Swag Academy Course Review- Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an honest review of the Swag Academy Course?

Well in this Swag Academy Course review you are going to find out whether it is worth taking or not.

Participants in the financial markets have increased over the last few years.

This number will continue to rise as people look to make some extra income off the stock markets.

The ordinary person would require training in order for them to make some profits.

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However, there are many institutes that offer training in the various sector of the financial markets.

They include the forex markets, stock markets and derivatives markets.

I have been leaning into forex and in my search for a tutor, I came across the forex day trading blueprint.

Since it was popular amongst my peers, I decided to take it on and do more research about it.


What is the Swag Academy?

The Swag Academy is an academy that teaches the course known as the forex day trading blueprint. This course is taught to aspiring forex traders both novice and experts.

Forex trading explores the area of financial markets that deals with trading currencies in order for you to make a profit. It is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world boasting an incredible $6.5 trillion in daily turnover globally.

You have the opportunity to buy and sell currencies for five days. This explains why a lot of people want to participate.

For one to engage in forex trading, you must have some experience in forex markets or you must have been educated in how it works.

The Swag Academy was initiated by Chris Williams commonly known as Swaggy C.

swag academy founder


He has used his influence as a former TV personality to entice people to join his course.

The training for the course contains mostly training videos that you can find on the Swag Academy YouTube channel.


How it works?

the swag academy course review

The Swag Academy claims that its program is beneficial to beginners and experts in the field of forex.

The program contains training videos that you would have to pay for before getting access.

Just I mentioned above, all the training videos can be found on the YouTube channel that belongs to the Swag Academy.

Before the start of the Forex blueprint, the Swag Academy sold different “series” to its subscribers.

These series were broken up by skill level ranging from 1-4 with 1 representing beginners and 4 representing the experts.

The Forex blueprint combines all these series into one course that is offered to beginners and experts alike.

When you pay for the course, you get access to over 100 videos that will tell you about the important aspects of trading in general for example the psychology of trading, forex trading itself, taxes you pay and managing risks.

You can expect to spend just over 10 hours getting through all this content.

This is good when you are starting out but experts say that it is just an eye opener to what you need to know.

There are many other things that are not offered by the Forex Blueprint course.

The series embedded in the forex blueprint contain content as explained below:

1. Series 1

This was the starter pack for the beginners. It contains the basic introduction about forex trading.

It talks about how to start, what it is and all you need to know before you set out into the forex market. It also includes some basic strategies that may work for you in real life.

You should expect 32 videos in this category.


2. Series 2

In this section, Swaggy C talks about the trading psychology.

Psychology in this case covers the timing of entry and exit of a forex trader.

Along with psychology, you get to learn how to manage risks that will surely lose you money.

You get to learn all this in 31 videos.


3. Series 3

In 38 videos and lessons, Swaggy C continues to explain trading strategies that have made him money.

He also includes some aspects of psychology that come into play when dealing with the trading strategies you are set to employ.


4. Series 4

This part only covers more risk management and taxes.

For 38 lessons, you are introduced to the aspect of taxes imposed on your earnings, how to incorporate your risk strategies and your tax strategies.

As you can see, the process to learn from Swag Academy is clear.

The aim is to help you learn how to make money from forex markets by turning you into an expert in the field.

The forex blueprint has a free program which includes the following:

  • Access to free courses and lessons.
  • Learn how to analyze a chart.
  • Great foundation to trading
  • Enough knowledge to start a demo.

According to their website, The Swag Academy charges $799 for the following;

  • Everything to do with forex
  • 130+ videos, PDFs and quizzes
  • Community of entrepreneurs
  • Custom built profile.
  • Full access to the 2020 academy
  • Ability to message one another
  • Having a private group
  • Lifetime access
  • Access to everything on the site.

This fee is charged once and you do not have to pay for anything again.

They try to give you up-to-date information regarding changes they have made to their course.

Whenever training videos are uploaded, you have unlimited access to them at no extra cost.

They also have a refund policy for fees paid within 30 days of payment.

However, the money can only be claimed if you have not watched more than 10% of the course.

To put it into perspective, for you to get a refund, you must have watched less than 14 videos.

The refund does not apply to any other condition except the one mentioned above.

You do not even get a refund if you have purchased any product during a promotion or sale that may not be of any use to you.

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Pros of the Forex blueprint.

1. The course introduces you to the basics of forex trading.

If you are a novice in trading, you can learn all the basics of forex trading as you watch the first series.


2. You get to learn about all aspects of the forex market.

The course offers an insight into the fundamental knowledge you need to start trading in the forex market.


3. You get to learn about the markets from an articulate and well-presented speaker.

Swaggy C explains everything in a well-articulated manner which makes it easier for the users to understand.


Cons of the Forex Blueprint.

1. The training is too basic.

As you watch the videos, most of the strategies taught can be applied but they are almost ineffective when it comes to making money in the forex market.


2. The course is expensive.

A lot of what you learn from this course can be learnt for free online using sources like YouTube. There is really no reason for you to pay such an amount for content you can get anywhere for free.


3. The content of the course is not unique.

Swaggy C justifies his income claims by showing you basic information on how to make money on forex markets.

However, there is nothing unique here since all this information has been available all this time and no one attributes their millions to basic tricks.


4. The refund policy is appalling.

Other courses have a better refund policy that is 10% better than what you are getting from Swag Academy.


5. Swaggy C makes misleading claims about how much he made using the content he wants to sell to you.

There is no way a millionaire will hustle for $799 from an amateur.


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The markets are highly unpredictable. Therefore, there is no course out there that will prevent you from incurring losses.

All the courses you find online will be teaching you strategies that you can use to minimize your risk and losses while maximizing your earnings.

Most courses have disclaimers that address the nature of what you should expect to get from them including this one.

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They will tell you to be careful and take time for you to learn before you make a significant investment on the forex market.

That said, there are many courses that will equip you with the strategies you need to make money in the forex markets and this is not one of them.

The $10,000,000 per year sounds outrageous and is downright impossible with the content this course has.

Since they do not offer actual training, this is the worst possible way to learn how to trade forex. When selecting a forex trading tutor, your tutor must:

  • Make sure that they can execute the strategies they try so hard to teach you.
  • Give you an insight into the kind of broker you must use in order to stand a chance to make money.
  • Demonstrate the strategies that have made them money and how they used them.
  • Take on active tutorship of your forex education.
  • Offer a favorable price.

These are all important points that you must look at in order to get the best out of your tutor.

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Conclusion: Swag Academy Course Review

I strongly stand against this course.  There is almost no value to money if you do not have the chance to learn directly from your tutor.

The argument then would be that there are many subscribers that would make it hard for you to teach each of them individually.

Well, my answer to this would be that the platforms used for trading these days give you the option of copying the trades of someone else.

Thus a solution to see how good your tutor makes money in the market.

But just like I said, there is no way I would pay for this course and you should not pay for it too.