Texts from Last Night about Star Wars

Did you ever visit the website Texts from Last Night?

It's a collection of texts that people probably shouldn't have sent each other. On occasion, they feature references to Star Wars and their drunken adventures. Actually, it would seem Star Wars fans drink a lot, fornicate a lot, drink and fornicate a lot, and argue about Star Wars being better than Star Trek a lot.

Here are the best Star Wars texts from last night we could find (please ignore the poor spelling, grammar, and punctuation – in this case, it's simply how the texts in question were written):

  • my star wars tattoo got me laid last night. definitely a dark side sort of benefit im thinking
  • I dumped him because he's never seen star wars. I'm certain I did the right thing.
  • She called me Spock and proceeded to ask me to ‘teach her the ways of the force'. I just couldn't do it after that. No way am I fucking a girl who can't tell the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.
  • No. It is not rude if you don't go to her cat's Star Wars themed birthday party.
  • She asked the class if starwars was based on a true story…
  • no, I didn't go in the end. Too hungover and hot, plus Star Wars is on so obviously I'm having a naked day.
  • I think his glow in the dark Star Wars sheets, at the time, really turned me on.
  • you just started pointing at the light and whispering “star wars”
  • I was brewing with hops during the movie and that was that.
  • i just spent an hour trying to convince my blind date that star wars is better thanstar trek. help me
  • Sad fact: I'm doing that thing where I'm bored so I give myself Princess Leia hair and drink alcohol.
  • There is a 1000000% chance you'll be turned down if you try coming on to me while I watch Star Wars.
  • He was just lying on the living room floor watching Star Wars with six empty pack of cigarettes and two empty cases of beer. (Maybe it should have been cloned beer? – Ed)
  • I got a Luke Skywalker costume so I can go do battle with the homeless guy who plays the fiddle dressed as Darth Vader downtown.
  • We go out, we get drunk, we watch Star Wars, we pass out. What's wrong with this tradition?
  • i told her i loved her afterwards and she said “i know,” kissed me, and got up to start making breakfast. The reply – dude, she han solo'd you. keep her.
  • Anddon't worry about me I have my Darth Vader flashlight
  • He's talking about me being Slave Princess Leia and how he'll chain me up. I don't have the heart to point out that he would be Jabba in that scenario…Is it bad that his lack of SW knowledge is destroying my lady boner?
  • She is larger then a hippo. You could cut her open in the middle of a blizzard and crawl in like Luke skywalker. Throw a couch and a tv in there and you're set
  • Han Solo would be ashamed of me.
  • I wont be hard to find. Im wearing a darth vader mask and I have a megaphone.
  • Everyone called me “Barf Vader”.. And I lost your lightsaber.
And there you have it, when Star Wars fans send text messages, they really know how to share their true, disturbing feelings about Star Wars and their associated shenanigans!
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