Using These 5 Things Will Make You More Successful Than Your Peers

What if I told you that people use certain tools to make them much more successful than most people around them?

We all love technology, don’t we? It is fun and often useful, and it seems like there’s a technological advancement out there for just about any task imaginable. But, not all tech is created equal. And every once in a while the ole fashion way can be better.

Here are five tools that will set you apart from virtually everyone around you.

These 5 Things Will Make You More Successful Than Your Peers

1. An Adjustable Desk

I love the adjustable desk I got at Ikea. I can sit when I need to and stand when I feel a little more active. According to Healthline, standing up lowers your risk of weight gain and obesity. Using an adjustable desk in the “up” position may help reduce back pain, improve your mood, and enhance productivity.

If you’ve never used an adjustable desk before, here’s a tip: Look for a desk with a motor to raise and lower the desk. Relying on a motor will make it a breeze to adjust the desk to suit your work style. Try to stand at your desk for at least a portion of the day.

2. A Fitness App or Step Tracker

Getting steps in during the day offers a variety of benefits, and not just for your physical health.

Studies repeatedly show that walking helps to improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But, walking is also a fantastic way to free your mind. Walking makes us more creative because we allow our brains to wander. A little fresh air does wonders for our mindset, and those of us with a healthy mind find it easier to succeed in life.

A good step tracker, such as the FitBit, is an excellent wearable device that helps encourage us to walk more and get steps. Fitness apps, such as FitBod, design workouts based on our fitness level and available equipment (i.e., barbells, resistance bands, etc.).

3. A Subscription to a Learning Platform

A wide variety of online learning platforms exist today that teach all types of subjects. Platforms such as Masterclass, LinkedIn Learning (formerly, and even YouTube contain a dizzying array of educational material about money-making topics like software development, communication, story-telling, and filmmaking. On YouTube, I took an entire college-level course on meteorology (the study of weather) for free.

Online learning programs are getting better and better. Many of them track your progress through lessons. Some may even quiz you on the things learned inside the course, and you might be surprised at how many employers count these online learning platforms toward your career progress (and fitness for raises and promotions).

4. A Smartphone With a Do Not Disturb Setting

Our addiction to smartphones is making us distracted and unproductive. In the United States, most smartphone users spend an average of five to six hours a day on their phones, according to a survey. If you’re doing the math, that is nearly 3/4ths of the average workday.

The vast majority of us carry a phone with us. There’s no real point in reducing the number of people who buy smartphones. It’s not going to happen. However, we become significantly more productive when putting our phones on silent or “Do Not Disturb”. Using this feature prevents notifications from distracting us from doing actual work to check our phones.

Use the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone liberally. Check your phone occasionally throughout the day, but don’t let checking for notifications become an addiction. When this happens, we lose focus. We become unproductive.

5. A Notebook

The vast majority of successful people I know are excellent at taking notes. And, most of them take notes the old-fashioned way. That’s right, they use a good ol’ pen and paper rather than their smartphone. Studies have shown that physically writing things down helps us remember those things better than simply typing them into a computer or phone.

If you don’t have a notebook, invest in one. Take it with you everywhere you go (okay, at least carry it with you during the workweek). Not only will it let you take notes, but you might also look more professional. Notebooks signal success to a lot of people.

In conclusion, the tools we use every day help us achieve our goals. Just as with building a house, using the right tool for the right job is vital, and these five tools will prepare you for success in almost anything that you do. Use them.

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