The 8 Best Home Based Data Entry Jobs For 2022

The best thing about home based data entry jobs is the ability to work when and wherever you choose. Data entry is an excellent option for people who want to do typing work from home.

To get started doing online data entry jobs from home, you will need a computer and some basic typing or data entry skills. There are a lot of online jobs that allow you to work from home and earn a good living. 

If you’re a stay at home, mom, dad, or student looking for a flexible schedule and good pay, then one of the following home-based jobs may be for you.

The 9 Best Home Based Data Entry Jobs

Best Data Entry Job Sites

You need to be cautious when searching for home-based data entry jobs, many jobs are scams, or the pay is meager. Be sure to look for a reputable company that offers data entry positions. Below are some of the best entry-level data entry jobs for people who want to make money online.

What Are The Best Sites For Online Data Entry Jobs?

The biggest reason that data entry online jobs are popular is because of the flexibility the job provides. You will find that working from home as a freelance data entry worker offers a lot of opportunities. Below is a list of sites that frequently offer flexible data entry online jobs.

1. SigTrack

Sigtrack is a database application that links grassroots campaigns with crowdsourced data entry freelancers.


Must provide proof of U.S. residency.
Windows 7 Pro, 8.1+, or Mac OS 10.11+
Dual Monitors
20MB internet speed


You get paid per work unit which is shown in the terms per job. Pay is based on accuracy. For example, If the base value of a block of work is $100, your share would be as follows:

92% accuracy:  $50.00
94% accuracy:  $60.00
96% accuracy:  $70.00
98% accuracy:  $80.00

2. Microworkers

Microworkers is an international platform that connects employers and workers. The jobs are quick and straightforward, mostly completed in a few minutes. Tasks include data mining, transcription, surveys, and so much more.


You must join Microworkers, it’s free to join, and anyone from any country can join.


Each task will provide a set of instructions and the amount you will earn for completing the job.

3. Cass Information Systems

Search for “Data Verification Clerk” when checking for job openings with this company. In 2018 Forbes ranked Cass 88th On The List of “Best Employers for New Graduates.”


This company requires you to train onsite for a few weeks before starting the job from home.


Competitive pay and some positions offer benefits packages as well.

4. Flex Jobs

These data entry jobs range from entry-level to executive, freelance to full-time. You do have to pay for access to this job board, $14.95 for one month, but these are legitimate jobs. You can view the job listings without paying a fee. FlexJobs has been featured on sites such as CNN and USA Today.


Have a paid membership to FlexJobs.


Pay varies, but I found several data entry jobs that paid between $10 and $20 per hour.

5. DionData

DionData Solutions is a well-established, reputable company that has been around for many years. They provide data services to companies and government agencies.

DionData Solutions occasionally has openings for data entry clerks to work from home.


Be able to type at least 60 words per minute and have a basic understanding of computers.  


Dion Data pays per piece or document.

6. AccuTran Global

Established in 2002, AccuTran provides transcription services to clients around the world from its headquarters in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Accutran Global occasionally has openings for transcriptionist work. These positions are for Independent contractors who enjoy a flexible schedule.


If you pass the screening tests, you start working on ‘probationary status,’ with minimum pay, while the quality of your work is assessed.


For corporate and financial jobs, the pay is by the audio minute, and bonuses are sometimes offered for more difficult work. Rates depend on the job, turnaround time, and quality.

7. Ibotta

Occasionally you’ll find a data entry job opening on Ibotta’s job page.


These positions are only open to Colorado residents.


Pay is  $10 per hour.  

8. Xerox

Xerox currently employs over 8000 employees who work from home in a variety of positions, including data entry jobs.


This position is usually location-based and requires you to work on-site for a week before working from home.


Competitive pay.

How Much Can You Make Doing Data Entry From Home?

Most typing jobs for data entry clerks pay around $15 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the hourly rate of pay doesn’t necessarily apply to independent contractors. If you’re working for yourself instead of a company, you could be making minimum wage or less. Keep in mind that your level of experience, accuracy, and typing speed will help determine your rate of pay.

What Skills Are Needed For Data Entry Jobs?

You may be surprised to learn that most data entry clerks do more than just input data into a computer. Though not every job is the same, some basic skills will help you succeed with a data entry job.

Proficient Typing Skills

To succeed in an online data entry job, you have to be able to type quickly and accurately. Fortunately, several websites allow you to practice typing and improve your skills for free.

You can take a free typing test at Ratatype to evaluate your current skills.

Computer Skills

Most online typing jobs will require you to have some basic computer skills. You don’t need to be a computer genius, but you should be able to use word processing software and email. Being able to use spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations is also helpful.

Organizational Skills

If you’re working as a freelance data entry clerk, you will need to keep track of work assignments and deadlines. An online calendar or a good daily planner can keep you on track.

Self Motivation

Working from home and being your own boss requires self-motivation. Some people struggle to meet deadlines when they don’t have someone to hold them accountable. You need to plan your work and set deadlines for yourself to make sure your assignments are completed on time.

Good Grammar Skills

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are essential skills to have when you’re doing data entry work. But don’t worry if grammar isn’t your strong point, you can use Grammarly. The free browser extension makes sure that everything you write is error-free.

Are Home Data Entry Jobs Legitimate?

Yes, there are a lot of legitimate data entry jobs, but there are also a lot of scams, so it’s essential to know the difference. The following is a list of red flags that could indicate that a job is a scam.

Jobs That Offer Unusually High Pay

You know the saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unless the job is listed by a well-known company or a trusted job site like Flex Jobs, I would be suspicious of anything that advertises pay higher than $15 per hour.

No Skills Necessary

Scammers may post jobs that say that no skills are necessary to be hired, which isn’t realistic for most legitimate jobs.

Don’t Pay A Fee To Get A Job

Asking applicants to pay a fee to apply for a job is one of the most popular scams out there. Never pay money to get a job. You want to avoid anything that requires you to pay for training, membership, business supplies, or software.

No Contact Information

If you can’t find any contact information on the website that posted the opening, then you’re probably better off to avoid it.

Unprofessional Websites

Scammers frequently throw a website together quickly and immediately begin trying to take advantage of people. Be wary of brand new websites or websites that look sloppy or unprofessional. You can check here to see how long a website has been online if it’s less than a year old I would avoid it.

Alternatives To Online Data Entry Work

Most data entry jobs don’t pay enough to be more than a side job that you do in your spare time. If you want an online job from home without the investment of any money, then consider some of the following jobs.


Get paid to write articles at home about a variety of topics. There are hundreds of sites that will pay you to write. Writing is a very flexible job, and the pay can be quite lucrative as well.


Do you like to take pictures? Photography can be a lucrative field if you know how to sell your photos. There are many websites and apps to sell images quickly and easily.

Reservation Agent

A reservation agent is one of the best paying online jobs, with pay ranging from $9 to $17 per hour. Many well-known companies allow you to work from home as an agent.

Online Jobs From Home

Whether you decide to try a home-based data entry job or some other online job, it’s a great way to earn an extra income while working flexible hours. Have you ever done data entry work? Do you have any tips for our readers? If so, let us know in the comments below.