Ted Lasso: Shoes

Ted Lasso Shoes

Ted Lasso is the hit Apple TV original sitcom, which is now inspiration for thought pieces due to the motif of the shoes that are worn by Ted.

Ted Lasso is the surprise hit Apple TV original sitcom that first premiered on the paid subscription video-on-demand streaming service in 2020. Currently, the series has two seasons, with a third on the way, much to the excitement of fans.

For the most part, the series is touted for its originality and comedy, but those that take a closer look at the sitcom will realise the intentionality of the series in terms of the shoes and sneakers worn by some of its lead characters.

For Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, the significance of his shoes is the use of Nike sneakers and how the sneaker signifies his arc in each season and his emotional state in terms of the colourways.

Jason Sudeikis’ passion for Nike sneakers

Before Ted Lasso, Jason Sudeikis was well-known as just an acclaimed Hollywood actor.

But with Ted Lasso, a sitcom inspired by the fictional character that Sudeikis created for a series of SuperBowl commercials, he not only gained a reputable hyphenate as a producer and writer, but we discovered that the Fairfax, Virginia born “white boy” had an affinity for Nike sneakers which Sudeikis has paid homage to through the type of sneakers he wears in the sitcom.

This resulted in his surprise feature on BET’s 2020 episode of Sneaker Shopping with Complex.

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Ted Lasso Shoes

In Ted Lasso, shoes and sneakers do not impact the direction of the narrative. However, the type of sneakers that Ted Lasso wears are an important motif for the actor if you pay special attention to the fact.

This is as in the two seasons, there were conscious decisions made in terms of the type of sneaker and colourway that Ted wears in the sitcom. Moreover, all the sneakers that he wore throughout the two seasons have been Nike.

Firstly, Ted Lasso relocated to London in season one to manage AFC Richmond, a struggling English Premier League football team. This was a new adventure for the character which he was excited to go through.

As such, there was intentionality in the type of Nike sneakers that he wore as all the sneakers in the first season were all runners, which aimed at signifying a new, vibrant coach that is constantly on his feature.

In the latest season of the series, the lead character is in a new phase as a coach. Moreover, this season is more emotional and retrospective in its overall storyline arc as Ted is facing divorce, the bad performance of his team, and generally missing his life before relocating to London.

As such, throughout the entire second season, Ted Lasso only wears Nike retro sneakers, with the different colours of his sneakers signifying his emotional state throughout the season.

Ted Lasso most memorable season 1 shoe

One of the most memorable scenes from the first season of Ted Lasso was when Ted walked onto the Richmond AFC training grounds to feel the grass for the first time.

The scene was meant to mark a new beginning, which is a trope in many sports series that is used to encapsulate the excitement and anxiety of having to venture into new and unknown territory.

As such, for the scene, Ted wore the Nike Air Skylon 2 Solar Red, a 1990s inspired dad-sneaker originally released in 2018, which is reminiscent of iconic sneakers worn by high school and college coaches.

Ted Lasso: Shoes
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Ted Lasso season 2 red shoe

In season two, it seems that the sitcom was more intentional about not just the type of Nike sneakers that Jason Sudeikis wore, but this season also considered the colourway of the sneakers.

Therefore, earlier episodes which showed Ted spiralling, feature the character wearing red Nike sneakers or Nike sneakers that had fiery red laces, even though in their original design they did not.

Like in the Christmas inspired episode where he is wearing the 2020 Jordan 1 Low Smoke Grey, which do not come with red laces but that were used with that colour lace in the episode which he matched with the red Christmas hat that he wore throughout the episode.

Ted Lasso: Shoes
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Ted Lasso season 2 blue sneakers

By the end of season two, Ted Lasso changed his erratic behaviour, which was represented by the red or red-laced sneakers he wore earlier in season.

This was followed by him wearing grey Nike sneakers as he started going to therapy to deal with the different pressures that he was facing, and the sneaker in question was the Air Jordan 1 Low in white and camouflage inspired colourway.

The last episodes saw him wearing blue University Jordan I Highs, which represented a calmer Ted Lasso that was more in control of his emotions.

Ted Lasso: Shoes
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