The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 15: Easter Eggs & Cameos, Plus A Great Setup For The Finale

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 has had its ups and down, but as it comes to a close, it raises the intensity and the stakes.

Season 2 Episode 15 is basically the finale part 1 and it is jam-packed with Easter eggs, cameos, and some decent action. It is clear the season is wrapping up, as they are stuffing a lot into this one. However, these are all things, for the most part, that will be appreciated by the fans.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 episode 15 “The Summit”.

Developing A Plan

Fans don’t have to wait long for the Clones to dive into making a plan to rescue Crosshair, as the very first scene shows Tech explaining that he and Echo looked into both the Imperial and Republic files for the Advanced Science Division. Unfortunately, their base of operations is unknown, and there is even less information on the Chief Scientist, Doctor Hemlock.

Echo pulls some strings and discovers that Hemlock will be attending a summit at Tarkin’s compound on Eriadu in two rotations. A plan starts to develop. Even though Hunter is skeptical of the odds (never tell me the odds!), they decide to get in, plant a beacon so they can follow him back to Crosshair, and get out. Rex is on another mission so they won’t have his help, however this also means that they will have a smaller group and less chances of getting caught.

There is a very brief goodbye with Phee where it seems as if she likes Tech… in a romantic way. It comes off as awkward and unnecessary. Sure, fans will likely enjoy the connection she has made with the Clones, and Omega, but we don’t need a love story in the mix right now.

Going In Unnoticed

Arriving on Eriadu is the easy part. The Clones only needed to steal a clearance code to be able to get through and land on the planet. The hard part comes with accessing the compound without being noticed. Clone Force 99 needs to use a railcar in order to sneak in, but there are sensors all around them. Tech is able to disrupt one, but knows they will only have about 30 seconds as the Republic will be alerted immediately and will start trying to fix it.

It goes relatively smoothly, although they do need to take out a few Stormtroopers when it reaches its destination. This is a pretty easy accomplishment for the Bad Batch, however, as it takes just a few seconds to knock out three or four of them.

Tarkin’s Summit

Fans get a close-up seat at the table for Tarkin’s Summit, as the plan for a phased, widespread deployment to secure a military presence is discussed. Tarkin knows that the galaxy is in turmoil, currently. Allegiances are divided and they need to act fast if they want to achieve galactic unification.

When asked for an update from Dr. Hemlock, who claims the cloning progress is greatly important to the Emperor. He says they can ensure an enlightened society through molecular alteration. A very chilling thought that they want to change the way people think by altering their brain chemistry, but also not very surprising. He also confirms what we pretty much already knew, that he plans on using the decommissioned clones as test subjects to aid in his research. Hemlock sees them as property of the Republic, meaning they do not need their permission to do this.

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A discussion about the Clones continues. Some of those at the table say they have served with them and that they are loyal warriors, while others, including Tarkin, call them unpredictable. Hemlock gets his approval but it is also said that they must keep this a secret as many are fighting for clone rights, and it would cause distrust in the Republic.

When a certain project name – Project Stardust – is mentioned, Star Wars fans will be jumping up and down with excitement. This project oversees the planning and building of the Death Star. Krennic (of course), is the one at the table who is asked about this. It sounds like Ben Mendelsehn’s voice, but all we hear is a “Yes, Governor Tarkin” before cutting back to the clones.

Something’s Not Right

As they are making their way to place a tracking beacon on Dr. Hemlock’s ship, the clones realize that something is not right. They discover where his shuttle is, but at the same time they notice that many of the surveillance systems have had cycled deactivations in various corridors. Considering how many high-level officers currently have their ships there, this doesn’t make any sense. In true Clone Force 99 fashion, they deviate a little from the plan, and Hunter and Tech rush off to check it out.

Echo and Wrecker find Hemlock’s shuttle, but it is very exposed where it is parked in the docking bay. There isn’t enough cover for Wrecker to go unnoticed, but Omega can sneak in and out without raising suspicions. The score makes it seem like a very intense moment, but it goes off without a hitch – even when she passes more troopers on her way back to Wrecker. All she needs to do is message Echo that she has troopers blocking both of her ways out and he creates a diversion by picking up a ship with a crane.

A Fan-Favorite Cameo

The issue doesn’t come with Omega being caught, but rather that security is now alerted to the malfunctioning crane. As they are looking into it they notice that several of the surveillance cameras are also offline. This is not the Clones’ doing. As Hunter and Tech further explore this, they start to realize just how many cameras are offline too. Tech says he does not like this at all, and wishes to just leave. They did what they came to do, after all.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm LTD

It is at that moment that they discover a thermal detonator and realize the ship is under attack by someone else. Two troopers come towards them, but once they see it is some members of Clone Force 99, the one that seems to be in charge reveals himself. It is Saw Gerrera. His plan is to take out the top commanders that are there for Tarkin’s Summit. Hunter explains that he cannot let him do that. They need to track Hemlock back to where they are keeping the clones that they are experimenting on.

It is no great shock that their discussion is interrupted by actual Stormtroopers, and a fight ensues. A great, but too short, action sequence follows, which separates Gerrera and the Clones. He wants to trigger the explosives before they are discovered and disarmed. They take a shuttle and are able to set off their devices. The top officers are safe in their locked room, as they had taken safety precautions already. Of course, in the explosion, Hemlock’s shuttle, as well as the tracking beacon Omega placed on it, are destroyed.

Clone Force 99 was escaping on a train car when the explosion stops it in its tracks. Right across from them is a car filled with Stormtroopers. How are they to know that the clones were not the ones who attacked them? The episode ends here, with Tech stating the obvious, “this is going to be a problem.”

Overall Thoughts

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 15 sets up for quite the epic finale. Just the mention on Project Stardust is sure to have fans thrilled. We are seeing how everything is coming together and it is very exciting. Saw Gerrera showing up is another great cameo of a fan-favorite.

The biggest issue with this episode is the weird interaction with Phee. Hopefully that is swept under the rug and never becomes a thing. It is a little concerning that Gerrera has messed up the plans to find Crosshair, but fans will certainly have faith that they will figure it all out in the end.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 2 Episode 15 is streaming on Disney+ now. Luckily, viewers don’t have to wait to see how it all wraps up, as the final episode is also available to stream.

Rating: 8/10 SPECS

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