out in painstaking detail?” she asks. “If an issue arises, there's no desire to understand why or attempt to fix it. They just error out and stand there waiting for instruction. It's like programming a computer, but the computer is a human potato.” 

Do not be a human potato. 

3. Not Understanding Hypothetical Questions

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Thinking outside the box and using critical-thinking areas of your brain is a perfect example of intelligence. The inability to comprehend hypothetical questions is one of the easiest ways to tell the person asking the question that you're not smart. 

4. People Criticizing Other People's Grasp of English

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It's shocking how often native English speakers make fun of others' attempts to speak the language; many feel it's a subtle sign of low intelligence. “If I ever get frustrated trying to understand someone speaking broken English, I just remember that they're doing better at speaking English than I'd be at speaking their native language,” reveals one man. 

5. Not Understanding Analogies

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Failing to grasp analogies doesn't bode well for your perceived intelligence, similar to not understanding hypothetical questions and scenarios. The ability to think critically is a crucial stage in our brain's development; many believe that some brains haven't progressed to that level yet!

6. An Unwillingness To Change Their Opinion

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Here's an easy way to make others think you're stupid: stubbornly refuse to change your opinion – even in the presence of new information. “I have a huge problem with the inability, or unwillingness, to change one's opinion when confronted with new information,” confesses one woman. “If a person digs their heels in no matter how much they're proven wrong on a given topic, they're an idiot.” 

7. Overreliance On Empty Buzzwords

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I was waiting to see how many of my friends in the corporate world would get mentioned in this conversation! “People who use only empty buzzwords in their conversations are not smart,” advises one person who seems to know my friends personally. “I've got a coworker who only communicates in phrases like ‘situational awareness' and ‘following breadcrumbs' and asks for meetings to ‘amplify our synergy.'”

8. Buying a New Car When They're Broke

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Everybody shakes their head disapprovingly when they hear this story: the broke friend who buys a new car or truck, putting themselves in a challenging financial situation. So why do people do this to themselves? The answer, according to many people, is that they're dumb.

9. Getting Sucked Into a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

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MLMs and pyramid schemes target a particular demographic: the unintelligent. It's easy for these people to be swayed by false promises, fancy presentations, and the lure of becoming rich beyond their wildest dreams. But, unfortunately, that rarely happens. 

10. Littering

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Littering in public is the most popular identifying trait named by others that signify below-average intelligence. Something about the utter carelessness of the world around you just screams, “I'm an idiot!”

11. Lack of Empathy

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Putting yourself in someone else's shoes shows you care and have a fully-working heart and brain. If you find yourself unable to do this, many people admit they consider that a glaring sign of your low intelligence. 

12. Doing Something For Internet Clout

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For some, it's easy to identify people of lower intelligence – all they have to do is fire up social media and start scrolling. “You mean, a guy spinning his new 48-month loan Dodge Charger in a circle surrounded by lunatics with guns and fire in an intersection while hanging halfway out of the car recording an Instagram video is probably not that intelligent?” asks one egregious man.

Source: Reddit.