Everything About The 3 Walls in Attack on Titan

The 3 Walls in Attack on Titan is one of the biggest mysteries back in the earliest seasons of Attack on Titan is the walls that have protected the people inhabiting the Paradis Island. With the final season of Attack on Titan set to air on January 10, 2022, it’s time to look back at the importance of the walls that have protected the Eldians from the titans for years. 

Everything About The 3 Walls in Attack on Titan

History of the Walls

All About the Walls in Attack on Titan

The people of Eldia have believed that titans have ravaged the land and have almost brought humanity to extinction hundred of years ago. To prevent extinction, humankind built three walls to keep themselves safe from the titans. This story is also told to us, the viewers, in the first few seasons. But as the story progresses, we slowly start to uncover the truths behind these walls. 

In reality, King Karl Fritz is the one who built the walls using countless colossal-sized titans in order to end the Great Titan War and the fighting within the Eldian Empire. In an attempt to keep the people inhabiting inside the walls safe from the rest of the world, Karl Fritz threatens to unleash the countless colossal titans inside the walls to flatten the earth. Though it’s merely a bluff but it is enough for the world not to directly attack the Paradis Island. 

Wall Maria

Wall Maria

Wall Maria is the outermost wall in the Paradis Island. It was also the home of our main protagonists, Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlet. Wall Maria stands approximately fifty meters tall and has prevented Titans from entering the Shigansha district, which is the town located on the south of the wall. That is, until the sudden appearance of a Colossal Titan in the year 845 that easily broke through the wall. This let the titans enter the human territory for the first time and has let the people to either die or migrate to Wall Rose. 

Reclaiming Wall Maria has been one of the top priorities in the first few seasons of the anime. It’s become achievable thanks to the help of Eren Yeager six years later after the series started. Wall Maria has finally been repopulated after the hole was sealed and all the titans inside the walls have been wiped out. 

Wall Rose

Wall Rose

Wall Rose is the second outermost wall after Wall Maria. It was breached by the Colossal Titan in the year 850, exactly five years after the initial fall of Wall Maria. But thankfully, it didn’t end up like Wall Maria as the hole was successfully closed with the help of Eren Yeager and the military forces. 

There are four districts behind Wall Rose, the first is Utopia District located in the north of the wall. It is unknown what kind of district it is but it was briefly mentioned by Armin to distract Bertholdt Hoover for Erwin Smith to slice its torso and free Eren from their captive. Calaneth District is located in the east edge of Wall Rose, notably known as the home of Mina Carolina, one of the graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps along with Eren, Mikasa and Armin. Unfortunately, she died after being eaten by a titan during the breach of Wall Maria. It is also the place where the Survey Corps return to after a failed expedition due to the attack of the Female Titan. 

Trost District is located on the South of Wall Rose, it’s known for the attack of Colossal Titan five years after the fall of Wall Maria. Thankfully, the attack is successfully subdued due to the sacrifice and hard work of the military and Eren discovering his ability to transform into a titan and seal it with a giant boulder. It is the place where Levi’s squad encountered Kenny Ackerman and his soldiers where they successfully kidnapped Eren and Historia. It’s also the place where the Scout Regiment meets up to form a plan to retake Wall Maria and discuss what could have been stored in Grisha Yeager’s basement. 

Krolva District is located in the west of the wall again, there is not much information about the said district except one time when Captain Hannes explained that the Garrison didn’t find any titans in said district during the Clash of the Titans arc. 

Wall Sina

Wall Sina

Wall Sina is the innermost Wall where the king and other civilians reside. The city of Wall Sina is protected by the Military Police that served the king while there is also the underground where the less fortunate and poorer part of the city where criminal activities are much more prone. The district on the north of Wall Sina is called Orvud District, it was known for where Rod Reiss went after he injected himself with the Titan serum and turned into a humongous faceless titan. 

Stohness District is located on the east of Wall Sina, it’s known for where the Survey Corps figured out that the Female Titan is Annie Leonhart. It’s also the city where Eren and Annie fought and caused destruction just to apprehend Annie to get answers of what is beyond the walls and the existence of Titans. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed as Annie managed to encase herself in a thick, unbreakable crystal after she figured out that she couldn’t win the match against Eren. 

On the South edge of Wall Sina is a district called Ehrmich District. There isn’t much information about the district except during one time in the Clash of the Titans arc where Eren, Armin, Hange and Pastor Nick pass through the district with the rest of the refugees due to the assumption that Wall Rose has been breached and they try to evacuate to Wall Sina. Located on the west side of Wall Sina is Yarckel District, there is no other information about the district except where it is located. 

Capital Mitras

Capital Mitras, as the name is stated, is the capital of Eldia and located in the center of Wall Sina. Erwin Smith was brought into the Capital to seek an audience with the King and the Royal Government for the crime of alleged murders by the Scout Regiment. His protests however, fell on deafs ears and people expected an execution and for the Scout Regiment to be disbanded. But it was part of a coup d’etat done by Erwin and Commander Pyxis to bring down the corrupt Royal Government and the false king. 

After the battle with Rod Reiss as a Titan that happened in Orvud District, Historia Reiss, the only remaining member of the true royal family, declares herself as the true ruler of the Walls. She is then crowned as the new queen in the royal capital during a coronation ceremony. Her rise to becoming the queen is greeted and cheered by the people, as they admired her for being able to defeat a Titan (Rod Reiss) that is twice the size of Wall Sina.  

Last but not least, is the Underground that is the city beneath the innermost land of the capital city. Due to the city being underground, no sunlight can reach there so the city is illuminated with artificial lighting everyday. The city was originally made to be a safe place and expansion of Paradis Island, as they couldn’t really expand outward due to the threat of the titans. But the lack of sunlight has a downside at the people living underground that makes their legs unusable and struggling even to walk. The lesser people living underground couldn’t get outside without a citizenship, the idea of living underground was abandoned and left for the lesser, poorer people. 

The Underground is more notable in the Attack on Titan spin off or side story called “Attack on Titan: A Choice with No Regrets” that features the story of Levi Ackerman. Kenny Ackerman discovered that his sister, Kuchel Ackerman, has become one of the prostitutes in the brothel and one of her clients as impregnated her, resulting the birth of Levi Ackerman. 

Later, Kenny takes it upon himself to raise Levi in the Underground, teaching him how to fight and wield a knife, not to mention social skills too. After he finds out that Levi is able to fend for himself in the Underground, he abandons him and Levi soon grows to become one of the notorious thugs in the Underground. Years later, Erwin Smith met with Levi Ackernman for the first time and blackmailed him to join the Survey Corps along with Furlan Church and Isabel Magnolia. 

Moving to the main series, the underground was initially the place where the Survey Corps would apprehend and capture Annie Leonhart after discovering she’s the Female Titan. As in the underground, she couldn’t turn into a titan and run away. But she is aware of the plan and refuses to follow Eren, Mikasa and Armin down the tunnel leading to the Underground. Much of the tunnel is destroyed and ruined with a stomp of the Female Titan’s feet during the battle against Eren as the Attack Titan.