Why That ’70s Show is More Than Just a Nostalgia Trip

What makes That ‘70s Show so unique compared to other sitcoms? Is it the classic theme song, retro clothing, or something else entirely? After a fan asked for examples of what makes the series superior to other sitcoms, these were the responses from show enthusiasts. 

1. Red and Kitty Forman

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One fan suggested, “Red and Kitty were even more entertaining than the kids. The two of them were well-balanced, poked fun at each other so well, and yet passionately in love after decades of marriage. They created a household we all wanted to be part of, along with all those kids they collected.”

Another agreed, “Red is absolutely the best character on the show.”

2. The Writing

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“The writing and acting are excellent,” one shared. “Nothing is forced, and the episodes don't feel like cheesy TV episodes. Instead, the episodes feel like we are watching snippets of their daily lives. The writers don't try too hard and make their lives seem more attractive than they are.”

“They are primarily in the basement, the hub, or the backyard shooting hoops. The plot points are basic and feel true to life. All of these combined gives a great show that's re-watchable because it's relatable and funny.”

3. The Circle

70s Smoke
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“The Circle,” one '70s Show fan replied. “With the narrated fantasy sequences, and the split-screen dual conversations, and the point of view shots.”

Another fan quoted, “What are you doing? Red: Installing a smoke detector. Kelso: Uh, does that detect ALL kinds of smoke?” 

4. The Cast Has Great Chemistry

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One fan replied, “The cast has great chemistry–just an excellent ensemble.” Another agreed, “Exactly. Sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle, and this is one of those casts that just works so well together.”

Finally, a third said, “The chemistry between the gang. They were just so funny in their interactions.”

5. It Hasn't Aged

Fez / Wilmer Valderrama
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“Since it was a period show, to begin with,” one stated. “It hasn't aged like other ensemble shows like Seinfeld or Friends have. There is a perpetual 70's nostalgia that doesn't feel dated in just a few years when fashions and styles change. Also, they put together a good cast representing a mix of personality types and character backgrounds.”

6. You Feel Like Part of the Gang

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“They all seem so genuine, and their acting is so natural. The camerawork is excellent and close-up, so we all feel a part of the group. It also takes place in an exciting decade,” shared one.

Another agreed, “It feels like Eric, Hyde, Donna, Red, Kitty, Fez, Kelso, etc., are real people and not characters on a TV show. And no other sitcom has ever achieved this for me.”

7. The Jokes

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One fan expressed, “Because, unlike other sitcoms, the jokes in That '70s Show are funny and don't fall flat.” Another added, “I noticed that the gang laughs at each other's jokes. You know, as ordinary people do. So many other sitcoms have characters roll their eyes or not even respond when another character says something funny.”

A third person agreed, “It feels authentic, the way they break character and laugh at each other's jokes. In other sitcoms, someone will say something hilarious, and the others will keep a straight face, which makes no sense. In this one, they laugh and show their friendship. It's also hilarious and over the top, with a relatively accurate depiction of high schoolers.”

8. Nostalgia

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“Nostalgia,” explained one. “Whether you lived through the 70s or always wanted to, it envelopes one into it.” Another agreed, “It's timeless. Even though it's set in the 70s, the gang's high school experience was much like mine. So it's a combination of nostalgia and relatability. It's also simultaneously wholesome and deviously witty.”

9. The Characters

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“They have a wide range of funny characters, main and side characters,” one '70s Show fan expressed. Another agreed, “Yes! All the characters are entertaining in some way, even the side characters.”

Finally, a third added, “The character development and the way that they relate to each other.”

10. The Coming of Age Aspect

that 70s comedy tv show
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“The coming of age aspect,” said one. Another shared, “It balances being a silly funny sitcom about kids that don't have a direction but enjoy the time they got. And it is an exciting coming-of-age story with a relatable family regardless of background.”

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