The Best Steel Pokémon of All Time Ranked

Steelix, Metagross, and Lucario (Steel Pokemon)

The most defensive and resistant typing in the entire Pokémon series remains the Steel typing. This typing exudes power and strength with its whopping ten resistances and one immunity. Though it has three weaknesses, only one of them feels super viable in Fire. 

As such, the best Steel Pokémon of all time capture this idea of strength and defensive power the best. This list ranks the best Steel Pokémon of all time based on their design, popularity, stats, moveset, secondary typing (if it has one), and more. 

1. Solgaleo

Solgaleo Cat Pokemon e1697157343727
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Steel and Psychic legendary box art Pokémon Solgaleo stands out as one of the best legendary Pokémon of all time. It commands the Steel typing in a way no other Pokémon does.

Players may argue it should have Fire instead of Psychic as its other typing. However, it represents the Steel type well and has some of the finest moves and stats for the all-around best Steel Pokémon of all time. 

2. Aegislash

Ghost Type Pokemon Aegislash
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Ghost and Steel type combination feels like one of the most unique in the entire group. Aegislash takes command of this combo with its idea of a haunted sword. It has some of the strongest stats and movesets among the best steel Pokémon, especially with its ability to switch between attack and defense stances. 

3. Zacian

Zacian Dog Pokemon e1698954755335
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Zacian stands out when it comes to the two box art legendary wolves from Gen 8. It has a more colorful and intriguing design with its sharper and leaner sword style. Its mix of the Steel and Fairy typing feels a bit odd, but it uses this popular combination better than anyone else. 

4. Magearna

best steel Pokémon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The strongest representation of the Steel typing in terms of pure appearance goes to Magearna. The Gen 8 Mythical has the welcome Steel and Fairy typing, but its visuals stand out the greatest. Its mix of a Victorian-style maid with a Pokéball-like skirt gives off such a unique vibe as a man-made creation. 

5. Metagross

Metagross Pokemon
Photo Credit: Nintendo.

Metagross feels like one of the most imposing and powerful Pokémon on this list with its design, which remains impressive given how many Steel Pokémon offer strong appearances. It matches the Steel and Psychic combination well in its moves and visuals. 

6. Jirachi

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Steel and Psychic returns once more in Gen 3 with the arrival of the Mythical Pokémon, Jirachi. Its stats and moves may point to a weaker Pokémon of its kind, but its design remains fascinating. In addition, its inclusion in the excellent Wish Maker anime movie bumps it up. 

7. Lucario

Lucario Dog Pokemon e1698954920343
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Lucario seems like one of the least Steel-like Pokémon on this list, which rings true. However, it wields the typing alongside its other type in Fighting well with the impressive stats and moveset it has. If players look past the odd type designation, it also has one of the best steel Pokémon designs in Gen 4. 

8. Scizor

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Scizor took the already excellent Scyther and somehow made it even better in Gen 2. The Bug and Steel type combo first started here, and it remains the strongest example of it. It has impressive stats, and its sleek red design feels better than most on this list. 

9. Corviknight

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gen 8 saw the most robust three-stage regional bird line in the series' history arrive with Corviknight. It looks fantastic in its design, with the Steel typing alongside its unsurprising Flying. The metallic bird design stands out as one of the finest in Gen 8. 

10. Tinkaton

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Fairy and Steel already feels like one of the top type combinations for the Steel group and in the series as a whole. Tinkaton nails the idea better than Mawile in its design, with the pink pixie-like appearance but with the horrifying steel hammer made of the previous entry on this list. 

11. Zamazenta

Zamazenta Dog Pokemon e1698955258272
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The other of the Gen 8 box art legendary wolves, Zamazenta, carries the Fighting and Steel type combination. This powerful combo works well for the defensive shield Pokémon, and it has a solid design when it equips the Rusted Shield. 

12. Genesect

Image Credit: Nintendo.

Bug and Steel feels like one of the weirdest type combinations in the series, but Genesect carries it with pride. It only has Fire as a double weakness and resists quite a lot of typings. Its design looks a bit odd, but it makes up for that with its legendary stats. 

13. Aggron

Untitled Project5
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Gen 3 offered an impressive pseudo-legendary with Aggron, the Rock and Steel-type Pokémon. It has only a few weaknesses, with a striking white and steel appearance. Its Mega Evolution makes it even better and one of the most sought-after Pokémon from Gen 3. 

14. Steelix

Steelix, steel Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Onyx felt like one of the most overwhelming and gigantic Pokémon from the first generation. Even still, it had room for improvement, which came in Gen 2 with the arrival of the Ground and Steel Steelix. It enhances further with its solid Mega Evolution. 

15. Empoleon

Empoleon, Steel Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Empoleon stands out as the only starter Pokémon thus far to feature the Steel secondary type. This works well for the Pokémon, as it has some of the strongest competitive viability out of the Gen 4 starters and an intriguing Emperor penguin design. 

16. Cobalion

Cobalion Pokemon e1698955386155
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 5 legendary Cobalion feels like one of the most unique Pokémon in how it aged better than most over time. Its sharp blue appearance looks better in the 3D era of the games, while its Fighting and Steel typing work well. 

17. Kingambit

Image Credit: Nintendo.

The third stage in the Pawniard line took this evolutionary line to a new level. The Dark and Steel-type Pokémon Kingambit feels a bit too overpowered compared to some of the other Gen 9 Pokémon. Its already high stats pair well with its exceptional, unique Supreme Overlord ability, which helps it get revenge for fallen allies. 

18. Duraludon

Duraludon, Steel Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Duraludon gave the Dialga-type combo of Steel and Dragon to a new non-legendary Pokémon. Its incredible mix of Defense and Special Attack gives it such flexibility over other Pokémon. Its addition in Gen 9 of an evolution helps with this. 

19. Copperajah

Copperajah, Steel Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

The Gen 8 Steel Pokémon feels unique in how it has the singular Steel typing, which remains rare for this group. It has some of the strongest attack and health stats in its generation. This makes a welcome addition in competitive battles. 

20. Dialga

Origin Form Dialga Pokemon e1698955497708
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Dialga, for some reason, carries the overpowered type combo of Steel and Dragon. The Steel part feels a bit odd for the overall design but works to make this legendary box art Pokémon for Gen 4 one of the most memorable in among the best steel Pokémon. 

21. Mawile

Mawile, Steel Pokemon
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Mawile has one of the strongest type combinations for the Steel category in its Fairy secondary typing. Its only weaknesses exist in Fire and Ground, with the latter being pretty underused in the first place. This makes it quite a powerful member of this group, even if its design feels mediocre. 

22. Iron Treads

Pokémon Scarlet Violet Iron Treads
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Iron Treads has a unique Paradox futuristic form of Donphan, one of the most underrated Gen 2 Pokémon. Its Paradox past form looks better, but Iron Treads still remains one of the more intriguing new legendary-esque Pokémon in the Gen 9 games. 

23. Skarmory

Skarmory Pokemon e1698955649323
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Skarmory has the Flying and Steel type combo, which sounds a bit lackluster at a glance. However, this flips the defensive side of this Pokémon on its head since it now only has two weaknesses. Though a better-designed Pokémon with this combo came later, Skarmory first had it. 

24. Perrserker

Perrserker Cat Pokemon e1698955693398
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Meowth already had an evolution for decades in the form of Persian, but the series one-upped it with the introduction of Perrserker. This strange Steel version of Meowth includes a Viking-inspired design, which feels quite unique. 

25. Meltan

Meltan Pokemon e1698955752754
Image Credit: Nintendo.

Meltan has the cute Pokémon aesthetic on lock. It features a simple design, with a mix of a silvery Flubber-like appearance with a metal nut on its head. Its strange status as only available in Pokémon Go to catch helps it stand out. 

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