The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 9 Leaves The Clones Stranded

The Bad Batch season 2 has just given fans back-to-back episodes that followed the main storyline, which means that we were all expecting a bit of a filler episode.

Instead, viewers get part filler, part main storyline, as they are forced to confront their feelings after Echo left them at the end of episode 8. There is a lot of character development, and even a small cliffhanger.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 9.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 9 starts off with Clone Force 99 excavating for ipsium, a valuable mineral. Tech warns that it is highly combustible in the raw state, however. Since Clone Force 99 is a man down, they are going to have a much harder time than they normally would.

This makes the clones nervous, so they leave Wrecker behind with Omega, telling them that Cid warned there are poachers in the area and to call if they need anything. As Hunter and Tech walk away, viewers see someone watching over the clones from afar.

Inside the mine, Tech’s scans do not show much ipsium, and he suggests that Cid was deceived into purchasing a mine that was already depleted.

A scan shows a little bit of the mineral they are looking for, but it is in a location that will be hard to reach. Since it is extremely volatile they need to be careful mining it. Tech says that disturbing the area around it could set it off.

Clone Force 99 Is Stranded

While Omega and Wrecker stand watch, she sulks as she is really having a hard time with Echo’s absence. Tech radios her and lets her know that she is needed. This is because she is little and can reach the ipsium much easier. Hunter and Tech warn her to be extremely careful as one wrong move could set off a chain reaction.

Meanwhile, the person that was spying on the clones has moved closer, and is checking out their ship without them even knowing it. As Hunter, Tech, and Omega exit the mine, their ship takes off. They yell at Wrecker for not doing a very good job at being a lookout and allowing their ship to be stolen.

The clones must now try to walk to the nearest town and hopefully acquire transport there. They radio Echo, however his transmitter has been turned off. They assume this means he is on a sensitive mission. As they are walking, a stampede approaches. They have ipsium in hand. However it is very volatile, remember? They need to protect it as the animals run past them, which could set it off at any time. They are able to get out of the way without an explosion, luckily.

However, they quickly realize that a storm is approaching, which is what caused the stampede in the first place. The clones rush into a mine for cover, and it is clear this is going to be a fast-paced episode with what feels like truly high stakes. The ipsium, which they left right outside the entrance to the mine, explodes in the storm and seals them inside.

Digging Themselves Out

As the clones are digging themselves out of the mine, they have a very heavy and intense conversation. Omega is very distraught over Echo leaving the squad behind. She tells the others that they can track the ship and recover it once they get out.

Tech, who has always been quite blunt, points out that The Marauder is likely gone forever, but that it is no big deal. The ship is simply a mode of transportation and they can acquire another one. This really hurts her and she says they lost Echo, they cannot lose their home too. She says that she wants to be alone and walks off, deeper into the mine.

Omega discovers a cavern full of ipsium and starts to mine it so that they can blow themselves out of the cave-in. Tech goes looking for her and finds her extracting ipsium. He warns her that she is surrounded by enough of the mineral to cause the whole cavern to be destroyed. When he realizes how pure it is, he asks her to extract as much of it as she can. She is happy to know that he trusts her to do this, and gets right to work.

Swept Away

Once she has the last vial, she reaches for some ipsium that is a bit too far away and falls down the cavern. Tech jumps down to rescue her. Meanwhile, we see Hunter and Wrecker still moving rocks.

Hunter senses that something is wrong and radios Omega and Tech, but gets no answer. At the bottom of the cavern is a flowing river that the two become caught in. They are swept away to a big open body of water in a cave and are finally able to radio back to Hunter.

Omega and Tech discover an alternate way out and ask Hunter and Wrecker to get their gear and come meet them – warning that they need to be careful with the ipsium so they don’t set it off. As they wait for the others to arrive, Omega asks Tech why it doesn’t bother him that Echo left.

She says they are not just soldiers, they are a family, and wonders why he doesn’t act like it. Tech says that he respects the decisions of Echo, and Crosshair as well, even if he doesn’t agree with them. He tells her that he processes emotions differently, but he doesn’t feel any less than she does.

When Hunter and Wrecker arrive with the mineral, they blow a hole in the cave wall and escape. They then find the spaceport and head towards it, hoping to find food and a way off the planet. They unfortunately realize that it is deserted – once they arrive. Tech sends out a long-range transmission to Cid, asking to be rescued, and she says that she is tied up at the moment and cannot help them.

They tell her that they helped her in the past, and they recount all that they have done for her so far this season. She tells them to give her a few days. There is a storm rumbling in the distance and Omega says they will figure it all out, like they always do.

Overall Thoughts

Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 9 focuses on the aftermath of Echo leaving, specifically how Omega is forced to deal with it. There are a lot of intense, high-stakes moments that the clones go through, and even a bit of a cliffhanger at the end as they are stranded on a remote planet without their ship.

Rating: 8/10 SPECS

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