The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 10 Proves The Empire Is Not The Only Threat to The Galaxy

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 9 left Clone Force 99 stranded on a remote planet after The Marauder was stolen. Lucky for fans they don’t have to wait too long to discover what happens next as Episode 10 picks up exactly where we left off.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 10.

The Bad Batch season 2 episode 10 starts off with the clones digging through scrap on the planet. Wrecker has eaten all of his rations already, and is now complaining that he is hungry.

All of a sudden Omega has a recollection. Gonky, their droid, is still aboard the ship. While they cannot track it because the system was disabled, they can track him.

The Thief Unmasked

Cut to The Marauder and we finally get to see what the thief looks like and well, fans will be surprised to learn he is just a kid (named Benni). He calls in to someone named Mokko, who immediately berates him for being late.

When he lands he finds a piece of food on the floor which he immediately devours. The point of this is clearly to show that he is starving, and obviously is not treated well by this Mokko. When Mokko looks at the ship, he asks Benni if he is trying to cause trouble for him, stating that miners don’t travel in specially modified vehicles like that.

Mokko believes Benni, that this was not intentional. But he notes that he will have to sell it off piece by piece just to be safe. He tells Benni that as a token of his gratitude, he can keep the droid. When Benni asks about water rations, Mokko guzzles water in front of him, leaving just a few drops for the kid.

Still on The Planet

Omega’s idea was a smart one, as she eventually gets a ping from Gonky. It shows that he is still on the planet, which leads the clones to believe that their ship is too. Just 100 kilometers away, they quicken their pace of fixing up a speeder and head after him.

When they arrive at his location, Tech says there are minimal life forms near him, but unknown amounts in the subterrain. They confront Benni and after a failed escape, he tells them that Mokko, the boss of the whole town, has their ship now. He promises to show them where the ship is, but is clearly very scared of Mokko.

Getting The Ship Back

In an effort to steal the ship back, the clones come up with a plan. While it doesn’t go exactly as they are expecting, they certainly make their way through it. It doesn’t take long for Benni to realize that they are definitely not ipsium miners, and Omega tells him that he stole the wrong ship.

Once they finally make it into the mine, Benni admits that the ipsium has become degraded and that Mokko had to lower wages to keep things going. They sneak past everyone and eventually end up at The Marauder. Benni tries to leave them, but Tech quickly notices that the hyperdrive has been removed.

While they work quickly to fix that, Benni and Omega head out to shut down the ray shield so they can leave.

Mokko’s True Colors

They come across Mokko’s crew and Benni immediately steals the key he needs. They could easily leave at this point, however Benni wants to stay and hear the total so that he can see if he is the top earner after stealing the ship.

Someone named Drake wins, it seems yet again. Mokko says that rations are very low, so they need to work harder and longer to become the top earner. He then leaves a small bowl of food for the remaining crew – about ten of them – while Drake gets his own.

Omega points out that they shouldn’t have to compete for their food, and Benni explains that this is how it works. He says that he will impress Mokko. Is this foreshadowing for him turning in the clones?

Benni leads Omega to the control room. As she is getting the shield code, Benni starts to act weird. As she is working, she asks him why he doesn’t leave. He says that he can’t leave because this is his home.

Although he is pretty surprised the clones treat her like one of them. Omega explains that she understands, because her ship is their home. She then gives her rations to Benni as a thank you for helping them. He keeps looking around nervously as he must have signaled to Mokko and the crew that they are there.

As Omega is searching for the codes, she finds Mokko’s profit reports. She asks Benni about the ipsium, because according to those reports it is not degraded, which he thought it was. Mokko is very much hiding something from Benni, and the people he has working for him, in order to make himself richer.

Just then Mokko shows up and says that his thief caught another thief, and it is proven that yes, Benni did signal to Mokko that the clones were there. He then tells Mokko that the others are in the garage bay.

Mokko thanks Benni, and tells him that the top earner title is in his future.

A Change of Heart

When they get to the garage bay, Mokko threatens the clones with the life of Omega. He tells them that they are now sentenced to work in the mines. Benni has a change of heart and announces to everyone in the mines that Mokko has been lying to them all and has been keeping the profits for themselves. Drake, the top earner, even turns on him.

Mokko orders Omega to be thrown over into the mines. The droid does this, but Hunter is able to swoop in and save her. Mokko is furious and tells the droids to take care of the clones and his crew. The clones easily knock the droids over into the mine.

When Mokko falls off the bridge, Benni tries to save him. Mokko threatens him and tries to pull him over with him, but falls by himself to his death.

Benni returns everything to the clones. He decides to stay behind and thanks them for helping. With Mokko gone, they will all be receiving equal shares.

This is when Omega realizes that the Empire is not the only threat. They keep discovering more and more like Mokko. Tech says that yes, that is true, but there are more like them out in the galaxy as well, and that is something.

Overall Thoughts

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 10 tells yet another story about those who are in trouble in the galaxy. As Omega states at the end of the episode, the Empire is not the only threat.

While this is a stand alone story, it finishes up the one that was started in episode 9 and it plays out really well. The two together could almost be a short film, even.

Rating: 7/10 SPECS

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