The Best Super Bowl Cartoons to Get Ready for the Big Game

Bart Star (The Simpsons) super bowl cartoons

The time has come again. Even non-fans get football fever when the Super Bowl season approaches. Non-football fans have other ways to appreciate the sport besides simply watching the game.

To get everyone in the spirit, we've intercepted Super Bowl cartoons about football that will keep the hype going all the way to Super Bowl Sunday.   

1. Suite Smells of Excess (King of the Hill)

Suite Smells of Excess (King of the Hill)
Image Credit: Deedle-Dee Productions.

Bobby finally shows an interest in football, and Hank won’t let this opportunity slip through his fingers. He takes Bobby to a Texas Longhorns game and tries to make it a day to remember (without getting beaten up by angry fans).

2. The Wrongest Yard (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

The Wrongest Yard (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)
Image Credit: Cartoon Network Studios.

Billy and Irwin join the school football team to increase their social status. It’s a foolhardy quest, seeing as how they get assigned the jersey numbers 0 and 1/2. But Grim, Mandy, and the power of cartoon shenanigans help them exceed expectations on the field.

3. Grid Iron Glory (My Life as a Teenage Robot)

Grid Iron Glory (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

No rule says a robot can’t play football. Jenny uses her “strength of a million and 70 men” to become the team's star player. She makes the school proud and learns a valuable lesson about the difference between friends and fans.

4. Ill Suited (Kim Possible)

Ill Suited (Kim Possible)
Image Credit: Walt Disney Television Animation.

Desperate to prove he’s good enough to be Kim’s boyfriend, Ron joins the Middleton High football team. While his plan to use Kim’s Battle Suit to cheat goes haywire, he discovers that his constant fleeing on missions has made him into an unbeatable running back.

5. Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial (Bob’s Burgers)

Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial (Bob’s Burgers)
Image Credit: Buck & Millie Productions.

Even people who don't like football get excited for the Super Bowl, thanks to the commercials. Bob decides to capitalize on game day by filming a commercial for the restaurant. But like always, Jimmy Jr. steps in to make his life miserable.

6. Bart Star (The Simpsons)

Bart Star (The Simpsons)
Image Credit: 20th Television.

Homer becomes Bart’s football coach after harassing Ned into quitting. After Marge confronts him about his tough love coaching style, Homer flips to the other extreme and smothers Bart with affection to the detriment of the team. Keep an eye out for a cameo from a certain propane salesman from Texas.

7. Touchdown Tommy (Rugrats)

Touchdown Tommy (Rugrats)
Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

“Touchdown Tommy” presents one of numerous examples showing the Rugrats parents need to keep a better eye on their kids. While the men spend the day watching football, the kids turn the house into a chocolate milk-covered mess with a game of keep-away mirroring the big game on TV.

8. Mudbowl (Hey Arnold)

Mudbowl (Hey Arnold)
Image Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

Few childhood battles have the raw brutality of a football game of 4th graders vs. 5th graders. Arnold’s strategic plays allow his class to defeat the enormous older kids and retain their territory at the park—but not without some bruises and scrapes.

9. Tight End Ed (Ed, Edd n’ Eddy)

Tight End Ed (Ed, Edd n’ Eddy)
Image Credit: a.k.a. Cartoon.

The Peach Creek Cobblers have a game against the Lemon Brook Lumpers, and no one has their head in the game except for Kevin. Ed becomes the new team mascot while the envious Eddy tries to usurp him. Meanwhile, Double D gets caught in the middle of the brutal blowout of a game, making this episode a perfect snack among Super Bowl cartoons.

10. Lyon of Scrimmage (My Gym Partner’s a Monkey)

Lyon of Scrimmage (My Gym Partner’s a Monkey)
Image Credit: Cartoon Network Studios.

Adam joins his school football team but unfortunately gets picked as the lowly water boy. But he gets to participate in the action when the coach discovers that Adam has the mind for quarterbacking while Jake has the powerful arm needed for the position. The two combine their skills to eke out a win for their school.

11. Who’s Laughing Now? (Teen Titans Go!)

Who’s Laughing Now? (Teen Titans Go!)
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Animation.

Beast Boy’s quest to find his spirit animal (in this episode, a metaphor for picking a college) gets him into deep trouble with a pack of bears. The Teen Titans play a football game against the bears to get Beast Boy out of debt.

12. How to Play Football (Disney)

How to Play Football (Disney)
Image Credit: RKO Radio Pictures.

This classic Disney short film turns 80 this year, yet it remains one of the best Super Bowl cartoons. It’s one of a series of faux instructional videos featuring an early version of Goofy. “How to Play Football” won't give any practical insights to the game, but it has impeccable visual comedy in its animation that a lot of cartoons today could stand to learn from.

13. You’re in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown

You’re in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown
Image Credit: Lee Mendelson Film Productions.

Charlie Brown has attempted to kick so many footballs that getting a whole special for the sport became inevitable. The Peanuts gang enters a Punt, Pass, and Kick contest to win a new bike and a trip to the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Snoopy and Woodstock compete in a football game of their own.

14. Rooting for the Enemy (Milo Murphy’s Law)

Rooting for the Enemy (Milo Murphy’s Law)
Image Credit: Disney Television Animation.

Milo’s family trait works very consistently: anything that could go wrong will go wrong. But this time, he finds a way to use it to his advantage. He helps out his school’s football team by rooting for their opponents, making Murphy’s Law work against the enemy. This episode features the great anthem “Rooting for the Enemy” sung by Milo’s voice actor, “Weird Al” Yankovic.

15. Bazooka Steve (American Dad)

Bazooka Steve (American Dad)
Image Credit: Fuzzy Door Productions.

Steve joins his family at a Bazooka Sharks football game but becomes appalled at the state of the star player Juan ‘Johnny Concussion' Consuelo. Steve convinces the injured athlete to retire for his own health, leading to disappointed fans driving him out of town.

16. Doug's Big Feat (Doug)

Doug's Big Feat (Doug)
Image Credit: Jumbo Pictures.

Doug’s no athlete, but his coach became convinced that he has a “golden toe” that would win the day. Misguided faith aside, Doug manages to make history by helping his team make a touchdown against the opposing side.

17. Bills Are Made to Be Broken (King of the Hill)

Bills Are Made to Be Broken (King of the Hill)
Image Credit: Deedle-Dee Productions.

Arlen has football fever as a new student comes close to beating Bill’s high school touchdown record. When the record-breaking touchdown comes fraudulently, Bill suits up once again to earn his way back into the record books.

18. Sarcastaball (South Park)

Sarcastaball (South Park)
Image Credit: South Park Studios.

Randy’s sarcastic remarks about the new safety standards for elementary football led to the creation of a brand new game: Sarcastaball. Randy gets promoted to coach the Denver Broncos while Butters markets a… let’s say “questionable” sports drink.

19. She’s Got Game (The Proud Family)

She’s Got Game (The Proud Family)
Image Credit: Jambalaya Studios.

Penny wants to be on her school’s football team. But before she does, she needs to get past her dad and the team’s sexist coach. In the end, she doesn’t win the game, but she proves she belongs on the team.

20. Patriot Games (Family Guy)

Patriot Games (Family Guy)
Image Credit: 20th Television.

Impressed by Peter’s ruthless rush to the bathroom, Tom Brady recruits him to the New England Patriots. Unfortunately, Peter gets himself kicked off the team and shuffled to a much worse one, the London Sillinannies. The two teams face off so Peter can show what he’s really made of.

21. Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21
Image Credit: Gallop Co.

Why settle for one episode when there’s an entire show about football? Eyeshield 21 has 145 episodes following Japanese student Sena in his career in his high school’s American football club.

22. NFL Rush Zone

NFL Rush Zone
Image Credit: Nickelodeon Productions.

In 2010, the NFL and Nickelodeon teamed up to make a sci-fi action show revolving around football. Shards of power have been hidden at 32 NFL stadiums, and it’s up to middle school football captain Ish to protect them from intergalactic alien villains.

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