Raising The Retirement Age ‘Has To Be on The Table’ According to GOP Lawmakers

Two Republican lawmakers have suggested that the age at which people retire should be increased. This statement follows ongoing declarations from GOP members that they will not make any changes to Social Security, after President Joe Biden criticized them in his 2023 State of the Union address for their previous attempts to cut the social program.

Losing Benefits

Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana was quoted in a tweet by The Recount, stating that with people in their 20s now having a life expectancy of 85-90 years, it may no longer be practical to allow them to retire at the age of 62, and therefore, changes to Social Security and Medicare should be considered.

One woman expressed disdain for the potential new law, pointing out that it would hurt others but would hardly affect those who put it into place.

Another person pointed out that while there do need to be changes, raising the age of retirement isn't necessarily the solution.

Spending Cuts

During a recent CNN interview, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) emphasized the importance of discussing the possibility of raising the retirement age. In a tweet by Aaron Rupar, Mace was quoted as saying, “I think that's something that has to be on the table we have to look at.” She went on to explain that in order to address issues with programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, the government needs to examine both mandatory and discretionary spending in the United States.

Mace argued that a serious approach is required to fix these programs, and that simply avoiding the issue is not an option. Her comments suggest that she believes it is necessary to make tough decisions and consider changes in order to ensure the financial stability of these programs for future generations.

One person said that they don't feel it's right that the middle class will have to work longer and harder to receive their Social Security benefits while the 1% continues to amass wealth and not pay taxes.

Someone else suggested that the lawmakers are raising the retirement age to the average life expectancy so that “most would die before their first check.”

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