Friendship Sank Over Stupid Prank: Teenager Mad at Friend for Going Too Far

People do pranks for fun, and it is supposed to be funny, but it usually makes someone look foolish.

From the popular definition of the word “prank,” one can deduce that almost every time a person successfully carries out one, someone somewhere gets embarrassed or appears stupid.

Now, OP got pranked by her friend, which didn't make her feel good. She got angry. But now, she's the bad guy for getting upset at the prank. Let's dive into the backstory.

“Harmless” Pranks

Most pranks are mean, but sometimes they can be considered harmless. We would not tell this story if OP's friend performed a “harmless” joke. But her friend had to be extra.

Before now, her friend had been making nasty jokes, making OP look stupid, and getting away with it.

OP had a couple of things planned, and her calendar was full. The first thing on her list was a class, and she needed her ID card to attend the class. And guess what? Her friend hid the ID card as a prank! Of all things to hide, her ID card?

She was frantically looking for her card, and he had it on him. But he didn't bring it to her until much later. OP was enraged.

Ultimately, she got to class late and had to reschedule some things on her calendar.


Another time, the prankster friend lied at a restaurant, saying they served him two pieces of dessert because he convinced the server he hadn’t had an entrée. She thought her friend had used two coupons, but he convinced her he didn't.

She joined the line to get two pieces of dessert too, but only embarrassed herself because her friend had used two coupons to get two desserts. He blatantly lied to prank her.

Her friend saw her walk up to the line and order. He noticed when she argued with the server about the desert and why she needed more, but the friend said nothing. He knowingly and purposely made his friend look foolish in public because he considers himself a “funny prankster.” Well, that's a cruel joke.

OP made a scene. She was embarrassed. OP was about to calm down and talk to her friend, but he got angry and left.

Before he stormed off, he got another coupon and flung it at the table to her as if that was the issue.

OP, trying to be the bigger person, even though no one asked her to, went to his room to talk to him, but he ignored her.

Their mutual friends believe that both OP and the prankster friend are overreacting. Now OP feels she might have overreacted and wants to know if she did.

Pranksters Are Bullies

People are not fans of pranks or pranksters. Most think it's unnecessary and that people who do this to others are bullies.

Someone online commented that OP was being gaslit by her friend and reminded OP that he isn't her friend:

“NTA, but he is and has gaslighted you into believing you are. He did multiple other things that were very disrespectful, inconsiderate, and just plain mean… Find some real friends, 'cause this dude ain't it.”

u/Countrach believes that pranks are just bullying disguised as jokes:

“Can we stop calling these things pranks and call them bullying which is what they are? Pranks aren't funny for the people being pranked…”

OP isn't wrong in this case – her friend is. He isn't her friend if he can comfortably do something like that. She should understand and move on from the friendship. Because if someone is so comfortable consistently making you look foolish and embarrassed, all in the name of a joke, you can't be a good friend.

What do you think? What's the most terrible practical joke you've ever made or experienced?

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