The Best Subtle Moments of The Force Awakens

Just as most of the Star Wars movies have some subtle moments – Luke wearing white under his black costume in Return of the Jedi is a great one, for example – The Force Awakens also has its fair share. Here are a few for your reading pleasure.

Don't let the sun go down on me

During the climactic moment where Kylo Ren kills his father, Han Solo, the light is bathing them both. Blue and red light both shine on Kylo's face. He is torn between the dark side and the light side of the Force and appears to have to make a choice. He chooses the dark and the step towards it is a saber plunged into his brave father's chest. Just at that moment, the Star Killer sucks the last remnant of solar energy from the sun and thus dies, and so too does any light left in Kylo Ren.

While it's not a wholly subtle moment – indeed, the lighting effects are in-your-face – what is somewhat subtle is that, as the sun literally dies, Han Solo's son is lost to the dark side.

Prior to this moment, Poe Dameron made a telling statement while his X-Wing squadron was attacking the Star Killer base. He tells them that they have a chance while there is still light, as did Han and Kylo.

A ray of light

Given that some key themes of this movie are the dark and light sides of the Force, let's take a brief moment to consider Rey's name. Spelt R-E-Y, it's said exactly the same as RAY, as in Rey is a ray of light. That's a forest for the trees kind of subtle. As an aside, the scene where Rey defends herself is designed to show she can handle herself in combat. This subtly (along with Chewie's unsubtle bowcaster blast to Ren's chest) serves to inform the viewer that when Rey goes head to head with Kylo Ren, she has the necessary skills to stand her ground.

You're cold?

When Chewie complains about being cold whilst on the Star Killer base, Han gives him some ribbing for it as they are all cold on the ice. He jests with the quote, “you're cold?” suggesting that because Chewie has fur, he shouldn't be. Later on, as they are about to leave the installation, Chewie picked up Han's forgotten dropped jacket and gives it to him so he won't be cold as they are heading back outside.

It's a very quick moment but it serves to show that Chewie got Han's joke but that he was also looking out for his best friend.
han solo and chewbacca the force awakens
Image Courtesy of Lucasfilm

An old friend makes a cameo appearance

There are plenty of cameo appearances in The Force Awakens, but the voice-over by Ben Kenobi is the most interesting. During Rey's flashback sequence when she touches Luke's lightsaber, we hear Obi-Wan call out to Rey “Rey! These are your first steps!” There's a lot going on in the flashback so it's arguably subtle – in fact, it's incredibly easy to miss. Even Yoda's voice was thrown into the mix.

Both Ewan McGregor and Alec Guinness each feature in the same single line that can be heard during Rey's encounter with Luke's lightsaber. Alec does the “Rey” part and McGregor does the “these are your first steps” part.

Han punched first

When Han chooses to push one of the bad guys into the path of the Rathtar beast that had been let loose on his freighter, that was the equivalent of Han shooting first – as we all know he did when confronted by the green Greedo in A New Hope.

Lor San Tekka is Boba Fett?

We're going out here on a limb but we think that Boba Fett is Lor San Tekka. We don't have much evidence other than the fact that his amour makes an apparent appearance in Chuck Wendig's Aftermath novel and that the novelization of The Force Awakens refers to Tekka as being a former soldier of fortune, which could fit the description of a bounty hunter.

Edit: Of course, that last one has since been proven to be false, but it was an interesting theory, right?

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