SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the franchise's beloved MMORPG game. As with any MMORPGs, you get to choose a class from the eight available ones. Then you choose between an advanced class specialization based on your chosen class.

For the class Smuggler, you have two options: Gunslinger or Scoundrel. If you prefer fighting in melee range, have heal and stealth, go with Scoundrel. On the other hand, go with Gunslinger if you like shooting games, use two guns, and have better damage.

In the end, what is better depends on what gameplay you prefer. Some people like killing enemies by punching. Meanwhile, others prefer being at a safe distance and shooting enemies before they can get near them.

SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel
SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel 6

Another factor is how do you want to play the game? Do you want to focus on PvE and leveling? Or are you competitive and be the best at PvP?

Let's take a deeper dive so you can make an informed decision before starting your game. Because once you make that choice, you should stick to it. SWTOR has never allowed players to change their character's class or advanced class.

Which is better, a Gunslinger or a Scoundrel?

It is really a matter of skills and preference. Both have an advantage over the other. Moreover, both are quite difficult to play in some situations too.

Scoundrels are close-range characters but have ranged healing. Since you have to get close to enemies before you deal damage, it requires lots of “footwork.” They are also not that great compared to Gunslingers at dealing with mobs of foes unless you specialize in Ruffian. 

One of the pros of using Scoundrels is it has healing capabilities. That makes them really useful in raids. Another one is that it has stealth capabilities. Therefore, you can sneak up on enemies and pass them undetected.

Overall, a Scoundrel is a solid utility class. But a good Scoundrel player can wreak havoc in 1v1. 

Gunslingers, on the other hand, require good positioning too. However, it is for a different reason. They have a range advantage, so they can kill enemies while staying from harm.

They don't have great escaping abilities when they are caught, though. That is bad since, in 4v4, a Gunslinger is likely to be the opponent's priority target. 

SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel
SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel 7

Another disadvantage of Gunslingers is thy can't re-engage as well as scoundrels could. 

Gunslingers are still the better option if you want to do “real” DPS. They have high damage, and their damage is AOE. So, they can hit multiple enemies simultaneously.

And while Scoundrels have stealth, Gunslingers have stealth detection. That is useful for defending points.

Is Han Solo a Gunslinger or a Scoundrel?

This is a tricky question because the movies and the game are different things. However, the smuggler class was based on Han Solo's character. So there should be an answer.

SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel
SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel 8

More people lean towards Scoundrel. Has Solo never used 2 pistols, consequently throwing Gunslinger out of the question. He also used to sneak around and punch enemies, which are things related to Scoundrels. 

Also, Princess Leia once called Han a Scoundrel.

What does the Gunslinger have that the Scoundrel does not?

As stated above, Gunslingers have AOE damage. That helps clear waves of enemies faster.

Another thing that Gunslingers have is their defensive bubble. They can deploy this to protect themselves and their teammates. 

Moreover, Gunslingers have higher raw damage. And they have the ability to use two guns.

One more thing, which should be obvious, is Gunslingers have a range advantage over melee opponents. That's also useful against mechanics that make it difficult to get near to a boss.

What does the Scoundrel have that the Gunslinger does not?

Scoundrels have stealth. That is handy when you want to sneak past the smaller enemies to get to the boss immediately.

Scoundrels also have healing capabilities. They can stealth-revive and combat-revive teammates.

Scoundrels also give teammates crit boosts for burn phases.

SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel
SWTOR Gunslinger vs. Scoundrel 9

Scoundrel or Gunslinger for PvE/Leveling?

Most players agree that Gunslingers is better for story mode. Their AoE and high raw damage are greatly appreciated. 

That also applies to endgame content. Gunslingers are the way to go if you want to deal the most damage in raids.

Scoundrels, on the other hand, are great but not exceptional in PvE. Their stealth capability is handy in story mode. But its value diminishes once you get to the endgame.

Ruffian classes of Scoundrels are fantastic at raids, though. Take note of that.

Is Scoundrel or Gunslinger better for PvP?

For PvP, what's better between the two depends on your skills. Can you position yourself properly so your enemies can't reach your Gunslinger? If so, Gunslinger is a great choice.

On the other hand, if you can't do that, Scoundrel is the safer choice. Their stealth and dueling capabilities make them stand out. They are really good, making them extremely popular.