The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 14: Clones vs. Troopers

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 14 sets up for what is sure to be an epic finale, which airs next week in two parts.

Considering that he has fired back at the Empire, quite literally, it should come as no surprise to viewers to see Crossfire remaining as a prisoner this episode. While it feels like we were finally getting somewhere with the main storyline with Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, and Omega, it is nice to see what is going on with Crosshair, in hopes that they will all reunite sooner than later.

Don’t worry, Clone Force 99 is not pushed completely to the side in this episode, however. It seems that a reunion is closer than ever.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 14.

In the first moment of the episode fans will witness even more clones being taken prisoner as the Empire is eager to wash their hands of them. Once the ship is leaving the planet, it finds itself under attack. The shocking reveal is just who is attacking the ship – Captain Rex and Echo, who we haven’t seen for some time now – are behind it.

Finally, Some Great Action

Viewers are treated to an incredible score during the back-and-forth between the ships, which delivers some great action as well. Rex docks on the Empire prison transport and attacks from within. The Captain of the ship initiates protocol and orders the data logs to be erased before they can be accessed by the insurgents.

It is clone versus trooper as Rex and his followers make their way through the Empire’s ship. From their orders it is clear they are there to free the clones that have been taken prisoner by the Empire. As we have seen throughout the season, the Empire has no need for them anymore and has begun replacing them. They have had no respect for them since the beginning, but it is only getting worse.

After freeing the clones, they try to get information from the Imperial Officer on board. Since the data is being erased, that means they need to rely on him for intel, and they aren’t afraid to press him. The Officer remains loyal to the Empire however, and kills himself before they can get him to talk.

The clones pull what they can out of the data that is left and just barely make it off the ship. Thanks to an intense score, this feels extremely high stakes – probably the highest stakes of the season so far – which only adds to the suspense.

Crosshair Is Offered A Deal

Crosshair was not one of the clones that was rescued however, as he was already at the location this ship was on its way to, hinting that perhaps Rex and Echo will find their way to the facility thanks to the data they stole. We see Crosshair with Doctor Hemlock, who is quite ominous.

He explains to Crosshair that he is not there because he shot his commanding officer, but because the doctor wants to give him a clean slate. He wants to know how to find Clone Force 99 because they are in possession of something he needs. Crosshair laughs before letting the doctor know that he is wasting his time – they will never turn Omega over.

Considering that Omega is a clone, and therefore Imperial property, he states they won’t have a choice. If Crosshair wants his freedom, all he needs to do is help them out. While Crosshair doesn’t know where they are at this moment, the doctor states he must have some information that will help them. He knows how they think after all.

While the doctor is torturing Crosshair for information, he is informed of the attack on their ship and told that the clones onboard escaped.

Meanwhile, Echo learns the clones were being charged with questioning an officer and that others who were transported off the planet never returned. He didn’t get the full data, but he believes he knows someone who can decipher what he did.

A Daring Escape Attempt

Crosshair has always been a resourceful one, so it is not at all surprising when he fakes passing out from the torture tactics and then attacks as soon as they release the restraints. The nurse / scientist who was watching over him tries to stop him, telling him there is no escape, but he shoots her anyway and takes her keycard.

Over the course of the next few minutes, we see Crosshair going up against numerous Stormtroopers. Of course, he is very good at what he does, hence the name, so it is not much of a challenge to him.

Once he gets to the main controls, he uses her card to end an outgoing transmission to Clone Force 99, telling them they need to hide. He doesn’t get much out before they shut down the system and gas the room he is in.

A Reunion In Pabu

Back on Pabu, we learn that the contact Echo was talking about is Clone Force 99. Most likely Tech, but it is Hunter who is talking about it with the Mayor. We see the citizens of Pabu working hard to rebuild after the water surge which took place last episode, and it seems they are doing a great job and moving along quickly. Tech is giving Omega flying lessons, which adds a bit of humor and fun as she is not the best at it yet.

While this is going on, Echo enters the air as well. Omega is very excited to see him (if you recall she was quite upset when he left) and radios to him. He tells her they can race to the landing zone, which Tech does not find to be a very good idea. Of course, they do it anyway and Echo wins. Hunter has just enough time to tell him that they reevaluated things with Cid before Omega comes running up to him, gleefully.

Echo asks Hunter if they plan to stay on Pabu indefinitely and while Hunter admits they have not made up their mind yet, he says he thinks it is what is best for him. At the same time, Wrecker and Omega are playing nearby, and Hunter and Echo look on happily.

As for what Echo has been doing, he explains that he and Rex have set up a network of clones and they are not ready to give up the fight against the Empire. Just then, Tech radios Hunter letting him know that he has decrypted the data.

Tarkin Asks For A Plan

Simultaneously Helock is speaking with Governor Tarkin about the attack on their transport ship and the escaped clones. Tarkin is worried that the stolen data will compromise their location, but the doctor assures him there are protocols in place to stop that from happening. He is, however, worried, that there was a leak to the clones that attacked them from within.

The doctor does not believe that simply decommissioning problematic clones is enough, he wants to deal with them in… other ways. Tarkin asks him for a full plan, and then he will consider it.

Tech Deciphers The Data

Back on the Marauder, Tech explains what he has discovered. The Imperial transport that Echo hijacked was assigned to the Advances Science Division, of which there are no records of the location or purpose. All Tech could find is the chief scientist’s name – Doctor Royce Hemlock, an officer who was expelled from the Republic science corps due to unauthorized and unorthodox experiments.

Tech was able to decipher the prisoner records as well, and has learned that Crosshair is one of the prisoners that was sent there. Hunter and Wrecker are shocked to learn that Crosshair has turned on the Empire. Tech solidifies thought with proof – he checked their old comm logs and found the warning that Crosshair had sent out to them telling them to hide.

Clone Force 99 is not sure if this is for real or if Crosshaair is setting yet another trap for them.

The Bad Batch season 2 episode 14 ends with Hemlock coming to Crosshair and telling him the only way he will be able to leave is if he allows it. He once again tries to get Crosshair to help him out in the hunt for Omega, but Crosshair stays silent. This time Hemlock orders the injection level to be increased, and he starts torturing him again – determined to break him.

Overall Thoughts

This episode does a great job of starting to tie together the loose ends that have been sprinkled throughout the season, and the series. It started out with an action-packed battle sequence, and then spent time reconnecting with some characters we have not seen in a while.

It is likely that Crosshair will end up reuniting with Clone Force 99 thanks to his newfound hatred for the Empire and their knowledge that he has been taken prisoner. We already know that any of the clones would put their life down to save Omega, let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

The final two episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch air together next Wednesday on Disney+, and it is sure to be quite a finale.

Rating: 9/10 SPECS

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