The Best Credit Card Rewards and Perks

What do you usually bring with you when you go shopping or buy groceries? Cash? Debit cards? Or credit cards?

Well, it depends on you and the quantity of stuff you need or want to buy. People who are frugal and direct with what they wish to buy usually use cash or debit cards, while others who are a little bit liberal with their shopping use credit cards. Credit cards give them some sense of security while buying since they won’t be confined to limits.

Credit Card Defined

But what is a credit card? The answer is simple. A credit card is a debt instrument used for any financial transaction like purchasing, instead of cash or debit card. Consumers like credit cards better because they have until the next billing due date to reimburse the company when they swipe their card. And their bank won’t automatically deduct from their bank account the purchase price of the item bought.

Credit Card Rewards Defined

However, this is not the only reason why people opt to use credit cards. Another great reason is that credit cards possess credit card rewards. What are these? Credit card rewards are monetary or non-monetary perks that your credit card offers you because of your credit card's frequent use.

They come in different forms, which will be discussed here. But before delving into its details, you need to know some best rewards credit cards to understand more about these perks. Thus, listed below are some best rewards credit cards you need to know, including their extras.

1. Cash-Back Credit Card

Well, finding the best credit card rewards is fun and enjoyable because you get to choose the rewards and perks you desire to avail of. Thus, you may want to try to use a cash-back credit card. This type of credit card offers cash-back rewards. Of course, you will earn points when you purchase merchandise or goods. And this cash-back credit card is one way to redeem these points or rewards. It even makes redeeming your points so much easier.

Further, you may use the points you redeemed for purchasing groceries, bills, shopping spree, and whatnot with this type of credit card. The best thing about this is that you may spend your rewards; however, you want it.

2. Hotel Credit Card

You will need at least a hotel credit card if you love traveling. This will give you not only convenience but also luxurious benefits. Hotel credit cards allow you to earn points and rewards that you can use with particular hotel brands worldwide. In short, this type of card is tied up with your loyalty to the said hotel. In effect, there is some sense of exclusivity.

Moreover, the good thing about this type of card is that you will earn special status and extraordinary amenities in the long run because of your exclusive patronage to the hotel and chronic use of the hotel credit card.

3. Flexible Travel Credit Cards

This credit card is one of the most special credit cards because you are not limited and tied up with an exclusive loyalty program. Further, the redemption of the points has multiple options. You may have your points redeemed as gift cards, cash-back, or particular merchandise instead.

Lastly, you will earn a flat rate of rewards for every purchase you make, and it’s a fantastic thing since you won’t be pressured to acquire higher earnings only to gain bonuses or prizes.


There are still some inevitable perks that these cards offer on top of these credit cards’ benefits and beauty. These are the following:

Welcome Gift

The welcome gift is otherwise known as a welcome bonus. This is one way of thanking you by the credit card issuer for choosing their credit facility. The welcome gift means that you will earn a massive bonus if you spend a certain amount within a designated period. This bonus may be in the form of cash-back or gift cards. So the more you pay with your credit card, the more gift cards you will have. And the more enjoyable your shopping experience will be.

Protection From Fraud

Fraud is the common enemy of all credit cardholders. And fraud arises because of stealing. Of course, nobody will steal your credit card if they won’t use it. And if they use it, it’s as if you’re the one who used it. Consequently, the payment obligation falls on you. But with the fraud protection that your credit card offers you, your liability will be limited by law no matter the purchase price. It is only fair to provide fraud protection to avoid abuses by these stealers.

Purchase Security

Purchase security, otherwise known as purchase protection, is one of the unique perks of credit card usage. It means that you get to be reimbursed for the excess of the purchase price you paid for a particular item if the item’s price was lowered the following day. You may also get a replacement for the thing bought if it is stolen or broken within a short time after the purchase. In both instances, you only have to show proof of your credit card company.


Knowing all the above-mentioned best credit cards and their perks will be of utmost aid to you since you cannot dispense with purchasing and buying all you need every day of your life. Moreover, your knowledge of these cards’ perks will allow you to maximize your credit cards’ use to the best of your heart’s desires.

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