‘The Art of the Batman’ Showcases the Creative Process, Comic Book Influence, and Vfx & vr Tech

If you are still riding on the high of Matt Reeves’ The Batman and find yourself, like so many others, humming “Ave Maria” or Nirvana at inappropriate moments, then you may be in the market to purchase Abrams Books’ gorgeous The Art of The Batman.

Abrams Books has a long history of creating highly sought-after “Art of” books that feature never-before-seen concept art, production information, and in-depth commentary about the making of movies and television series and The Art of The Batman is no different. The book's author James Field provides readers with thorough background information about the movie through interviews with crew members, featuring key information about creative decisions, including making Robert Pattison’s cowl, integrating stunts into the Batsuit design, sourcing military surplus items for the Riddler’s costume, and crafting the character’s ominous riddles. In addition to the crew and creative team's commentary, the book also features quotes from the cast, including Paul Dano’s thoughts on the riddles, proving just how much care was put into his portrayal.

Additionally, the book is filled with concept art, on-set photos, shot-by-shot comparisons of the film and its storyboards, paired with insights from director Matt Reeves, Glyn Dillon, who is credited as the Costume Designer and Chief Concept Artist for the iconic Batsuit, Production Designer James Chinlund, Props & Weapons Master Jamie Wilkinson, and so many other members of the talented crew.

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One of the best aspects of The Art of Batman is the section dedicated to Selina Kyle. As an avid lover of the connection between the Bat and the Cat, seeing Jacqueline Durran’s (the film’s costume director) comments about pulling costume and apartment inspiration from Batman: Year One and tapping into Batman: The Long Halloween for their first chemistry-filled encounter was everything I had hoped for from a behind-the-scenes deep-dive. Matt Reeves’ The Batman was one of the best comic book adaptations in the past decade and to see how closely they followed the themes and formulas from some of Batman’s best stories further confirmed that the film is one of the best explorations of the character.

Throughout the book, Field breaks down specific scenes in “Anatomy of a Scene” sections, delving into the pre and post-production aspects of creating the high-stakes funeral scene at City Hall, crafting the rainy Batmobile chase scene, the nail-biting scene at The Diner—to name just a few of the scenes discussed. These sections are filled with Matt Reeves’ thoughts on mapping out these scenes in Virtual Reality, how Industrial Lights & Magic created aspects of the scenes digitally, and what influenced Grieg Fraser’s cinematography. These are the real nitty-gritty filmmaking details that are going to appeal to fans that are curious about the movie-making process.

The VR aspect of The Art of The Batman is quite intriguing because it wasn’t talked about as extensively during the press tour for the film. In the book, we get to learn about how it was used to construct sets in a 3-D setting so they could play with the space and environment before shooting and we see how they laid out scenes like the diner frame-by-frame in VR to build the tension just right. The film industry is continuing to evolve as new technology is developed and books like The Art of The Batman give us an up-close look at how they’re being used to revolutionize film. Outside of a handful of interviews, this is the first time we’ve gotten to really see how The Batman team created these complex scenes with high-tech technology.

Whether you are a fan of Abrams Books’ Art of book series or you are a certified Batfan, The Art of The Batman is a must-have for anyone who loves learning about the artistic processes behind moviemaking. This official behind-the-scenes tie-in book is fully illustrated, with over 220 pages and 7 sections of the gritty details that went into building this gorgeous piece of cinema.

The Art of The Batman goes on sale on April 19, 2022.

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