The Best Place To Buy Poe Currency

Path of Exile gamers knows that one of the most important parts of the RPG is obtaining Exalted Orbs, the in-game currency that allows you to purchase online items to customize your character. While the New Zealand-based roleplaying game is completely free to play, players are always looking for the best place to buy PoE currency online.

The path to making PoE currency can be a bit tedious for post players. You have to be dedicated to logging on and playing the game daily and crafting items and selling them.

To make highly desirable items, you have to have a lot of game know-how. Because of the time involved with making vital PoE orbs, most gamers look for places that sell PoE currency. We have come up with a list of the best places to buy Path of Exile currency that won’t scam you out of your hard-won real-life money.

The Best Place To Buy Poe Currency



Eldorado is named after the mythical city of gold, and it is a wondrous place filled with in-game currency for dozens of games, including Path of Exile. The site is one of the best places to find PoE currency, at the forefront of a long list of currency trading sites like it. Before you check out any of the other sites on this list, be sure to see what Eldorado has to offer.

At the time of this article, there are currently 21 available offers of Exalted Orbs for sale at $0.14 per unit for PC gamers and 5 offers at $0.97 per unit for PlayStation players looking for Exalted Orbs.

Eldorado also has a recently launched project that helps you find the best prices for your desired game. So check out GameCamp before you buy your next game.



Gaming4Ez has been a #1 source of PoE currency for over 6 years, with a dedicated userbase of more than 250,000 players. They help you find cheap Path of Exile currency from all over the world, and the best part is that the PoE orbs are instantly delivered to your account.

If you’re worried about how legit the site is, they promise that their supplies are stable and deliverable within 5 minutes. On top of that, their track record is pretty solid. In the past six years, they have had zero recorded bans from anyone abusing the system.



iGVault was founded in 2006 as a safe and secure place to make in-game purchases with real-world money. They boast some of the best prices and great stock quantities for various games like World of Warcraft and Path of Exile.

The price for PoE currency on iGVault is currently around $0.19 to $0.26 per unit of Exalted Orbs for PC players. You can also exchange PoE currency for other currencies and in-game items with other players.



AoeAH is a professional gaming store that helps you buy PoE currency and PoE items for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The site has over 18,000 positive reviews and boasts 24/7 online live chat if you run across any trouble while purchasing your Path of Exile goodies.

You can buy many more than just Exalted Orbs on AoeAH; you can also buy items like weaponry, armor, flasks, gems, and more. You can use these items to generate more in-game currency by crafting new weapons that help you find Chaos Orbs dropped by the monsters you slay. You can also use the items to craft items to sell for even more orbs!



SSEGold is a legit site where you can buy in-game currency for several popular RPG games, like Path of Exile. However, unlike some of the other sites, SSEGold offers a membership program that promises discounts, coupon colds, and the ability to earn points as you buy PoE currency (and other currency!) on the site.

PoE currency has been bought and sold on SSEGold for over ten years, delivering quality service to over 500,000 players. While they sell many other in-game currencies, Path of Exile appears to be one of their most popular currencies to sell.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of sites online that promise fast and cheap PoE currency transactions. But if you do not want to get scammed, we highly recommend Eldorado. We love how they handle World of Warcraft currency and trust them to treat Path of Exile fans with the same respect.

Whether you play Path of Exile on your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, our best advice is to shop around and keep an eye out for the best offers. Prices fluctuate just like any other game currency, and you might stumble upon a sweet deal.

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