The Best Ice Pokémon of All Time Ranked

Featured Ice Pokemon Frosmoth, Regice, Lapras, and Alolan Ninetales best Ice Pokémon

Ice Pokémon represent some of the most divisive and strangest Pokémon in the franchise. The typing itself has immense weaknesses and not much utility against other typings. But Ice works well sometimes when paired with the proper secondary typings. 

As such, the following best Ice Pokémon of all time represent the most successful examples of this typing in existence. They provide the strongest examples of design, moves, stats, use of Ice typing, secondary typing, popularity, and more. 

1. Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Forget the original Ninetales from Generation 1. Alolan Ninetales still stands as the poster child for regional forms of Pokémon with its Gen 7 version. It looks somehow better than the already brilliant original with its snowy and blue fox design.

But it gets even better with the Ice and Fairy type combo, which makes it the Dragon-type killer and the overall best example of an Ice-type Pokémon. 

2. Articuno

Arcticuno ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The legendary bird trio in Gen 1 has some of the worst designs out of the legendary Pokémon in the entire series. However, Articuno remains the one exception to its siblings as the best of the three. It also has the solid type combo of Ice and Flying and some welcome stats to boot. 

3. Lapras

Lapras 131 Pokemon e1699677976984
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gen 1 introduced the strongest overall Ice-type Pokémon in the entire series, and no other generation has come close to matching it. Lapras remains a prime example of this with its magnificent design and brilliant representation in the Pokémon anime series as a stalwart companion of Ash Ketchum. 

4. Chien-Pao

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Chien-Pao has five weaknesses, some of which exist as some of the most common typings in the game. If players get around this problem, they’ll have one of the most powerful Ice-type legendary Pokémon in the game, and by far the better of the Dark and Ice-type combos as well. 

5. Kyurem

Kyurem Pokemon e1699489577447
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Kyurem’s main issue remains its weird and uneven design. This fixes some with its fusions with Reshiram and Zekrom, but it also makes up for this in its power. Kyurem represents the strongest single Ice-type in the entire category, with unstoppable strength across the board. 

6. Arctibax

Arctibax ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Arctibax’s most significant problems remain its first and third-stage evolutions, which look bad. But Arctibax stands tall on its own with an impressive Ice and Dragon design. Its stats could use some work, but that happens when you focus on a second stage Pokémon. 

7. Aurorus

Aurorus ice Pokmeon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The best of the Ice-type fossil Pokémon remains the stunning Aurorus from Gen 6. It avoids the pitfalls of other fossil Pokémon in featuring a rough and prehistoric Pokémon for a more glorious and exciting dinosaur-inspired creation. 

8. Frosmoth

Frosmoth ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Frosmoth has a double weakness to the Fire-type, but that remains its sole major flaw. Other than that, Frosmoth represents one of the most glorious Ice Pokémon in recent generations. Its brilliant and glistening moth design nears the top of this list regarding appearance. 

9. Glaceon

Glaceon Cat Pokemon e1699485464803
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Eevee has yet another evolution option in Glaceon, the Ice-type version of it. Glaceon sits right in the middle and somewhat near the top of the group of Eevee evolutions. Its classic blue design and straightforward moves help it stand out amongst its fellow best Ice Pokémon.

10. Froslass

Pokemon Froslass
Image Credit: Nintendo.

A Ghost and Ice-type combo sounds like one of the weirdest combinations in the series. Yet, it works so well with this gorgeous Pokémon, which takes the idea of some horrifying Japanese folklore stories and brings it to life in a fascinating way. 

11. Abomasnow

Abomasnow Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Abomasnow has a horrifying number of weaknesses, which number as one of the most in the entire series at seven in total. It helps that it has the moves and stats to back up this issue, keeping it quite powerful and defensive against even the Pokémon that are strong against it. 

12. Mamoswine

Mamoswine ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mamoswine has some of the most weaknesses in the series for this typing group, but it makes for that in its fascinating stats and moves. It features one of the best Ice Pokémon on this list and a recommended Ice partner for fans of the typing. 

13. Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Iron Bundle takes one of the worst Ice-type Pokémon in Delibird and fixes all of the issues with it. It retains the Santa Claus-inspired design but adds a metallic, robotic flair to it. Couple this with the solid stats, which pretty much makes Delibird redundant. 

14. Cetitan

Cetitan ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gen 9 saw the release of this majestic whale-inspired frozen Pokémon. It has a hulking appearance, which looks both menacing and fun at the same time. It offers some tremendous competitive options with its stats and impressive moveset, alongside an adorable first-stage version. 

15. Glastrier

Glastrier Pokemon e1699491531545
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Gen 8 legendary horse Pokémon feels like the lesser of the two steeds, which Calyrex commands. Despite this, it features a solid and striking design with its frozen, mythological horse appearance. 

16. Galarian Darmanitan

Galarian Darmanitan ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This version of Darmanitan fixes many problems with the original Gen 5 Pokémon. It has a more robust overall design and the incredible ability to be the only Ice and Fire-type in the entire series. 

17. Cubchoo

Cubchoo ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Cubchoo shows how to take the idea of a basic Pokémon, like a polar bear in this case, and give it charm. It has a runny nose, which offers some personality and cuteness, which feels missing from its evolution.

18. Vanillite

Vanilite ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This little ice cream cone Pokémon experienced unnecessary hate for so long due to its strange inspiration as a food item rather than based on an animal. Even still, it provides one of the cutest and most memorable designs from Gen 5. 

19. Regice

Regice Pokemon e1699487972364
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Regice feels like one of the most unmotivated legendary Pokémon of all time. Its horrible and straightforward design belies the otherwise impressive stats and moves it has regarding battles. 

20. Arctovish

Arctovish ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Water and Ice-type fish fossil Pokémon from Gen 8 offers a horrible design. Fortunately, it appears as one of the better of its four variants, but still not too attractive. Even still, it provides some competitive viability for battlers. 

21. Eiscue

Eiscue ice Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The idea of a polar penguin Pokémon sounds amazing, but Eiscue has one of the most basic designs in the franchise’s history. Its sole unique gimmick involves the ice block on its head, which helps it in battle. Other than that, it remains a pretty forgettable Pokémon.

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