The Cheapest Days of the Week to do EVERYTHING!

The Cheapest Days of the Week to do EVERYTHING!

Whatever you're shopping for, there is a time and a place to buy it. We all have our places that have the best reputation for low prices and better values; but what about the times? WHEN you buy certain things has a big impact on how much you pay for them. This is particularly true when it comes to the day of the week that you do your shopping. Virtually everything has it's best time to buy and I'm going to break the cheapest days of the week down for you here!

Cheapest Days to Buy Groceries


Prices fluctuate throughout the week leadings to ever so subtle changes on product categories. While this variation is consistent and predictable it's also very minor. Saving one to four pennies on the dollar because you went in for that specific item on that specific day is not the kind of savings we're after and ultimately that would just make you go to the grocery store more often.

The best deals are the ones you have to work for a little bit. The good news is that it can be fun once you get into a groove! Wednesday is usually the day the next weeks deals come out. While these deals last the week through, if you go right away, you could take advantage of the previous weeks deals as well.

Cheapest Days to Buy Clothes


Clothes in retail and online tend to have better prices on Thursday as they begin to roll out weekend sales. While online deals include big markdowns for accessories on Friday, outer and underwear on Saturday and swimwear on Sunday, Thursday is a good time to check in for lower prices on any clothing essentials you need. (Important word to note here: Need;)

Cheapest Days to Buy Gas


We all want to pay less for our gas, and now we can. There actually is a best time in the week to buy gas and that day is usually Monday. According to a 2016 study by GasBuddy, this was found to be true in 36 States. When Monday wasn't the cheapest day, it usually turned out that Tuesday was the 2nd best day to buy gas. Time of day is also important, so try to make time to fill your tank between 8:00 and 10:00 AM. You might think lines will be longer during that time but a more recent study has found that Friday is actually the busiest day of the week to buy gas. Filling up for weekend fun, I suppose!

Cheapest Days to Buy Airfare


We all know that when you fly has a big impact on how much you pay, especially when you factor in the cost of your hotel stay (save even more money by skipping the hotel and going with Airbnb instead! Click HERE for $55 toward your first trip through Airbnb) and if it's around big holidays. While weekends are not the best time to travel, cost-wise, it can't always be avoided. Sometimes you have to fly and you don't necessarily get to choose when. However, the day you buy your ticket also impacts the cost of travel. It's been a long cherished belief that Tuesday is the better day to buy tickets, because after deals go out on Monday, other airlines will compete. HOWEVER, research has shown something different. A Wall Street Journal study found that the cheapest day to purchase a plane ticket is actually on Sunday.

I'd love to hear what you know! Have you found certain times of year or days of the week are better to buy things than others? Tell me in the comments!