Retail Powerhouse Target Removes Pride Month Clothing From Stores After Backlash

Retail megaliths Target took steps this week to remove certain Pride Month clothing and accessories from stores after protests, boycotts, and complaints over the suitability of some designs.

On their website this week, Target announced that due to “volatile circumstances” affecting staff members' well-being, they would remove “items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior.”

Consumer Rage Heats Up

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The store's LGBTQIA+ early rollout of some Pride Month products — due to start in June, when the festival takes place — has been marred by criticism for stocking designs by LGBTQ designers Abprallen. The product line features gothic and Satanic imagery, considered unsuitable by many parents and community groups who make up a growing cohort of angry customers.

Swimsuit Controversy

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Furthermore, conservative groups have targeted Target's swimsuit line, which includes ‘tuck-friendly' swimsuits for trans women. Online rumors circulated that these suits were available in children's sizes — an accusation denied by the retailer. As of today, the tuck-friendly suits have not been removed.

According to a recent online post, the Internet has much to say about this.

No Big Deal

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“I don't care that corporate embrace of any people or cause is ultimately “fake” and “for profit,” argues one commenter. “Our culture is, for better or worse, largely centered around consumption.” This statement is true; Target doesn't really care about this community — they are just after its hard-earned dollars.


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A Target fan is bewildered by what they consider an unfair shake. “Target has been pro-LGTB for a long time,” says the observer. “They were the first major retailer to offer same-sex partner benefits long before gay marriage was legal.”


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One poster is less sympathetic. “Target isn't willing to sacrifice profit or endanger its employees to support trans people,” they lament. “Target withdrawing its support so quickly is a win for the most awful people.”


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Other observers don't think store security guards have been doing their jobs either. “I think they are cowards,” says one poster. “If you're going to support LGBTQ people, then actually do it!”

This is unfair, especially for the stores in states with Right-to-Carry laws.

Just Hysteria

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There are some skeptics online who think it is hysteria. “I doubt anyone was threatened,” claims someone with an alternative view, “Except maybe to ‘threaten' Target employees that they weren't going to shop there anymore unless they removed that garbage.”

And in The Red Corner!

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Others are even more scathing in their review of Target's practices. “I don't believe for a second that they didn't think a teenager was part of their target audience,” claims another less-than-trusting commenter. “They are only mad that they got caught.”

(Source: Reddit.)

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