10 Surprising Movies That No One Cares About Anymore

Someone recently expressed they were searching for movies that exist but aren't a big deal anymore, despite a massive appeal and success initially.

They gave these examples, “Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesThe Bodyguard (two huge Kevin Costner films with enormous hit songs that no one has watched since 1997). The Revenant (Leo gets an Oscar, but can you remember anything besides the bear scene?). Seabiscuit. What else?” Here are the top-voted responses. 

1. The Italian Job (2003)

the italian job
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

One person admitted, “The 2003 version of The Italian Job comes to mind. It was a decent hit then, making me more aware of them. Also, it appeared to contribute to the increased popularity of Cooper Minis in the United States.”

Another user admitted they watched it with their dad anytime it was on TV. Before someone replied, “Italian Job is the most ‘watch on TV with Dad' movie in history. Or, at the very least, it shares that honor with The Shawshank Redemption.”

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios

“You could single a lot of 2010s live-action Disney, but I'm going to put in a shout-out for Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. Made over a billion dollars. It was part of the post-Avatar 3D boom. People saw it, but no one cared when part five rolled around.”

3. Love Story (1970)

love story
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

Love Story is baffling to me,” someone admitted.

“It was a huge best-seller, the highest-grossing movie of that year. It was nominated and won some Oscars, and now, sure, ‘Love means never having to say you're sorry' is a line that people know. But, still, no one ever talks about that movie. They never include any footage when they make the history of movies montages at the Oscars or someplace.”

4. The Intouchables (2012)

The Intouchables
Image Credit: Gaumont

“The Intouchables is number 44 on the IMDb top 250. It's ahead of Rear WindowApocalypse NowRaiders of the Lost Ark, Alien, and The Shining, to name a few. Yet, it is nothing more than a Parisian fluff piece. And I never hear anyone going to the bat for it. I don't dislike the film, but its high regard and simultaneous disappearance fascinate me.”

5. The Divergent Trilogy (2014, 2015, and 2016)

Image Credit: Lionsgate

One user said, “It will forever be hilarious to me that they tried so hard to make a part two in multiple formats. But then, they gave up, and nobody noticed or cared. If Dark Universe is the King of Baffling Abandoned Failures, Allegiant Part 2 is at least a Duke.”

Another said, “I love that Woodley said she didn't want to do a TV movie of the last movie because she didn't want to do TV. Only to turn around and make Big Little Lies. Good on her.”

6. Pearl Harbor (2001)

Pearl Harbor
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“I think Pearl Harbor qualifies,” one user shared. “It made like $450 Million and had a sizable cast of named stars. I remember advertising being everywhere as a kid. Meanwhile, I don't think anyone has given it a second thought since '02.” 

Another person said, “My wife and I saw it when we were dating. And its enduring contribution to our lives is our continued use of the phrase Doolittle raid to refer to a movie with a clear ending. But they had another thirty minutes tacked on for no discernible reason. The Batman, for instance, has a textbook Doolittle raid.”

7. The Hobbit Trilogy (2012, 2013, and 2014)

the hobbit
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Hobbit trilogy made $2.9 billion worldwide, and no one has ever watched those movies more than once,” one user claimed.

“We saw the first in a packed theater. We saw the third in an empty theater and one undergoing some renovations and missing a third of the seats. So that seems about right.” 

8. Hope and Glory (1987)

hope and glory
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures

“John Boorman's 1987 film Hope and Glory was nominated for 5 Oscars, including Best Picture, Director, and Original Screenplay. It is rated 96% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and I don't know a single person who has seen it (myself included),” one user admitted. 

9. The Right Stuff (1983)

the right stuff
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

“The Right Stuff,” shared one. “I was binging old Siskel & Ebert episodes. In the Best of the 80's special, they discussed this film like it was already a definitive classic, a masterpiece, and a film that will be celebrated for generations.”

“They were not alone in that praise because it cleaned up critically and with the Academy. I don't want to say that everyone was wrong, but I've never seen it or heard it mentioned outside of that special.”

10. Dinosaur (2000)

Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Dinosaur,” shared one. “I remember the hype for this Disney animated film. The epic trailer. The photorealistic animation was supposed to be groundbreaking. Then it came out, made over $100M, and was never mentioned again.”

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