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Survey Junkie is an online platform that rewards users for taking digital surveys and tracking online activities. The surveys can be completed and are available for participants in Canada, the United States, and Australia. You can register for a free account and sign up. So, is Survey Junkie a scam or a great way to make extra money online? 

Online market research companies like Survey Junkie act as middlemen for larger corporations looking for input to better cater their products and services to consumers in their target market and identify trends. It earns its bread and butter by gathering intel from its digital surveys and offering small incentives to its site users. Let's discuss whether spending your free time completing surveys is a legit way to make money.

How To Get Started

After providing general information to determine demographics like full name, date of birth, and country of residence, Survey Junkie users must answer questions to complete their profiles. The profile questions are an essential part of the process because they will match surveys based on the information you provide in your profile. Some companies are looking for market research for a specific group of consumers or target market, so Survey Junkie needs to match the proper surveys with those whose opinions matter the most.

Some examples of profile questions are related to shopping habits, income, pets, education, and living situation. Every survey offers different points and shows users the number of points they can earn, and the time it will take to complete a survey. Sometimes participants complete surveys only to find out that they are disqualified for not meeting the criteria. If that's the case, users still receive some reward points.

Get Started With Survey Junkie

Focus Groups

Survey Junkie also offers some focus group opportunities. Focus group offers are generally available for power users or more active participants of the survey site. Participants first need to answer a survey to see if they qualify. If found eligible, Survey Junkie will organize in-person or online focus groups. You can earn cash rewards from $25 to $150 for your work in the focus group.

Product Testing

Although there aren't many product testing opportunities, when there are, you can get paid the cash equivalent of working on a focus group. You can also receive a free product to test and share your experience.

SJ Pulse

SJ Pulse is a browser extension that willing participants install on their phones so that it can track their online activity and earn rewards. When you join SJ Pulse, Survey Junkie refers to this as the SJ Pulse community because it allows users to qualify for more exclusive surveys.

Joining the SJ Pulse community is a more passive income earning method than completing many surveys that take time and effort to complete. SJ Pulse tracks such activity as online searches, website visits, and installed apps. The browser extension will also monitor the products you shop for, the advertisements you view, and the content you engage with.

‘Browser behavior' gives companies solid market research on consumers' preferences. Survey Junkie assures users that all their information is secure and never collected, including passwords and credit card details. All personally identifiable information is encrypted.

Make Money With Survey Junkie

How To Get Paid

Survey Junkie users can convert rewards points that accumulate to gift cards or cash that users can transfer to Paypal accounts. Survey Junkie pays users $1 for every 100 points earned. Users can redeem points once they hit a minimum of 500 points accumulated or $5.

How Much Can You Earn From Survey Junkie

Users receive bonus points for the various actions required to open an account just for signing up. Signing up gets you 25 points, 50 points for completing your profile, 25 points for confirming your email, 5 points to take a tour, and 10 points for completing the profile surveys. You can also make money from referrals to friends and family members.

For taking surveys, participants can earn anywhere from $0.20 to around $3.00. For contributing to behavioral research and installing the browser extension SJ Pulse, experiences have varied from making $0.50 a month to a couple of hundred dollars a month. Look out for signup bonuses which can be up to $20. SJ Pulse must be installed on your mobile for at least 30 days to get paid. In some cases, the signup bonus may have a 90-day requirement.

Earn With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Review – The Pros

1. Easy Way To Make Some Extra Money

Are you just sitting around watching Netflix? Then pull out your phone and get busy taking surveys. You could rack up a dollar or two by the end of the evening, not including your SJ Pulse activity. If you make it a habit to fill out surveys whenever you have some downtime, you can easily make a few dollars or more a week.

2. Low Payout Threshold

You can cash out after earning $5 or 500 points. Considering you can receive almost a hundred points just for signing up, it shouldn't take long to get to 500.

3. Easy To Use

Survey Junkie is easy to navigate and understand, especially after taking the tour when you first sign up that scores you a few points.

Once surveys become available, participants receive email notifications, so there's no need to log into the site repeatedly. Users won't have any issues with missing out on rewards points by getting these notifications.

4. Rewards Options

Survey respondents can convert rewards points to cash or electronic gift cards to such restaurants and retailers as Amazon and Target, to name a few. If survey takers opt for money rather than a gift card, there is an option to transfer the cash to a bank account or via Paypal.

5. Survey Junkie Users Mostly Have Positive Experiences

There are 1,782 customer reviews on the Better Business Bureau website, and participants have given the survey company 4.33 stars out of 5. Although there are almost similar complaints about Survey Junkie, their customer service always seems to respond and attempt to resolve the issue promptly. There are also 34,845 reviews on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

Earn Rewards With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Review – The Cons

1. Not Eligible for Enough Surveys

Survey Junkie matches surveys to participants based on their responses to the profile questions. Surveys that participants are supposed to be eligible to complete are available on everybody's dashboard.

Some complaints are that participants want to complete surveys but hardly qualify for any and may only receive two to four surveys a week. Even after completing a survey, users might find out they don't qualify. However, Survey Junkie still gives respondents a few points for taking the survey.

2. Not Much of a Side Hustle

Taking surveys online isn't considered one of the best ways to make money. The more surveys you qualify for and have on your dashboard to complete, you can make money. Earnings vary by user, depending on how many surveys participants receive weekly. The payments are very low for participants who are only eligible for a few surveys a week.

3. Is it Worth the Time?

The hourly rate for completing surveys is much lower than the minimum wage. You need to evaluate your opportunity cost of completing the surveys. When you are working on a survey, is it preventing you from doing something else that would be more valuable for your time? If you have nothing better to do that would earn you more money, then making a few dollars taking easy surveys could be worth it for you.

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Survey Junkie isn't a scam. It's a legitimate website that allows users to get paid to complete market research surveys. However, the bottom line is Survey Junkie isn't going to help you pay off your student loan or earn a living. Completing paid online surveys can help make money at home on the side, but the payouts are relatively low.

Still, if you can make enough to score a Starbucks latte or even a quarter tank of gas, then paid surveys can be worth your time.

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