The Best Electric Pokémon of All Time Ranked

When people think of the Pokémon video game series, they often picture some of the Electric-type Pokémon in the franchise. The likes of the series mascot Pikachu, menacing Pokémon like Luxray, and legendary Pokémon like Zekrom dominate the series. 

The best Electric Pokémon ranked below showcase how varied and widespread this particular typing remains. The best Electric Pokémon list below ranks the most impactful Pokémon in the category—one per evolutionary line—based on their designs, moves, stats, utility, and popularity. 

1. Pikachu

Classic Pikachu leaping
Image Credit: Nintendo.

No other Electric Pokémon stands a chance against the face of the entire franchise since its inception. Pikachu remains the icon for Pokémon, which numerous people worldwide know from a glance, even if they never played a game. 

Beyond Pikachu's uncanny popularity, it features the epitome of how to design a Pokémon. It looks appealing for kids and adults, with a mix of cuteness and strength. In addition, its unforgettable relationship with Ash Ketchum sets the bar too high for any Electric-type Pokémon ever to reach. 

2. Zekrom

Zekrom from Pokemon Black & White box art
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 5 box art Dragon-type legendary introduced fans to the Electric and Dragon combo. This type of combination on its own impresses, but when coupled with one of the most stylish and memorable Draconic designs in the series, Zekrom lands near the top of the all-time best electric Pokémon List. 

3. Miraidon

Purple robotic Miraidon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

It should come as no surprise that both the Electric and Dragon legendary Pokémon in this franchise nail their ideas in a tremendous way. Miraidon goes the sci-fi route with its robotic design and neon aesthetic, which looks terrific and better than its Gen 9 box art counterpart. 

4. Rotom

Ghost type Pokemon Rotom
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Rotom became a pseudo-mascot for the series over the years, from its talkative inclusion in the anime to its partner-like systems in the last few generations. Beyond that, it also lands high on this list for its unique Electric and Ghost combo, which offers immense flexibility with its form changes.

5. Luxray

Blue dog-like Pokemon with tufts of black fur
Image Credit: Nintendo.

When it comes to non-legendary Electric Pokémon in the series, the Luxray line stands at the top. It has the most potent three-stage Electric type lineup in the franchise from start to finish, with its incomparable design. It could even rise higher among the best electric Pokémon if it had the Dark typing it deserves.

6. Pachirisu

Pachirisu Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Out of all of the Electric-type Pikachu clones in the entire series, none compare to Pachirisu. The Gen 4 standalone Electric Pokémon features one of the cutest and most unforgettable designs in the series with its blue and white pattern. It gets bonus points for its prominent inclusion in the anime as well. 

7. Zeraora

Leaping Pokemon with yellow fur
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Zeraora’s oddest flaw and most glaring weakness remains its plain Electric typing. This swift and overwhelming feline Mythical Pokémon exudes the Fighting type as a secondary, but it remains a pure Electric. This only holds it back a little, especially with its undeniable power. 

8. Zebstrika

Zebstrika Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Blitzle and its evolution Zebstrika both have two of the most impressive visual designs out of any Electric Pokémon in existence. GameFreak took the simple zebra and gave it an electrifying style, which works so well. With some improvements to Zebstrika’s stats or a third stage, it would move even further up this list. 

9. Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

If players ignore the strange rooster inspiration for this legendary Gen 7 Pokémon, Tapu Koko stands out with its exciting and powerful Electric and Fairy-type combo. Mix in the amazing shiny form it has and its stats, and players have one of the better members of this type of group. 

10. Emolga

Emolga Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gen 5 gave one of the best Pikachu clones with Emolga. A flying squirrel looks as adorable in Pokémon form as it sounds and then some. It has one of the most substantial visual designs of the Pikachu knock-offs and some decent utility with its typing. 

11. Raikou

Raikou Pokemon e1697526230727
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Electric member of the legendary beasts in Gen 2, Raikou, has a massive edge up over its counterpart in Zapdos in Gen 1. It features an incredible and detailed sabertooth tiger design alongside the classic legendary power. 

12. Iron Thorns

Iron Thorns Pokemon
image Credit: Nintendo.

This futuristic Paradox Pokémon from Gen 9 takes the beloved Tyranitar and gives it the Rock and Electric typing with a robot body form. Though its appearance feels a bit too similar to the older version, its moves and impressive stats make up for that. 

13. Morpeko

Pokemon Morpeko Full Belly and Hangry modes
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Electric and Dark finally came together in Gen 8 with Morpeko. While many still wish Luxray’s line had this type combo, Morpeko did it justice. Its bizarre, hilarious, and cute double forms make it stand out even in the Pikachu clones. 

14. Kilowattrel

Kilowattrel Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Electric and Flying work so well as a type combination. The Gen 9  bird of the Paldea region features a striking appearance alongside its competitive viability, with only two weaknesses to worry about and a fair bit of coverage in its moves. 

15. Zapdos

Zapdos pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The original legendary Electric Pokémon in the series, Zapdos, feels like one of the weaker parts of the bird trio in Gen 1. Despite this, it has an extravagant and memorable design, which helps it stand out amongst the many Pokémon in its group. 

16. Heliolisk

Heliolisk Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The weirdest part about Heliolisk and its pre-evolution remains the Normal and Electric type combination. It oozes the Dragon secondary typing alongside Electric, but alas, it doesn’t have this typing. Still, it has a terrific dinosaur-like design. 

17. Electivire

Electrivire Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 1 Pokémon Electabuzz received its successor in every way with the third stage of its line, Electivire. It features an edgier style along with its more rounded features, which helps it stand out as one of the better Gen 4 Electric Pokémon. 

18. Ampharos

Ampharos Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Gen 2 Pokémon takes the idea of the sheep and gives it some fascinating dragon-like aspects. This even shows in its excellent Mega Evolution, which grants it the Dragon typing alongside its already existing Electric type. 

19. Lanturn

Lanturn Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Opposites work so well together in this series, and Lanturn remains a prime example of that. The Water and Electric type combination means it only has two weaknesses, and it comes with an elegant design at the same time. 

20. Hisuian Voltorb

Hisuian Voltorb
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Grass and Electric-type combination feels unique and fun. This regional form of Voltorb gets bonus points for its lore, which helps the combination make sense. Based on the ancient Pokéball made out of wood, this old-school version of Voltorb also gets the Grass typing. 

21. Jolteon

Jolteon Cat Pokemon e1697505706686
Image Credit: Nintendo.

One of the first Eevee evolutions in Gen 1, Jolteon has the unfortunate status as the least interesting of the three initial ones. Even still, it features an iconic and classic design, which makes it a fun choice for players to use in the original Pokémon games. 

22. Regieleki

Regieleki Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Whether or not fans think more Regi Pokémon should exist, Gen 8 brought new ones to the franchise. Regieleki looks pretty good design-wise and has some fun stats, landing it in a decent spot in the overall type group. 

23. Pawmot

Pawmot Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Electric and Fighting-type combination made its debut in Gen 9 with the Pawmot line. This evolutionary line features the first Pikachu clones in the series to offer evolutions. Unfortunately, they all look too similar to one another, which knocks its creativity down. 

24. Vikavolt

Vikavolt Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Bug and Electric type combination feels like one of the best combos for both typings since it mitigates many of the issues, especially for Bug Pokémon. Better yet, Vikavolt has a sleek and fun design, but its disappointing stats hold it back some. 

25. Yamper

Yamper Dog Pokemon e1697505755233
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Man’s best friend takes the classic Corgi style and adds a bit of electrical flair on top. This results in a solid Gen 8 design, which doesn’t quite live up to some of the other Pokémon on this list but at least makes a solid case for its inclusion.