The Bad Batch: Where Have We Seen That Clone Before? 

If you have just finished watching “Cut and Run,” the second episode of The Bad Batch, you may find yourself wondering where we have met that clone before. He’s an old friend of The Bad Batch and an old friend of fans too! 

The Bad Batch: Where Have We Seen That Clone Before? 

The Deserter 1
Cut and Suu in “The Deserter” Season Two, Episode Ten of Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Credit: Lucasfilm 

Cut Lawquane and his family first appeared in “The Deserter,” the tenth episode of the second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Following his desertion, Cut made his way to the Outer Rim where he met Suu Lawquane and they fell in love. They married and he adopted not just her name, but her two Twi’lek hybrid children, Shaeeah and Jek, too. 

Cut played a pivotal part in Rex’s life and introduced him to concepts that made Rex reflect on his blind loyalty to the Republic and the war effort. It was also one of the first episodes that really focused on the individuality of the clones and their personal conflicted feelings about the war they were made to fight in. After all, Cut severed his ties with the Clone Force in order to claim freedom for himself. 

The Deserter 3
Shaeeah and Jek in “The Deserter” Season Two, Episode Ten of Star Wars: The Clone Wars| Credit: Lucasfilm 

Despite the dire situations in “Cut and Run,” it was great to see how Cut interacted with his children and with Omega. Where the Bad Batch are still very much battle-driven clones, Cut provided Hunter with a glimpse at what life could be like as a father, settled down comfortably on some farmland. 

Already, the Bad Batch has had some interesting pieces of dialogue about and allusions to the clones’ individuality, personal choice, and freedom — which instantly made me think about the deep conversations Cut and Rex once had. Does Wrecker really enjoy smashing things or is that just how he was genetically designed? Did Rex fight for the Republic because of a genuine sense of loyalty or because he was made to be a good soldier? 

These are all questions that we know the answer to, but it’s great to see the interconnectivity between the two series that already share so much in common. These are really important questions for the Bad Batch as they navigate life outside of the Republic and on the run from the Empire. 

The Deserter
Cut and Suu in “The Deserter” Season Two, Episode Ten of Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Credit: Lucasfilm 

What was nice about reintroducing Cut in The Bad Batch was that it strengthened the ties that the Bad Batch characters have to the clones that we all know and love. Reuniting with Cut meant hearing about Rex and what he was doing post-Order 66. Now we know that after the heartbreaking scene where Ahsoka and Rex buried the fallen clones, Rex had traveled to Saleucami and spoken to Cut. This was such a great callback to the connection formed between the two clones in “The Deserter.” 

The Bad Batch continues to set up so many vital connections to The Clone Wars that continue to broaden our understanding of the Star Wars universe. Choices like the Bad Batch having a close enough relationship with Cut that his kids call Wrecker “Uncle” and the fact that Hunter saved Caleb Dume’s life help to fix the issues that I had initially expected for the series. 

With how late into The Clone Wars series that the Bad Batch were introduced, I was worried they would only ever feel like a peripheral part of the clones, but now they feel like a major part of the story through their connections to characters that we already loved. 

With Caleb Dume’s appearance in the premiere and Cut’s appearance in “Cut and Run,” who will we see next? We know from the trailers that we’ll see familiar faces like Rex and Fennec Shand, but who else might pop up in the next fourteen episodes? 

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