The Best Psychic Pokémon of All Time Ranked

The Psychic type in Pokémon represents one of the most elaborate and varied typings around. In some ways, it features the most intelligent Pokémon, including ones who can communicate with humans, while others feature the more mystical, mysterious, and magical side of the Pokémon series. 

With such grand variance in Psychic typing, figuring out the best Psychic Pokémon of all time feels like a challenge. That said, these Psychic Pokémon represent the best parts of the typing regarding their designs, movesets, stats, popularity, and more. 

1. Mew

Pink, floating psychic Pokemon Mew
Image Credit: Nintendo.

When it comes to the best Psychic Pokémon of all time, the originals stand tall as the hardest ones to beat. Mew represents the origin of not just Psychic typing but all Pokémon in general. Its simple but memorable design matches well with its uncanny ability to use almost every move in the series. 

No other Pokémon matches its versatility, a trademark feature of Psychic typing. 

2. Mewtwo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Game (2018)
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mewtwo comes close to matching its predecessor but falls just short. This man-made Pokémon exhibits some of the best stats and movesets in the series. Couple this with its incredible intelligence, and Mewtwo communicates with humans in a way other Pokémon dream of. 

3. Celebi

Pokemon Celebi in Zoroark: Master of Illusions Best Grass Pokémon
Image Credit: Toho.

The Gen 2 Mythical Pokémon Celebi feels like a strong mascot for the Psychic typing. Its adorable design mixes well with its immense power over time. Its inclusion in the excellent fourth Pokémon anime movie helps its high placement.  

4. Gardevoir

Gardevoir, psychic Pokemon with a human-like appearance
Photo Credit: Nintendo.

When players think of Psychic Pokémon, Gardevoir comes to mind first for many in the community. The Gen 3 Pokémon has one of the most unforgettable designs in its gorgeous human-like appearance and terrific Psychic and Fairy combination. 

5. Necrozma

Necrozma, Generation 7 psychic Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Necrozma nails the idea of a Psychic Pokémon the best out of the legendary trio from Gen 7. It features impressive flexibility and can change from Psychic to match Lunala and Solgaleo’s typings to even the fascinating and powerful Psychic and Dragon combo. 

6. Lunala

Lunala Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Lunala, like Cresselia, features a space-like design. This wondrous idea matches well with its Psychic and Ghost typing. This makes it one of the most substantial Psychic types in the series, with only weaknesses to Ghost and Dark, which represent some of the most uncommon typings. 

7. Solgaleo

Solgaleo Cat Pokemon e1697157343727
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The box art legendary for Pokémon Sun feels unique in how it has Psychic typing, but it looks nothing like the other Pokémon on this list. This disconnection sets it back behind its fellow legendary Pokémon, even though it features one of the strongest designs in the series with its solar lion idea. 

8. Metagross

Metagross Pokemon
Photo Credit: Nintendo.

Metagross uses its pseudo-legendary status well. It has an impressive moveset as a Steel and Psychic Pokémon, some fantastic stats, and a solid Mega Evolution form. It exists as one of the most powerful Psychic Pokémon in the series. 

9. Tapu Lele

Tapu Lele Pokemon e1697157423538
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Psychic and Fairy feels like a classic combo in the series, and Tapu Lele exudes both aspects well. It has the more mysterious island guardian look for Psychic and the pink to match the Fairy typing. Out of the four Tapu Pokémon from Gen 7, it stands at the top. 

10. Cresselia

Cresselia Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Gen 4 legendary Pokémon reflects the Psychic typing in such a magical and mystical way. It takes a galactic approach to its appearance, which pairs better with the typing than almost any other Psychic Pokémon in existence. 

11. Espeon

Espeon Cat Pokemon e1697157496834
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Eevee has a Psychic evolution in the Gen 2 Pokémon, Espeon. Espeon tops the list of the Eevee evolutions, ranking alongside the other greats of Umbreon and Sylveon. While its stats and moveset need some light work, it has one of the strongest designs in this typing group. 

12. Meloetta

Meloetta Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Meloetta uses the underrated Normal and Psychic combo, which helps it have only two weaknesses in the entire series. Pair this with its memorable musical idol design, and players have one of the most magnificent and elegant Pokémon of all time. 

13. Jirachi

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Gen 3 Mythical Pokémon went for the Steel and Psychic combo, which feels odd since there already existed that typing for another Gen 3 Pokémon. Still, its high stats and status as the star of one of the better Pokémon anime movies help it out. 

14. Alakazam

Alakazam dual-wields spoons
Image Credit: Nintendo.

For many players in the earlier days of the Pokémon series, the Alakazam line introduced them to the Psychic typing. Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam all look great alongside their useful moveset and stats. 

15. Hattrem

Hattrem the Pokemon has a little hat
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Hattrem represents the best evolution in this three-stage Psychic line from Gen 8. It looks a bit weird but cute at the same time while also featuring some solid stats for a middle evolution. It stands out as one of the better recent Psychic Pokémon. 

16. Galarian Ponyta

Galarian form of Ponyta the Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Ponyta already stood out as a fan-favorite for many Gen 1 fans, but the Galarian version enhanced the Pokémon. Its unicorn-like status and the colorful mane on its head match well with its fairytale-like Psychic typing. If only Galarian Rapidash matched Ponyta’s success. 

17. Meowstic

Meowstic Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Pokémon series often features some rather inventive designs, and Meowstic represents one of the strongest ones. This Pokémon looks like an adorable magical feline who saw the future and became traumatized in the process. 

18. Deoxys

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This bizarre alien DNA creature from space features one of the weirdest Psychic Pokémon in the series. But with its various forms and memorable moments in the series, including with the anime film, it lands in this spot. 

19. Galarian Articuno

Galarian form of legendary Arcticuno
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Articuno looked the best of the legendary bird trio from the first generation of games, but its Galarian form knocks it back to last place in the regional versions. Despite this, it features incredible stats, a still solid appearance, and great typing. 

20. Delphox

Delphox wields a flaming stick as a fire/psychic type Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The only starter Pokémon in the series thus far to feature Psychic typing for its secondary typing, Delphox stands in a unique place in the franchise. Unfortunately, its design falls short of its two predecessors or else it might rise through the ranks. 

21. Victini

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Victini features the strange Psychic and Fire typing combo, which feels a bit odd for this Pokémon, hence its placement on this list. Despite this, the cutesy little fighter has some solid stats and an upbeat design which looks iconic. 

22. Munna

Munna psychic Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Gen 5 Psychic Pokémon represents one of the most standard Pokémon in the type group. It has the solo Psychic typing alongside an adorable dreamlike design. While its evolution loses some visual quality, Munna remains a memorable Pokémon.

23. Alolan Raichu

The psychic Alolan form of Raichu
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Alolan Raichu takes a unique approach in its regional form with the Electric and Psychic typing. This welcome combo gives it some impressive coverage with the ability to shock Water and Flying-type Pokémon alongside its utility against Poison and Fighting types as well.

24. Iron Leaves

Iron Leaves Virizion in Pokemon Go
Image Credit: Niantic.

For the most part, this Paradox Pokémon version of Virizion looks pretty similar to it, outside of the excellent shiny version. Its Grass and Psychic typing combination feels a bit too familiar as well, but it makes up with its stats and Psyblade signature move. 

25. Armarouge

Image Credit: Nintendo.

This Generation 9 Pokémon features the solid Fire and Psychic-type combo. In addition to that, it has great stats alongside its moveset, which includes the overpowered Armor Cannon signature move.