Tears To Tiara Season 2: Will it be released?

Will there ever be Tears To Tiara Season 2? Will it ever be released?

Tears To Tiara is probably one of the many underdog series that anyone needs to consider watching. The series belongs to the action, adventure, and fantasy genres. Tears To Tiara revolves around the theme of kingdoms and empires, as it takes place in the world where the Holy Empire rises to power and conquers neighboring lands. There, a priestess named Riannon was used as a sacrifice to the demon king Arawn, who would suddenly turn into a handsome grey-haired man later.

Tears To Tiara began life as a Japanese adult tactical role-playing game developed by Leaf. The game was first released for Windows on April 28, 2005, in Japan. It was later followed by a Playstation 3 release of the game called Tears to Tiara: Garland of the Earth on July 17, 2008, in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The port was quite different from the original franchise. They introduced several enhancements and additional scenarios including new character designs and changed the original 2D gameplay to 3D. Not to mention, the adult content from the original PC game was completely removed.

On September 17, 2009, a side story for the Playstation 3 port entitled Tears to Tiara Anecdotes: The Secret of Avalon was released. Not only that, but they also released a new sequel to the port called Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord on October 31, 2013.

The Playstation 3 port of the franchise Tears To Tiara was later adapted into a manga series by Shirometsukusa, who had previously done a part in Fate/stay night's manga anthology. It has been serialized in Media Factory's monthly seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive since 2009. The first volume was successfully released on June 23, 2009, under Media Factory's MF Comics Alive Series label.

Tears To Tiara Season 2 Renewal Status

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Not only into manga but the Playstation 3 port of the game was also adapted into an anime series by White Fox, the studio that is best known for their popular anime releases such as Steins Gate, Re:Zero, Akame ga kill, The Devil is a Part-Timer, and last but not least, Goblin Slayer.

The anime series Tears To Tiara premiered on April 6, 2009, and ran for twenty-six episodes before concluding on September 28 of the same year. After the first season has ended, many fans are craving a sequel to see the continuation of their beloved series. So, what is the renewal status of Tears To Tiara Season 2? Has anyone said anything regarding a season renewal?

Unfortunately, neither the studio nor the developer of the game has said anything regarding Tears To Tiara Season 2. With that being said, a season renewal for Tears To Tiara still remains a mystery up to this point. However, the show hasn't been canceled, so there will always be a glitter of hope for the return.

Tears To Tiara Season 2: Will it be possible?

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At this point, the chance of Tears To Tiara Season 2 would be fifty-fifty. It would still be possible because the studio would have more than enough source material for a season renewal, especially with the release of the game sequel, Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord. They could easily continue where the first season has left off by following the sequences from the follow-up.

But here is the thing, usually, shows that are derived from visual novels/video games are made for promotion purposes in hoping to boost the sales of the original source, and Tears To Tiara is one of those anime. In most cases, the studio would only release a single season and does not intend to release a sequel. Not to mention, considering that the anime has been left untouched for more than a decade, Tears of Tiara Season 2 would seem out of reach.

However, fans should not completely lose hope, because let us not forget that recently, anime such as Classroom of the Elite, Full Metal Panic, Devil is a Part-Timer, Bleach, and Spice and Wolf got follow-up seasons years later when everyone thought it would never happen. With that in mind, Tears To Tiara Season 2 would also be possible. It's just a matter of when.

Tears To Tiara Action

As the Holy Empire rises to power, the neighboring lands begin to gradually fall under its control. The Empire's conquest eventually reaches the small island of Erin, home to the Gael tribe. There, a priestess named Riannon is kidnapped to be offered as a living sacrifice to the demon king Arawn, a malevolent being rumored to have caused untold destruction in the past.

Riannon's brother, First Warrior Arthur, rescues her when Arawn suddenly materializes before them as a handsome grey-haired man. Hiding his true identity and remaining enigmatic, Arawn pledges his power and leadership to the tribe's cause and joins Arthur, Riannon, and their merry band of friends—including a talented swordsman, an agile hunter, and a group of ecstatic pixies—as they fight back against the Empire while uncovering the dark secrets of the land along the way.

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