The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6 Features A Fan Favorite Jedi

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 has given fans a few filler episodes in a row, so will episode 6 bring us back to the main storyline? Not really, but at least the clones remain together for the most part, and heck, we even get to see a fan favorite Jedi!

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 6.

The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 6 kicks off with Clone Force 99 (and Omega) on a mission and it immediately seems like the story is back on track. The clones have landed on a planet and Hunter warns that Cid told them the Vanguard Axis is notorious for illegal smuggling so they need to be prepared.

He leaves Echo and Omega behind to guard the ship and the team is once again separated. This is continuously happening in Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 and while it allows for further character development, we do miss having them all together for a full episode. Thankfully, they aren’t split up for that long.

Call From a Wookiee

Back at the ship, as Echo is preparing the ship for takeoff, expecting the rest of the clones to be back shortly, Omega hears the distress cry of a Wookiee and rushes off to see what is happening. She witnesses the Vanguard Axis attacking a young Wookie (that looks exactly like Gungi from Star Wars: Rebels) but her yelling at them to stop distracts them enough that he can fight back.

They rush off as more soldiers start coming after them. Echo finds them and tells them to get back to the ship. The Wookiee is scared off by Echo, even though Omega says he is a friend. Since the droids are after him, the two clones follow him, eager to help.

Meanwhile, Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker, who are working a deal with other droids, hear the blaster fire. When the droids leave to investigate, they know that it must be Omega who is causing the ruckus. Just then, Echo calls them for backup.

Jedi To The Rescue

We then see that Echo and Omega are trapped by the Axis Leader, who is threatening to kill them. The Wookiee was hiding in the same room and uses the Force to bring a lightsaber to him, which he clearly knows how to wield as he holds his own against all of the droids.

The clones rush back to the ship along with the Wookiee, who seems nervous to get on board but is left with no other choice. On the ship, he huddles by himself, very scared after going through a lot. Omega brings him some food but he is still anxious around them.

It is easy to understand why he doesn’t trust them. During Order 66 the clones killed many Jedi, of which he is one. They try to explain to him that they are not like the others, and that they never complied with that order.

He eventually lets his guard down and while he only speaks Wookiee, Tech can understand and it is discovered that he is in fact Gunji, from the Rebels show. He says that he has been on the run since Order 66, trying to get to his homeland, before he was captured by the smuggling droids.

The clones decide that they can take him home, but they are unsure if the Empire has outposts there or not. The problem is, he is a Jedi and it is not safe for him anywhere.

A Trip To Kashyyyk

When Clone Force 99 arrives on Kashyyyk, they tell Gunji they will take him to a village they know of, which should have Wookiees who can help. As they travel through the forest some strange spider-like insects come out and they are about to attack when Gunji tells them that they will not attack unless attacked first so they move along.

Unfortunately, when they do reach the village, it has been destroyed. Tanks came through and the Empire incinerated the entire thing. Omega tells him that the Empire destroyed their home too, and that they will not give up on finding his people.

Looking ahead of them, the clones spot Trandoshans who have a Wookiee prisoner with them. They are setting fire to everything and speaking to someone on coms – Commander Venomor. They have Imperial tanks and the clones question how they got ahold of them.

Seeing what they are doing to his planet, and the Wookiee captive, Gunji steps up for a fight. He confronts them and pulls out his lightsaber, starting an all-out brawl with the Trandoshans. He frees the other Wookiee and the clones, of course, do what they can to help.

After winning the fight, the freed Wookiee takes Gunji and the clones to their village, where the leader Yanna welcomes them. She looks at Gunji and speaks with Hunter, who tells her that they are no longer working with the Republic, and that Gunji needs his people, Jedi or not.

The Empire arrives at the scene of the fight and stormtroopers see lightsaber marks. Commander Venomor offers 100 Wookiee pelts to whoever finds the Jedi and the remaining Trandoshans go after their tracks.

Another Fight

The Wookiee villagers spot a convoy heading their way, and it is clear they are after the clones and Gunji. Yanna tells the clones to leave and Hunter lets them know they do not need to do this alone and they will stay and fight.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 then delivers some great action, as the two sides battle in order to protect Kashik and Gunji. The spider-like insects come back into the picture when the Trandoshans start setting the forests on fire again, as they are protecting their planet and home. There are some great scenes here and of course, the good side wins.

Before the clones leave, Omega and Gunji talk to the trees and Hunter notes that they are just kids, but they don’t get to be thanks to the war.

Overall Thoughts

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 6 delivers some solid action, but the standout here is the fan-favorite Jedi, Gunji, making an appearance. Watching him interact with Omega will have longtime Star Wars animation fans over the moon. The story being told is an important one, about all those who have been displaced by the war, and are busy protecting their homes.

Finally we get an episode where the clones remain together, at least for the majority of it.

Rating: 8/10 SPECS

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