The 21 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture–Online and Locally

couple looking for the best place to sell furniture online

Did you know that almost ten percent of Americans have a storage unit (or two, or three), and the average cost per month is over $90? If you have extra stuff in one of the 50,000 storage units in the US, isn't it time to turn that expense into a profit by selling the used furniture that you need to get rid of anyway?

couple looking for the best place to sell furniture online

Even if your old and unused sofas and tables are in your garage or basement and not costing you anything, consider that it's not doing anybody any good collecting dust–and it could bring in some extra cash if you sell it.

I've already shared the best places to sell your old and unworn clothes, now let's look at the best places to sell your used furniture–locally, online, and both. Aside from photos of all the things you want to sell, you'll need measurements of each piece, the manufacturer, and as detailed a description as you can manage.

Local Places To Sell Used Furniture

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is the original online classifieds–it's free, it's local, and it's a buyer-to-seller platform. You simply create an account, list your item, and wait for offers to come in. Any communication is between you and the buyer, as is payment–there is no middleman.

A significant advantage of Craigslist is that it's local and global at the same time, so you're not limited by location if you're willing to ship. The downside to Craigslist is that your ad is only up for seven days, but you can always renew. Craigslist buyers want lots of photos and lots of details.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is becoming all things, so it's no surprise that their online marketplace is a huge local selling venue. All you have to do is join a local buy and sell group page, upload photos, a description, and price, and it's free. If there are several local groups in your area, you have the option to cross-post.

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The 21 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture--Online and Locally 8

3. Local Newspaper

Your local paper is still an excellent place to sell accessories, artwork, and used furniture locally. You'll pay for your ad by the line, and if you want boldface type or your text in a box, that's extra. The late-week papers are your best bet–not everyone is online these days, and estate sale watchers read Thursday, Friday, and Saturday classifieds.

4. Consignment Shops

Consignment stores are a good bet if you've got better quality used furniture, and you're not in a hurry for cash. Send photos of the items you want to consign, and the used furniture store will let you know if they will take them, and give you an idea of the price.

Consignment furniture typically brings higher prices than classifieds and online, but you'll pay a hefty commission to the shop. A used furniture store will buy your furniture outright, but they don't pay much since they are all about the resale profit.

5. OfferUp

According to OfferUp’s website, they provide the “easiest way to buy and sell locally.” This free online classified app lets you list your used furniture in minutes. Simply upload pictures and write a description from your phone.

Buyers can make counteroffers on your price; hence the name
OfferUp. Buyers and sellers communicate within the app. You meet the buyer locally to complete the sale. See ratings, badges, and transaction history by checking out people’s profiles. When buyers search the site, they will get results for the items nearest them. Some items can even be shipped nationwide.

6. Bookoo

Bookoo says that it’s a “site made by yard sale fans, for yard sale fans.” Bookoo was started to help people do less running around town to find bargains. This online classified site uses a mini-social media platform to connect buyers and sellers in the same area. “Simply contact the seller, meet up, exchange stuff for money and be on your way.”

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The 21 Best Places To Sell Used Furniture--Online and Locally 9

7. Used Furniture Stores

A used furniture store is another great option. Some stores appraise your second-hand furniture and provide you with a quote on the spot. If you decide to sell them your furniture be sure to see if they will pick it up as well. To find stores in your area you can google “used furniture stores near me.”

8. Antique Stores

If you have valuable antique furniture it's probably best to look for an antique store that is experienced with selling higher-priced items.  This is a great option if you want to wholesale a group of items rather than try and sell them yourself. To learn more about how to sell antiques read these tips for selling to dealers.

9. Garage Sale

Used furniture can be a tough category to get top dollar from at a garage sale, but with the right advertising, you can attract the right buyers to move your second-hand furniture.

Be sure to keep in mind how much you want to sell your second-hand furniture.  You may want to take less money to avoid moving that heavy sofa back into the house. Also, your furniture will get more attention if you place it near the street.

10. Estate Sale

An estate sale is basically a garage sale on steroids! Frequently an estate sale is held after someone dies, but it can also be a good tool for someone who wants to downsize. For example, if you're moving to a smaller house to save money then an estate sale might be the best way to sell your used furniture.

If you decide to handle the sale yourself be sure to ask for help. Cashing out customers and helping people load items into their vehicles requires a lot of help. Offer to supply a free lunch for your helpers.

11. Everything But The House (EBTH)

EBTH is a full-scale estate sale service in 22 markets across the United States. That service covers everything from inspecting and pricing to photographing and cataloging your furniture. Customers across the country can submit smaller items through email. You will pay a 40 percent fee for estate sale services, and 15 to 50 percent for consignment.

Used Furniture Stores Near Me

Sell Used Furniture Online

12. Letgo

Letgo is a newer addition to the online marketplace. It's basically online classifieds, like Craigslist, but image-driven. Letgo is online and also has an app for your phone, and it's free. You can shoot photos of your used furniture with your phone and upload them to the app, then add the price and details. All communication is between you and the buyer. Letgo also has an online chat option.

13. Apartment Therapy Marketplace

Apartment Therapy Marketplace is big in the big cities, like New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago, but you can sell from anywhere and ship globally. Their focus is on mid-century and modern used furniture and lighting, and the listing is free. Once you've created an account and uploaded photos, you can share the listing on Facebook and Twitter.

14. Chairish

Chairish is the hot site for selling more upscale items–it's the go-to site for decorators on the hunt for a particular look. You need to be a little creative when you sell with them–Chairish's name is a play on their hook–their listings tell a story about a given item, so the buyer has some context about your cherished used couch.

Chairish arranges for shipping, if necessary, and you can communicate with buyers via Chairish dashboard, email address, or phone. They take a 20% commission on all items they sell for you.

15. Remoov

Remoov is a company that works to remove unwanted items from your home. The company offers a website where you can upload photos of the items in your house that you would like removed, and within 24 hours they will send an individual to collect these goods from your property.

Remoov then takes care of the entire selling process for you once they have collected your unwanted items. The company charges 50 percent of the profits for each item that they sell on your behalf, and they work with multiple resale channels to ensure that they get you the highest amount possible.

Remoov offers a hassle-free alternative if you just want to rid yourself of some furniture, but if you would rather earn the most money possible and put in more work, then there are other options for you.

16. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Sellers can list a variety of items, including furniture; however, they specialize in vintage clothing as well art pieces or pottery from previous centuries!

Ruby Lane is a popular site to sell used furniture and other items. Individual sellers can join the site, but it's better suited to businesses looking in that direction because they have stricter requirements when joining; namely: you need at least ten items for sale at one time and furniture must be over 20 years old with an average price of $50 or higher.

The monthly fee for listing up to 50 items on Ruby Lane is a whopping $54. You also have to pay 6.7% in service fees, but you get access to an audience that's likely interested in your products so maybe it's worth it.

17. eBay

eBay remains the biggest online marketplace in the world, and it's still a great option for smaller items you can ship easily. eBay buyers usually pay more than marketplace buyers, and the commissions aren't as high as Viyet, so it's a good middle ground.

If you list items with eBay you have several selling options–auction, Buy It Now, or Best Offer–and can view a buyer's profile if you're taking offers. The upside is that they make it super easy to list, ship, and get paid, plus you don't pay any fees if a listing does not sell.

18. AptDeco

This New York-based company prides itself on making it easy for people to buy and sell furniture. It’s free to list your used furniture on AptDeco. If you make a sale, you’ll be charged selling fees of 19-29%.

You don’t have to worry about curation, payments, insurance, or deliveries; it’s all handled for you. All you need to do is list the used furniture. You get paid quickly after your furniture sells- 24-48 hours after delivery is confirmed. Not sure how to price your used furniture? Try out this used furniture calculator to get the current value of your furniture.

19. Sotheby's Home

Sotheby's Home is a consignment shop that sells your used furniture online. Sell your antique, vintage, new, and gently-used furniture, lighting, and accessories with this site. They do not accept the following brands:

  • Ikea
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Pottery Barn
  • Ethan Allen
  • Raymour & Flanigan
  • West Elm

Each item is listed for a maximum of six months. If you list fewer than 20 items, you will pay a 50% commission rate.

20. 1st Dibs

Sell your antique, vintage, and modern second-hand furniture with 1stdibs. This is a marketplace for global buyers. Run by a team of designers in Paris, they are one of the best online antique marketplaces.

To begin selling, you have to submit an application. Once approved, you can sell globally. You don’t have to worry about shipping, 1stdibs takes care of everything. Also, you have an account manager to help you succeed in making sales to potential buyers.

21. Bonanza

The sellers on Bonanza are more likely to recommend this marketplace over Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. You can sell a wide variety of things on this site, including furniture. Like Shopify, you can create your own branded online presence. What’s different about this site is that they work to send buyers to your store through Google shopping and affiliate programs.

“Bonanza is well-suited for sellers of all sizes and inventory types. Whether you have a few items taking up space in your garage, a smattering of carefully handmade items, or a vast collection of anything and everything to sell, Bonanza is a place that you can be successful.” 

There are over 40,000 stores on Bonanza, and they have been recognized by companies like Time and CNN.

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Tips For Selling Used Furniture

I'm always amazed at how often I see people post blurry pictures of used furniture. For some reason, people tend to price used furniture much higher than most people would pay for it. Maybe I’m just frugal, but if I think that if you want to sell your used furniture quickly you need to take good pictures and price it reasonably. Follow these guidelines to sell your second-hand furniture.

  • When you're selling furniture you need to clean it up good and make sure it’s free of any dust or stains.
  • Take great pictures! Position your furniture in a room with a lot of windows and take your pictures on an overcast day. If your pictures still aren't great, try using a picture editing app to get the look you want.
  • Write a good description. It’s important to highlight the best features without being dishonest to make sure your item sells.
  • A good rule of thumb for pricing is to charge 1/3 of the furnitures original price. Add or subtract to the price depending on the age and condition of the furniture.

Set A Fair Price

It can be difficult to know how much your furniture is worth. One way you might try is by looking at similar items on sites such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace and considering the condition of that particular piece, its age. whether it is used or new, etc.

Be Willing To Negotiate

You don't need to take the first offer you receive. Don't overprice your things, and don't undersell things simply because you want their removal.

If you're looking for a better price, simply mention it as politely as possible. Something along the lines of ” I'm currently asking for $200, but I'll consider reasonable offers.” This shows that it is your confidence that makes you believe that your asking price is fair, but you are willing to negotiate under the correct circumstances.

Of course, if someone wishes to pay you less than your asking price, it is in your best interests to negotiate. If they are offering $100 for a piece that you feel is worth about $200, explain why the lower price would be unreasonable or possibly insulting. You might say something like “I'd be more willing to accept an offer of $150, as the price I have currently is more than double what it's worth.”

Alternatively, you can put a time limit on your offer, stating that you will take any reasonable offer received by such-and-such date. This allows the buyer to think the offer over and respond accordingly.

You don't necessarily need to receive a counteroffer to make your final decision, but it is definitely recommended.

Take Good Pictures

To take the best pictures of your furniture, place the furniture in a well-lit section of your house. Be sure to take several photographs showcasing the furniture from the front, side and back. Detailed shots aid potential buyers to fully see everything about the furniture.

From there, try your best to show any flaws of the furniture. If you're selling something like a mattress or sofa, be sure to turn it upside down so buyers can see both sides. Refrain from using filters or editing photos. Realistic photos are important when trying to sell your furniture.

Buyers are more likely to trust you if they can see exactly what they're buying, so take clear, detailed photos.

Finally, make sure all your terms are written clearly in the post or advertisement. This will prevent any issues with misunderstandings.

One Size Does Not Fit All When It Comes To Used Furniture

There are so many options for selling used furniture and home decor that you can pick and choose what works best for each of your items. If you've inherited some really nice antiques, using Viyet or a local consignment furniture store or antique shop will get you more money.

You won't see the cash as quickly, but your ultimate net will be much more. Trove, Chairish, and Apartment Therapy are good options for modern and Mid-Century pieces, and Craigslist, the newspaper, and Letgo are the best marketplaces for quick cash.

I've curated this list with the most recent information on the best places to sell used furniture; if some sites you've heard about aren't on this list–Route 66, Fleapop, and Furnishly, for example–it's because they're not online as of this writing.

If you're looking for ways to get your finances under control this year, follow me on Pinterest to learn more ways to help you manage your money so you can start saving today!

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