Ten Best Castles in Ohio

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Think of opulent castles and their sprawling grounds; your mind undoubtedly goes to Europe and centuries past. Dig a little deeper, especially in the Midwest, and it's easy to see castles worldwide – including Ohio. From reportedly haunted interiors to one made from milk cartons, here are the ten best castles in Ohio you simply must see to believe on your next visit to the Buckeye State. 

The Best Castles in Ohio—Yes, Ohio.

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Both children and adults love to dream about living in castles. The lucky few even get to live out their lavish dream and call on home. In Ohio, castles aren't just a pipe dream; they're reality, believe it or not. And whether you're able to tour the interiors or call one home for a night or two, visiting castles made in the U.S. is always food for fantasy. Here are the best castles in Ohio to help you narrow down your list.

1. Landoll's Mohican Castle

Loudonville Ohio
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Much more than a unique lodging destination, Landoll's Mohican Castle can be found in Loudonville in central Ohio. Its creator, Jim Landoll, fell in love with European castles while on the continent during World War II and vowed he'd build his own should he acquire enough money. Founding Landoll Publishing in the 1970s with only $5.00 to spare, sales skyrocketed to $100 million. 

Created one room at a time starting in 1999, trees milled on-property were used for its doors, flooring, trim, and cabinetry. As for the stone used to build the castle, it was also found on the property. With 30 acres and 1,200 feet above sea level, not only is the popular lodging a getaway from Columbus proper, but it's also considered a mountain. 

2. Greatstone Castle

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Prominently on the National Register of Historic Places, Greatstone Castle is part resort, part B&B. Made from 18-thick, Bedford Indiana limestone, its massive porch sits on top of intricately carved columns. It's overlooked Sidney, Ohio, for over 125 years, and its two acres of manicured gardens and lawn is a gorgeous respite for visitors wanting a laidback, lush getaway. 

Not a massive castle, its three lux guest rooms have private baths, Wi-Fi, fireplaces in the suites, and a cooked-to-order breakfast each morning for overnight guests. If you want some pampering, its on-property spa offers face and body services. 

3. Bonnyconnellan Castle

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If you're a fan of Irish castle architecture, Bonnyconnellan Castle will not disappoint. Built in 1891 in Sidney, Ohio, its 40 front steps, complete with large stone gargoyles, will get your blood pumping. It offers five bedrooms and six baths with 5,104 square feet of interior space. 

Just as any proper castle should, Bonnyconnellan sits at Walnut Avenue high above the city, offering beautiful views of the town below. In 2021, the castle and 1/2 acre property sold for a mere $189,000. 

4. Franklin Castle

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Love a good haunt? Then, Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio, will be right up your proverbial street. If the tragic backstory wasn't enough to give you goosebumps, the ghostly forms seen roaming the halls will. Built by Hans Tiedemann as a home for his wife and children, four of the six kids passed away at an early age. 

Multiple people have owned the property through the years, but the current owners offer one-night stays for the brave, compliments of its creepy history and supposed ghosts. Rated “The Most Haunted House in Ohio,” courageous and willing folks are encouraged to spend the night. 

5. Marietta Castle

marietta castle in Ohio
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Simply known as The Castle for Marietta locals, this gothic revival style beauty is an even haven. Offering traditional teas, ghost hunts, jazz concerts, and workshops, touring its interior is like taking a trip back in time. Built in 1855, The Castle offers a Historic Marietta Tour of Homes throughout the city each spring. 

6. Ravenwood Castle

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Hocking Hills has stunning caves to explore, cliffs to traverse, hiking trails to follow, and unique lodging, including Ravenwood Castle. Its medieval flair draws in people from all over the state for the extraordinary architecture and the fact that it's a working country inn. While its architecture compliments castles from 12th and 13th century England, 1995 is when it opened to the public. 

Surrounded by six National and State Forests, you won't find a strong Wi-Fi or phone signal, but you will find an ideal spot for respite. Twenty-one unique accommodations, from guest rooms in the castle to quaint cottages on the property, make for a customized visit depending on your style and comfort level. 

7. Schwartz Castle

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In Ohio's capital city sits the quaint German Village, and it's in this area of town where you can find Schwartz Castle. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, its original inhabitant was Frederick Schwartz, an apothecary owner. While its timeline may have started pleasant, its story quickly turns to Schwartz going mad compliments of being jilted by a fiancé. 

Schwartz turned his demeanor into creativity and added five levels to the home, complete with a series of creepy underground passages. Considered one of the most haunted places in Columbus, Ohio, it's now been split into condos and offices. People have claimed to see Mr. Schwartz sitting on the flat roof and walking through the hallways and rooms. 

8. Squire's Castle

squire's castle Ohio
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A castle that's completely free to tour and view, Squire's Castle is located in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, at North Chagrin Reservoir. If its grassy, open front field doesn't inspire you to take a picnic lunch and enjoy the quiet, its hiking paths in the back will give you a reason to exercise. 

Acquired by what's now Cleveland Metroparks in 1925, the open-air architecture is beautiful to see no matter what time of year, although spring and autumn are ideal. And if you're looking for the perfect Christmas card backdrop, visit just after a decent snowfall. 

9. Loveland Castle

Loveland castle in Ohio
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Called initially Château Laroche, builder Harry Andrews was highly creative in its construction. Acquiring the land from year-long subscriptions to The Cincinnati Enquirer, he took the name from Château de la Roche in France. Literally translating to “Rock Castle,” Andrews used old milk cartons to make the stone bricks to build the magnificent castle. 

Built in Loveland, Ohio, the owner grabbed stones from the Little Miami River to aid in the construction. Taking 50 years to complete, he willed the castle to the Knights of the Golden Trail Boy Scout Troop. Expansions since his passing have included a pretty greenhouse and well-kept gardens. 

10. Piatt Castles

Piatt castle in ohio
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A popular destination near East Liberty, Ohio, for a century, Piatt Castle Mac-A-Cheek is beautiful both inside and out. Originally given the title of Mac-O-Chee Castle in 1881, Abram Piatt gave the castle to his older brother, Donn, and his family. Fast forward to 1956 when great-great Bill & Jim purchased the land and property to expand their tourism into the Piatt Castles business. 

These days, the Piatt family continues to give tours of the property and insight into its creation. During a tour, guests can see Ci8vil War artifacts, original family art, and Donn Piatt's library with its extensive book collection. Complimentary admission is given for self-guided outdoor tours. 

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