‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’ Cast and Filmmakers Discuss the Belcher Family’s Storylines

Bob’s Burgers has aired for 13 seasons and has collected an extremely passionate fanbase over the years so it is about time that the Belchers move from the small screen to the big screen. The Bob’s Burgers Movie is coming to theaters on May 27th and during the press conference, cast and filmmakers spilled the beans about the challenges of making something everyone can enjoy, where this movie fits into the Bob’s Burgers timeline, and more. 

The Belchers (Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise) have a lot going on in this movie. Much like the series, they all have their own issues that they are anxious about at the start of the film.  

Kristen Schaal who voices Louise Belcher, says she feels very honored that the writing team chose to focus on her character so much in this movie. That’s right, while all the Belchers have storylines, hers is focused on the most. The best part? A burning question is finally answered.  

“Something that I think myself and a lot of the fans have been waiting for is to see the story behind Louise's bunny ears.” Schaal teases.  

As for the rest of the Belchers, they aren’t living on easy street. It just wouldn't be right if Tina’s storyline didn't involve Jimmy Jr., and luckily it does. Dan Mintz, who voices her, explains that summer is approaching and she is trying to decide if she wants to ask Jimmy Jr. to be her summer boyfriend of not. Very on brand for Tina, if you ask us. 

Voice of Gene Belcher, Eugene Mirman, lets us know that in this movie, Gene is looking to take his career to a new level. “He's invented a new sound and he is very excited to try to put on a big show. Also, to enthrall the world with his innovation in music.” 

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In the trailer for The Bob’s Burgers Movie, it is revealed that Bob and Linda are having to deal with a giant sinkhole that opens up in front of the restaurant. It is already hard enough for them to get customers in the door without this deterrent.  

Larry Murphy, voice of their most loyal customer Teddy, explains that when this situation happens with Bob and Linda, Teddy interjects himself to try to solve their problem and comes up with a solution. “Maybe it's not the best solution, but he really tries its hardest.” 

Considering that the series is still airing, fans will want to know where The Bob’s Burgers Movie fits into the timeline. Creator, writer, and director Loren Bouchard answers that this show has never taken place in a real linear timeline that we can understand when comparing to our own lives.  

“[Bob’s Burgers] is sort of a circular space where this family seems to be going through this roughly a year over and over again with different permutations and then some things we've pulled through. You can't call it continuity, really, and certainly not for somebody who's watching early seasons and late seasons. streaming in the privacy of their own home. We have made a deal with the fans that as long as it feels right, that as long as there’s this, not narrative growth, but these layers that build up, it has depth. For the movie, it's got to fit in there. We are just now starting to think about these episodes that are going to air after the movie, in the shadow of this event, but of course, they also happened before. In a way, the movie happened before the first episode, so this is a weird game to play, but it's fun.” – Loren Bouchard 

Considering that this is a time loop the Belchers seem to be living in, the cast was asked about aging up the Belchers a few years, and if they would ever consider it. Kristen Schaal immediately jumped in with a “Never!” She explains that she has been asked this question a lot and always says thinking about it hurt her soul. If you age up Louise, she’s not Louise. Every child is not going to be the same person when they become an adult, so she wants to keep Louise little.  

John Roberts, who voices Linda, thinks it might be fun to explore her a little bit older, however. “I could see Linda, a little older, at the retirement community really having fun. She would retire in Florida, and she's drinking every Friday with everyone and she's having fun. It's a cocktail hour. And she loves it there.” 

Dan Mintz could also see his character, Tina, a bit older. When asked what she would do for a career he didn’t even have to think about it. “Writer.” 

The most challenging thing for the creative team is that they were working on the movie and the show at the same time. Director Bernard Derriman recalls a time, about fifteen years ago, when they would hear The Simpsons creators talking about making their movie. “They're always just […] moaning about how hard it was to make a show and the movie at the same time. Can’t you just hire more people? It’s really, really hard. Now I feel sorry for making fun of them back then.” 

Producer Nora Smith adds it was challenging to try to make the fans happy, but still deliver a movie that would be perfectly fine to watch for non-fans. “We were trying to not make it just chock full inside references.” Smith explains, “We want people to come in fresh and still enjoy all the characters. And I think we did a good job.” 

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Loren Bouchard wants viewers to know that they do not need to have watched the series to understand the movie. “It is a family that runs a restaurant and the restaurant is in trouble. As Bernard [Derriman] said yesterday, you’ll get it all in the first five minutes.” Bouchard continues to stress that newcomers are more than welcome to see the movie, “We have literally made no homework for you. You are invited to come cold. You don’t need to know a thing.” 

One of the fan favorite touches to Bob’s Burgers is the “Burger of the Day” that is displayed on the board at that restaurant. In fact, filmmakers explain that this is something real chefs always mention when they talk about why they love Bob’s Burgers 

It is the writing staff that comes up with the burgers of the day names. Don’t worry fans, they are in the movie too. “Really there's one on the board, and then there's one mentioned in the very first scene that basically gives birth to the entire first number. The first song all comes from Linda pitching to Bob, a very long burger of the day name.” Bouchard explains. 

Longtime fans of the Bob’s Burger show will have to keep an eye out for references and Easter Eggs, while newcomers to the Belchers are more than welcome to come and enjoy the ride! Eugene Mirman says that The Bob’s Burgers Movie is actually a great introduction to the series. So grab your favorite burger, and head to theaters to see The Bob’s Burgers Movie on May 27th. 

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