The Best Places To Buy Lost Ark Gold (Don’t Get Scammed)

Are you looking to buy Lost Ark gold? If you are an avid Lost Ark gamer, then you know there’s something for everyone in the immense realm of the game. But in order to embark on this epic odyssey, you’re going to need a little gold along the way.

While Lost Ark is a fairly new free-to-play MMPORG, there are a number of ways to farm gold–including by acquiring it from sites like Loot WoW and Loot WoW Gold.

A word of caution though. As the realm of Arkesia continues to grow, the game’s devs are starting to crack down on players who are exploiting the system. So be sure that you’re not acquiring Founder’s Packs in unscrupulous ways because Smilegate is issuing punishments for players that are caught breaking the rules.

Luckily we’ve compiled a list of fives sites where you can buy Lost Ark gold without having to worry about getting scammed.


For $6 you can buy 300 pieces of Lost Ark gold from LootWoW on the Avesta server and 200,000 pieces for just under $4000. While may seem like a significant chunk of change for casual gamers, hardcore Lost Ark fans might be tempted by a deal like that. And if you're one of Loot WoW's VIP members you'll even get a 5% discount, on top of the sweet deals that come in at better prices than most of the marketplaces boasting Lost Ark gold to buy.

Loot WoW is known for its guaranteed security, fair prices, and quick delivery We’re talking within thirty minutes of you purchasing Lost Ark gold from them. If you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, you’re going to have to test out sites like Loot WoW. They also have live customer support and boast a 100% refund if you’re unsatisfied or something goes wrong during the exchange.


Don’t be deceived by the name, LootWowGold is a great place for not only buying World of Warcraft gold and New World coins but also one of the best places to score great deals on Lost Ark gold. When you go to the website, you will have to pick which server you play on (whether that's Astra, Avesta, Galatur, or one of the other dozen servers to choose from), and then you will be able to purchase your gold. Presently you can buy 300 pieces of Lost Ark gold for $6 on the Astra server. Which isn’t a bad deal by any means.

Purchasing your Lost Ark gold should be an easy process and LootWoWGold makes it user-friendly with an easy-to-use check-out system. They also have a 100% refund policy that you can use if you change your mind or something is amiss. There's also live chat and 24/7 customer support via email if something goes wrong.


If you play World of Warcraft, you’re probably familiar with G2G’s robust WoW Gold program,  and luckily you can buy Lost Ark gold from them too. As with all of their other services, they cut the middleman out of the picture to help you get better prices. Through Game Protect they are able to offer 100% protection during sales so you assess a seller’s rating and reputation before you decide to purchase from them. If you’re worried about scammers, this is a great feature.

As with most in-world gold systems, prices depend on which regions you’re buying from. G2G usually has somewhere between 100,000 to 500,000 pieces of Lost Ark gold available for purchase per region, with some regions exceeding reaching up to 1 million pieces of gold available. The prices will fluctuate based on demand and location, but they tend to cost somewhere around $4.50 for 200 pieces of gold, with some costing as little as $4.60 for 8,000 pieces. It all depends on your server.

Player Auctions

Player Auctions features a lot of interesting options for Lost Ark players who are trying to find new ways to level up. You can buy Lost Ark gold, coveted Steam-only item packs, power leveling, and you can even snag pre-leveled-up accounts for really great deals. While some might be tempted to bypass having to put in the grind to get to level 320, everyone else is going to need ample gold to get there the slow way.

For between $20 and $30 you can purchase 1,000 pieces of Lost Ark gold. Unlike some of the other sites on this list that let you snag 200 pieces of gold or less, Player Auctions sets their minimum at 1,000 pieces of gold. You might spend more in one sitting, but it’s a better deal than having to repeatedly purchase 200 pieces of Lost Ark gold to get the items you need. There’s no shame in utilizing a marketplace like Player Auctions to help alleviate players from suffering through the exhausting grind.

The Bottom Line

While Lost Ark was first released in South Korea in 2018, it has only just launched in North America, Latin America, and Europe at the beginning of 2022. With everyone jumping into this new awe-inspiring fantasy realm, you’re going to run into a lot of new start-up sites offering ways to help you buy Lost Ark gold.

Common sense would suggest that you should always do your own due diligence when spending real cash on in-world exchanges, so be sure you check out sites before giving them your payment information.

As Lost Ark continues to grow in popularity among MMORPG gameplayers, there will be many more websites that promise safe sales, but you should always be cautious when choosing where to spend your hard-earned real-life money. Stick with established sites like LootWoW and LootWoWGold, who have an established track record of providing gamers with in-world coins and gold. . As with anything, use your judgment and shop around before making any decisions.

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