Fast Food Flare-Up: Teen’s Rant Goes Viral After Argument with Friend

Being a teen is hard. Being a teen in 2023 is brutal. One Redditor, OP, is hoping to clear the air after an argument with a friend over a lunchtime stop for fast food. OP has a stomach condition, and her friend judged what she was going to eat, so OP put her friend on blast and judged back. OP's friend happens to be overweight.

Here's The Story

OP is a 15-year-old female who suffers from IBS (IBS). Because of this, she is skinny, weighing 100 lbs for her 5'2″ frame.

Recently, OP and a group of friends frequented a McDonald's because, as OP puts it, “their school food is absolute ****.”

After ordering her food, OP says her friend Amy asked her ‘in the snarkiest tone,' “You're really going to eat that with your condition?”

Furious, OP snapped back at her friend, who happens to be overweight. “Where do you have any room to say that when you literally just ordered two double quarter pounders, a 20pc, and a McFlurry.”

At that point, Amy lashed out, telling OP how she was ‘eating herself to death' and how she only ‘wanted to help' and how OP ‘had no right food shaming her.'

OP then pointed out that Amy was the one who was doing the food shaming OP because she has a medical condition that is ‘none of her **** business and Amy had no right commenting on.'

The two argued for a bit after that, according to OP, and then their group split in half, with half walking out with Amy, telling OP she ‘went too far.'

The other half stayed with OP, agreeing that Amy had no right to ‘chime in' on her condition. OP wants to know if Reddit thinks she's TA, as she is torn about feeling bad.

Here's What Reddit Thinks

Redditor @squirrel_mama definitely thinks Amy is TA, and OP is not.

“Honey, she's jealous! You eat McDonald's and are skinny and she can't do that! She's miserable so she wants you to be miserable too! You do what you need to with your health.

My ex had IBS and there were foods he could eat and foods he couldn't and he loved pizza and junk food and was skinny as hell! He had to eat the food that didn't bother him no matter if they were traditionally healthy or not.

You're NTA here. Amy is.”

@myhairsOnfire2 thinks OP is NTA. “NTA. She has NO business commenting on your private health issues – especially repeatedly & where others can hear her. That isn’t concern. That’s malicious & probably a result of jealousy as so many other commenters have said.”

@kroniid09 definitely agrees that OP is NTA and has some opinions on Amy's eating habits.

“You can't outrun two double quarter pounders, a 20pc and a McFlurry. You could only wolf down that much food in one sitting if you eat at least close to that much regularly, and something tells me she's not exactly volume eating broccoli.”

@FurBabiesAreTheBest detests ‘fat culture.' “NTA. I used to get bullied for being “to thin” too as a teen. Told that I must starve myself and all kinds of crazy rumors. Would wear baggy clothes so people would leave me alone.

I hate the new fat culture. It's almost always an ugly obese girl picking at you but it's some kind of extreme truama against her and her lifestyle if you point out to her that maybe she should put the burger down.

Idc if I get down votes. If you think that you are beautiful being overweight, good for you. Leave other people alone.”

In the End

Teenage drama can be as real as any other at the moment, especially when considering outstanding health issues. Hopefully, these two friends can put this behind them.

Do you think OP was right to speak up to her friend?

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