The Best Places To Buy Wow Classic Wotlk Gold (Don’t Get Scammed)

Nearly fourteen years ago, Blizzard Entertainment released its record-breaking World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion, Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK). WotLK owes its massive success to fusing the most beloved features of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) with new add-ons. It developed fascinating new lore featuring the Lich King Arthas while putting out addictive end-game content.

WotLK went on to win prestigious gaming accolades, such as the GameSpot award for Best Expansion Pack and the PC Game of the Year award. More than a decade later, WoW veterans and fledglings are able to rebuild their legacy and experience the magnificence of WotLK as Blizzard finally launches WotLK Classic. Only yesterday, Blizzard announced a Northrend Upgrade—available for purchase— before commencing your journey to Icecrown Citadel. It includes a level 70 boost, 30-day game time, mounts, pets, and other equipment to get you going.

Now, with all that said, it is time to address the elephant in the room— gold coins. It is unimpeachable to state that WotLK Classic has again taken the WoW community by storm with its nostalgic charm, and we'll see many returning players. Yet gold coins are a prerequisite to achieving all your Azeroth-related desires (and you'll need lots of them!) Why? Keep reading to find out.

Importance of Gold Coins in Wotlk Classic

The main currency of WoW Classic is gold. The precious metal is used in every game nook, whether you are buying, selling, or trading. It undergirds all transactions. There are lesser coins, too, such as silver and bronze, but gold is premium.

To face the undead scourge of the Lich King and inevitably overthrow his reign in the icy continent of Northrend, you'll need the best gear and weaponry in the game. To decimate opposing factions and establish your character's predominance, gold coins help speed things up. It enables you to purchase upgrades and valuable items via the auction house in different regions of Azeroth.

Moreover, glamorous mounts are a constant attraction and a sight for sore eyes in the game. WoW quests lead you to far-off and unknown lands and you'll need a legendary mount if you want to get there on the double. Besides, cool mounts bestow many bragging rights. Is anyone really above the sheer joy of showing off their mount collection to other WoW players?

Of course, the game offers convenient ways to earn gold by completing quests (both storyline and side), crafting materials, selling them later, and so on. However, these methods take their sweet time and urge the players to contribute a lot of precious hours to the game. This can be a predicament for the WoW gamer community, which comprises many working adults with responsibilities. Therefore, the best alternative is to buy World of Warcraft Gold with real money. This raises the frequently asked question: “How to buy WoW Classic gold without getting suspended?” The rest of this article will address this question.

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Buying Wow Classic Gold

As the expression goes, “You live and learn.” As an avid World of Warcraft gamer, I have had vast exposure to fraudulent and genuine websites selling WoW Classic gold over seven years of completing storylines, fighting raid bosses, and looting. Hence, without further ado, here are the top five leading gold-buying websites for WoW WotLK Classic gold.

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1. Lootwow

Lootwow is the epitome of trust and customer service. Lootwow has won real-world recognition for providing gamers with virtual items. Lootwow's mission statement guides its honest approach and outlines its ambition to become the platform for in-game gold-buying. Lootwow is your most-trusted gold merchant in a world where fraud has become common. So what keeps Lootwow ahead of its competitors? Here’s a quick look at all the perks when choosing

  1. Choosing Lootwow means 100% safety for your purchase.
  2. Lootwow uses a time-efficient processing system (95% of orders are usually completed in 15 minutes).
  3. Lootwow offers the lowest prices to its customers.
  4. Lootwow abides by a 100% refund policy and supports Paypal transactions.
  5. Lootwow negates the practice of using bots to generate their gold stock.

2. Lootwowgold


One number two of the most trusted website for buying WotLK Classic gold is Lootwowgold. Why? Because the apple does not fall far from Lootwow. Almost identical to, is a secondary marketplace that upholds its customers’ World of Warcraft account safety. They support 20 global currencies, and their pro-customer policies ensure you are safe when using their services.

To quote the mission statement of…

“To meet customers' needs wholeheartedly and make them satisfied with our service. To create value and benefits for customers, give them a low price and high-quality service. To become a worldwide gold supplier and a trusted exchange platform. To build up core advantages over competitors in e-business technology and R&D.”

In a nutshell

  • WotLK Classic gold on Lootwowgold is produced by human gold farmers and not bots.
  • Lootwowgold's method for conducting transactions via the auction house is undetectable, so two players need to be online to execute a safe and easy transaction.
  • Today, with ongoing inflation, Lootwowgold is empathetic to its customers and offers the best market prices.

3. G2G


In number three, we have GTG— yet another WoW community-favored platform for buying gold. You'll appreciate the time and effort they have spent designing the front end of their site. GTG's motto is “By Gamers, for gamers.” Their mission statement emphasizes self-reflection and reflects a desire to constantly better themselves for their customers. To quote:

“At G2G, our mission is to continuously evolve in the gaming community and provide a reliable digital platform where gamers don't only game harder, but can buy and sell freely with ease.”

Interestingly, G2G has its available gold stock disclosed to the public to build customer trust. Alongside that, their deliveries are fast-paced (up to one hour at most). However, despite having good intentions, things do not always go according to plan. GTG has somewhat mixed reviews from its users. On, the consumer rating for G2G is a mediocre 3.25 stars. Consumers are reporting instances of accounts being stolen, inactive customer service, and the inability to secure a refund.

4. iGVault


Over the years, iGVault has earned a reputation as a credible platform for purchasing WoW Classic gold. This is mainly thanks to their visible quantitative data that streamlines their gaming services to consumers.

At, you can buy WoW WotLK Classic gold at a competitive price range. Here’s a quick breakdown of your starter guide for buying World of Warcraft gold from iGVault:

  • To make a purchase, you have to create an account.
  • iGVault will then proceed to verify the payment.
  • There are numerous WoW gold sellers on iGVault— choose the one that feels right, and your delivery will be completed in a certain timeframe.
  • Upon receiving your requested amount of gold, you will see a window to leave constructive feedback to describe iGVault’s game service.

It is important to note a number of user feedback comments revealed that iGVault sells scripts for gold – a somewhat unethical method.

5. Player Auctions


Player Auctions proclaims itself to be the leading marketplace for gamers. They take great pride in fostering a “safe and simple” trading experience for gamers from around the globe. Their virtual gold and items services extend to over 200+ online games, making versatility their strong suit.

Straight off the bat, promises:

  1. 100% payment fraud protection
  2. Customer support
  3. Availability of sales report
  4. Player-to-player messaging method
  5. Real-time order notifications

The above perks make Player Auctions a decent platform to buy WoW Classic gold. However, there is another small red flag here. Player Auctions, like G2G, has its fair share of mixed reviews. Users have complained about delayed shipping, among other things. Lastly, if you choose Player Auctions, remember that they do not support PayPal payments.


So, who do we deem fit to be our ultimate gold merchant for the brand new WoW WotLK Classic? After a close, in-depth look at all the top five leading websites for buying WoW gold, I recommend Lootwow and LootwowgoldThe simple reason for this is that I can personally vouch for them. I have ordered WoW gold from these two websites on multiple occasions. The process was faultless – I encountered zero hindrances. Their customer service is impeccable, and I always felt comfortable placing my credit card details in their hands. They are, after all, SSL-certified websites.

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